XY Boytoy All Grown Up & Having Legal Regrets Now that He’s on MTV

Several blogs have received notices from Bryan J. Freedman, an attorney claiming to represent actor Colton Haynes, threatening legal action if they do not remove the “private, obscene, lewd and pornographic photographs” of Haynes kissing another guy—images he took as a minor for the March 2006 issue of gay photo mag XY. This wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that Haynes’s new MTV show Teen Wolf is debuting this weekend, would it? We would say Haynes is pulling a Dustin Zito, except for the fact that Haynes’ pictures aren’t even remotely pornographic or private. The teen wolf has apparently hired a teen lawyer.

You remember Dustin Zito. Right before his appearance on the Real World: Las Vegas (The Search for More Ratings), the gay porn studio where he used to wank off made a sad attempt to remove his gay porn images from the innernets. We still have SFW versions of those images, but the XY pictures of Haynes don’t feature any sex or nudity at all; they just show Haynes swapping spit with another guy.

Also, if these so-called “private” pics ran in XY magazine (which had a pretty high circulation in its heyday), then they fall under First Amendment protections of Fair Use. That’s why we’re posting some of them here for you in our handy gallery. That’s only the iceberg tip of the fishiness surrounding this lawyer. But if you wanna know about that you’ll have to read the whole sordid tale over at DoorQ, the site where we got the above image.

UPDATE: We removed the two hi-res images at the photographer’s request.

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