Yahoo! Poll Asks Users To Vote On Whether Homosexuality Is Genetic

A poll currently running on the Yahoo! home page, asks visitor “Do you believe homosexuality is genetic?

First the results: 47% of respondents said “Yes, biology plays a part,” while 53% said, “No, it’s a choice and not science.”

Now the complaints: It’s bad enough LGBT rights are put up to a public vote. Do we really need to know what some random idiot thinks about the origins of homosexuality?

If this were a banal inquiry, like “Do you think there’s life on Mars,” it wouldn’t be so damaging. But with anti-gay zealots employing junk science to marginalize the LGBT community, polls like these can be dangerous. In 2009, the BBC was roundly criticized for running a poll asking readers if gays in Uganda should face the death penalty.

What do you think: Is it important to know how the general public views the topic, or is even asking the question lighting a powderkeg? Vote with your words in the comment section below.

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  • LaKeishaGuitierezArafat

    Well, the people that visit Yahoo! are mostly right wingers, they also conducted a poll on who would win the election. I believe it was 52% Pinocchio Romney and President Obama 48%. They also polled after the debates and according to their polling Romney and Ryan each won their debate handidly. I’m sure that pig Rove used those numbers as a sign of a Romney win, but we got the last laugh. We always do!!!!!!

  • jwrappaport

    @LaKeishaGuitierezArafat: Agreed. It’s like AOL News – definitely has a conservative bent. Yahoo! is known for appealing to a certain demographic just as the New York Times is.

  • erikwm

    Yahoo’s readers tilt strongly to the right. If we’re running 47-53 there, that’s actually rather encouraging.

    The reason for the poll was the new epigenetic research related to homosexuality. If the researchers are right, the mystery will soon be solved and the question settled for all-time.

    I’m surprised that study hasn’t been written up here on Queerty.

  • niles

    Yahoo (news especially) has become a right wing propaganda machine. It also attracts and p
    and publishes the most vile and vitriolic ultra conservative viewpoints and wingnuts.
    On top of this fact, these sorts of “polls” are totally unscientific, not to mention

  • zenflo

    I think the website’s name pretty much identifies the target market.

  • kayakriver

    people are so dumb, that’s why referendums should not be allowed.

  • Robert

    Why is this even being questioned? The sane ppl KNOW the correct answer even though science has not proven/disproven it. When did the “straight” ppl get their questionaire asking them what THEY prefer!? THERE WASN”T ONE! It is NOT a choice. When did YOU decide to be “str8?” See…It is normal to be you. I am a human first just like you. My SA is NOT anyones business EXCEPT to the ppl who balance out the financials/benefits of being together as one. Like the Gov. [marriage/estate taxes/inheritence taxes/ss etc…

  • Ken

    While we’re at it, lets vote on whether the sun should rise in the east or the west. We could also vote to change the value of pi to 3, which would simplify calculations.

    There’s quite a controversy. The proverbial man in the street says that we start out straight and choose to be gay, while the ex-gay crowd says that we start out gay and choose to be straight.

  • Guillermo3

    I vote YES.IT is important to know what the general public
    thinks,helpful to know,even if [I,you,we.they] thinks they are
    It’ even more important to poll LGBT people via Yahoo polls,
    and/or posting the question on Facebook.Some of the answers may
    be discouraging.
    Most Important:To Educate Everyone by posting the “born that
    way” belief on Facebook,though,again:many of the comments by
    the general public AND SOME LGBT PEOPLE may be discouraging.

  • LaKeishaGuitierezArafat

    We are the reason why the human race will become extinct in a couple decades because too many people are choosing to be gay and therefore not procreate. But when we try to raise children they call us molesters and bad examples for society.

  • LubbockGayMale

    All I can state from personal experience is a belief in genetic cause: in my immediate family, 3 of 4 kids were gay, and of my generation of cousins 8 out of 15 are gay, lesbian or bi. All descend from my paternal grandparents, and one of their 4 kids was gay! ‘nuf said????

  • alterego1980

    @Guillermo3: I’m with you to a certain extent on this. It’s important to do “scientific” studies on this so the LGBT community knows whwere they stand and the survey should also include other questions that would be helpful for educational tools. I do NOT however condone basic internet polls from Yahoo or anyone else who’s only purpose is to feed the commentary and mindset of the ignorant people who use the site.

  • MickeyP.

    Yahoo sucks,in general!

  • the other Greg

    Yahoo polling its readers on a question like that? What’s next, Queerty polling its readers on who’s going to win the Super Bowl?

  • viveutvivas

    It really doesn’t matter. Even if being gay were 100% a choice, that would not make it less worthy, and it would still not justify discrimination.

  • Jerry12

    I suspect that Biology may have something to do with it. My Paternal Grandfather was Gay (that was the reason he was not involved with any of the Family businesses). My Father (The second born) was Gay (I met his lover by accident when I was 22), I am Gay ( The second born), My second born Son was also Gay (He made it no secret when he was in High School. Even the School principle made a pass at him, but was cut off with “Sorry, but you are not my type”.) My Father had a Brother that died before he had any children; My older brother had four wives at last count, but has no children – He did not want any “Queer” off spring. My only sister had several children; including one that was Gay, but hung himself when he was 19 because his bigoted Police Officer father constantly tormented him about being “Queer”.

  • DuMaurier

    Were those answers the only two options? I knew I was gay and that it wasn’t a choice long before anyone was talking about the “gay gene”.

  • Aussie Col

    The poll is an insult, as the question is. Whether it is a choice or not is irrelevant in the matter of human, civil and social rights.
    It should not even be part of the debate and people that try to use it are using it to justify their hate.
    However, lets look at it’s origins, for a short moment. It is based in the concept that sex should never be for fun, pleasure, for heart and soul uniting if conception is not the end result. The basic judeo-Christian belief is that sex is sinful and is only tolerated in marriage to create a family.
    Choice of who you love is a non argument and a smokescreen to hide the improprieties and protect the priviledge of the ‘conservatives’. All anyone need to remember is that LOVE is natural and HATE is not…both are a choice.

  • Chris-MI

    “Biological” is not the same as “genetic.” Studies do show a genetic link but also show a link to other factors such as birth order. If it were 100% genetic there would be no gay/straight identical twin pairs.

    The one thing that no one has ever shown is a link to all the things the ex-gays claim to work with–bad parenting, scary mothers, lack of fathers or weak fathers, and various childhood traumas.

  • spanprof

    I used to have yahoo as a homepage because my email is there and they used to have concise headlines. Twitter and Facebook have completely thrown them out of orbit AND ABC news is now involved. I think that Disney is becoming more right wing as time passes and yes I voted in that poll and all the fundies seem to be over there.

  • LaKeishaGuitierezArafat

    @spanprof: I only read articles on Huffington Post, they lean more to the left as I do. The only problem with HuffPo is that it’s a right winger troll haven. They love to piss off us liberals, but we get them back. They ask us to bring it, we bring it, but they can’t carry it.

  • murphy0071

    Science: Gender and Sexual Orientation
    During fetal development, if androgens (male sex hormones) are not present, are insufficient in quantity, or are unusable, the brain, body, or both will feminize due to the lack of sufficient male hormones or intolerance to male hormones. If androgens are present, sufficient in quantity, and usable, the brain, body or both will masculinize due to the presence of sufficient tolerated male hormones. In humans, genital-gender/sex arises in the 2nd to 3rd months and brain-gender/sex in the 4th to 5th months of fetal development. The time disparity between the development of neurological and genital sexuality increases the probability of cross-gendering leading to homosexuality and other brain based anomalous gender/sex behaviors.
    Genetics and teratology.
    Based on an extensive review of the literature on the etiology of homosexuality, biological events predominantly explain the origins of sexual orientation. While some question the ethics of studying genetic issues related to homosexuality, in-utero genetic or neuroendocrinological events play a critical role in cross-gendering. Genetic and in-utero chemically induced sex-altered groups illustrate the paradigm: Turner’s Syndrome, Androgen Insensitives, Testicular Feminizing Syndrome, Klinefelter’s Syndrome (XnY), progestin-administered females, Adrenogenital Syndrome, “super-males” (XYn), etc. Species other than humans, in the wild and captivity, exhibit “homosexual” behavior. Particularly primates appear to have differing degrees of “homosexual” behavior. The first evidence of the sex-behavior center came from research on mammals. Most research involved surgical interventions and the administration or denial of sex hormones during critical brain differentiation periods. In human female fetuses at risk for masculinizing effects from male hormones, German physicians, using in-utero anti-androgens, have forced female genitalia and brain-gender/sex. Although discussed by Dorner, the use of androgens to force male brain-gender is complex and can potentially result in brain damage, attention deficit disorder, learning disabilities, hyper-activity, and hyper-aggression.
    Physiology, anatomy, and psychophysiology.
    Numerous studies show male homosexuals in many ways approximate females and significantly differ from male heterosexuals. Comparing male homosexuals to female heterosexuals, similarities include muscle structure, sleep patterns, pelvic openings, carry angle of arm, perception, finger dexterity, noticeable acoustic style, visuo-spatial ability, verbal performance, language lateralization, eating disorders, throw-to-target ability, mental rotation task, E.E.G. readings, response to male pheromones, etc. Compared to heterosexual males, some studies suggest homosexual males appear more prone to left-handedness, stuttering, and reading difficulties, differing brain anatomy related to auditory input, atypical gender and sex behavior, differing lipid levels, more empathy and altruism, larger penile dimension, etc. Among other research showing brain differences between homosexual and heterosexual males, anatomical research at Salk Institute comparing male heterosexual and homosexual brains suggests a differing development of the sex-behavior center in male homosexuals. A more recent UCLA study of the male homosexual brain shows broader differences discriminating male homosexuals from both male and female heterosexuals. Research on transsexuals has also revealed significant differences in brain anatomy and gonadotropin secretions.
    Hormonal anomalies.
    Direct hormonal evidence shows that male homosexuals and heterosexuals significantly differ from one another. In blind analysis, Margolese and Janiger accurately predicted sexual orientation. Some depressives, unknown to be homosexual, may have a similar difference in sex hormone ratio. Dorner and Gooren injected estrogen into male homosexuals, male heterosexuals, and female heterosexuals with removed ovaries. They found the luteinizing hormone response of male homosexuals almost identical with these females and significantly different from male heterosexuals. Similar results are found in male-to-female transsexuals. Studies, using stringent classification of research subjects, show adult male heterosexuals have significantly higher levels of male hormones than do male homosexuals. In animals with litters along a placental line, female mammals between male mammals cause post-natal sex-stereotypic male behaviors (e.g., sexual mounting and aggression) in these females. Dorner hypothesizes that various in humans prenatal and postnatal hormonal administrations may be used to establish specific brain sex/gender outcomes.
    Upsetting a female mammal during gestation can produce cross-gendered offspring. Stress apparently lowers androgens in humans and crowding causes stress resulting in anomalous social behavior and cross-gendered behavior in mammals. A similar phenomenon occurs in post hoc research on some homosexual research subjects. Twice the numbers of male homosexuals were born in war-ravaged Germany during World War II than the six years before or after the war.

    Pheromones and Sexual Orientation
    The vomeronasal system, adjacent to the olfactory system, mediates sexual interest for both males and females. Findings indicate pheromones play an important role in the identification of sexual objects at a subconscious level. For male homosexuals research has shown a clearly female neurological and social response to pheromones produced by males. In addition, preference for human body odors are influenced by gender and sexual orientation.
    Genetics and Neuroendocrinology.
    Augmenting decades old and contemporary research showing more homosexuals are born as the age of the mother increases, recent research implicates H-Y antigens (resulting from previous male births) increase the probability of adult homosexuality and lack of heterosexual cohabitation by as much as 33 percent. The sibling sex ration, without implicating H-Y antigen, suggests that approximately 10% of the variance in male homosexual behavior can be accounted for sibling sex-ratio. Androgen-insensitives (XY females) and partial-androgen insensitives, illustrate the power of genetics in creating a divergence of genetic gender from both behavioral and anatomic gender. XX females born with male genitalia and behavioral masculinization present a clear case for biologically induced cross gendering. Many chromosomal anomalies (e.g., X deletion ring, ring X or isochrome X, missing X, XXXX, XYY, XX/XY, X0/XY, XXY/XX, XXY/XY, X0/XX, etc.) are contributing factors to sexual orientation, level of intellect, performance of tasks, etc. Identical twins are usually concordant in sexual orientation. Identical twins discordant for sexual orientation can be explained by biological events and reluctance of some to reveal their homosexuality. There is one study, dealing with 61 pairs of twins and three sets of triplets. In one case all the triplets were homosexual. Genetic linkage analysis, using extended families, of the X chromosome suggests some familial male homosexuality is likely genetic and passed down the maternal line. A recent study using only homosexual siblings, found through advertisements in Gay newspapers and magazines, using a limited number of markers without the comparisons in extended families called into question the genetic theory of homosexuality. Studies of the genetic contribution to homosexuality are often marred by poor subject selection, precise definitions of behavior, over generalization, inadequate methodology, etc. Based on many studies of male homosexual twins, using very conservative statistical formulae, heritable factors may account for 44 percent of cases. Research on twins, families, and the adopted implicates genetic or neurohormonal origins for sexual orientation.
    The argument against genetic factors because homosexuals seldom marry is fallacious. Male homosexuals, subjected to social pressure to marry, often have offspring. Even if homosexuals did not reproduce, the gene pool would still contain recessive traits, sport genes, and neuro-hormonal influences in-utero leading to cross-gendering.
    Surgery and brain compromise.
    Evidence from neurosurgery challenges the archetypic myth that persons, based on genital sex determination at birth, will exhibit “gender appropriate” or “heterosexual” behavior in adolescence and adulthood. The first such evidence comes from data on pre-frontal lobotomy patients , some being treated for agitated depression. Following surgery, some patients became “spontaneously” homosexual. In line with Money’s comments about sex hormone ratios in some depressives, many of these patients had significant depressive illness. Apparently, when the frontal area of the brain could no longer suppress underlying homosexual drives, these pseudoheterosexuals reverted to their normal homosexual preoccupation. In follow-up, patients reported being able to suppress homosexual urges over a long period. Clinical data shows that as the brain deteriorates with aging, some pseudoheterosexuals are unable to mask their underlying homosexuality.
    In some countries, homosexuals have been “treated” surgically to force heterosexual behavior. Psychosurgery of the sex behavior center reduces or eliminates homosexual responding in some homosexual males. Many patients, without psychotherapeutic intervention, become heterosexually active after surgery. Some become asexual and have no sexual interest. Psychosurgery in lesbians results in fewer behavioral changes. After these psychosurgeries, failure to follow-up patients and adverse side-effects are common–including death. A German government commission has called for the elimination of these surgeries. Psychosurgeries to change sexual orientation are not available in the United States.
    Some males are accidentally mutilated during circumcision. Because of the ease of a male to female change, they are often sexually reassigned as females. Some of these “females” are masculine in behavior and many are “lesbian” during adulthood.
    Research shows changes in sexual orientation can result from viral attack of the human sex-behavior center, head injuries, and tumors. Psychosocial stressors leading to pseudosexuality and neurological insult or injury are apparently the only means of significantly altering the expression of sexual orientation. Excepting neurological changes, no credible sex researcher in the last fifty years has suggested sexual orientation changes after childhood. Most agree biological factors often mediate sexual orientation.

  • Ridpathos

    It’s a good thing science isn’t open to popular vote.

  • LaKeishaGuitierezArafat

    @murphy0071: Miss Thing, you need to put all your reaseach on a bumber sticker. So when are stuck in traffic the homophobe will be enlightened.

  • Ste

    The Yahoo comment section is completely inundated with troglodyte trolls and the news section is apparently written by junior high students. If you take ANYTHING that goes on over there seriously, the joke’s on you.

  • John Doe

    Who cares? It doesn’t make a difference to me. I’m gay and I don’t want to be discriminated against regardless. People choose their religion and get protections from that choice. Even if I chose to be gay and wanted to marry another man it is no one else’s business. Other’s personal opinions shouldn’t infringe on MY legal rights regardless if I chose to be gay, was born that way or turned that way as a child. Equal rights and protections… not just because of a gene (or not).

  • 909ljb

    People who have such outdated beliefs obviously need some compassion. To prove their point, they should choose to be gay for a day, then switch back to being straight to truly understand the tribulations of the homosexual populace. Bahaha lol.
    If it was a choice, why would anyone choose to be gay?

  • Guillermo3

    @MickeyP.: Right,MickeyP.,especially
    yahoo mail,with which,unfortunately,I’m stuck!

  • Guillermo3

    @909ljb: Thanks,909ljb!!!:Finally.
    some common sense.Sometimes it pays[because it’s necessary]to
    say the obvious.

  • Guillermo3

    @murphy0071: Thanks,murphy0071!!
    Really nicely[and thoroughly stated!

  • Peter

    I think some gay men are genetically predisposed towards homosexuality. But I also think that sexuality (as well as gender) are to some degree social constructs.

    Some men make a conscious effort to belong to the gay demographic. Some men cultivate “gay” affectations so that they will be identified as homosexual, and receive the benefits that go along with it. If you’re having difficulty being the man society expects you to be, then you can say, “Oh, I’m gay,” and get a break from having to conform to heteronormative standards.

    When I was a teen I had no male role models. My aunt was a self-described “fag hag” who encouraged me to be gay. She took me to gay clubs, dressed me up in dandy fashions and groomed me to be the “fabulous queer” she wanted me to be. I think I somehow sexualized my need for a father and my need for male bonding. If that’s true, then sexuality for me is simply an adaptation and more psychological/sociological than genetic.

    So I think “gayness” can be genetic AND/OR instilled in you through the culture and society you grow up in. I personally believe sexuality has a high degree of plasticity and can change to some degree throughout one’s life cycle.

    There’s also a scientific study that says that “gay genes,” when carried by women, increase their fecundity:

    Who knows?

  • doggy

    It’s important to know how (un-)informed the public is, yes, but the title of the poll was misleading IMHO. It should have read something like ” Did you know that sexual orientation is at least partly genetic?” or so. The title makes it sound like you can change facts by voting on them.

  • Guillermo3

    @Peter: Sorry,Peter,you’re
    obviously sincere[and thanks for the huffpost reference,which
    I’ll read later]but I am 100% convinced that you are wrong.
    After a century of sometimes confusing,frequently harmful and
    Always time/life wasting psychological attempts to explain
    homosexuality,I’m happy that genetic explanations have taken the
    lead.Yes,one with equivocal sexual orientation may work
    to be/encouraged to gay,just as one who knows her/himself to be
    gay can choose to act,or not act on his/her orientation/can
    accept/not accept her,or himself.
    Further-est thing from your intentions,I’m sure,but what you
    say could give give ammunition to the old hideously homophobic
    accusation that being gay is intentional:a choice.


    @murphy0071: WTF, are you write, SO much? I won`t even read it!. If Homosexuality is a “choice!? so brest cancer”!!.

  • tjr101

    Yahoo is a cesspool for right wing Republicans. Back in October they did a poll on who was going to win the elections and they had the lying flip flopper Romney ahead lol. Conservatives live in their own bubble, crazytown.

  • tjr101

    Taking a yahoo poll seriously is akin to taking a Rasmussen poll seriously. Zero credibility.

  • EGO

    I am a gay male who has been with my partner for over 50 years, we have been married over 8 years, I am a Navy Vet, and I am retired. I was born gay and I remember my childhood and I have always been the same. Scientists have long discovered that there are homosexuals in the animal kingdom as well as in our civilization. It is time for all humanity to realize that each of us only knows ourselves and we should not force who we are on others, nor should others force who they are on us. In olden day terms – “Know thyself” and “Be true to thineself” is translated to modern terms – “Know who you are and be that person”.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    It doesn’t even matter. Religion is not genetic, and yet, it is so much a part of a person’s identity that it is a protected class.

  • jmmartin

    Careful with that website. I think it made it more convenient to vote a choice when the born-this-way alternative was poorly stated in terms of genetics. This will only confused most Americans. Yes, definitely a right wing site if this is any example. Tilted a bit toward the new conservatism.

  • Billysees

    I wonder why “gay” is not considered “instinctive”.

    That word seems never to be used in this kind of discussion.

    But who really cares about the origin of sexual orientation.

    If being gay satisfies and thus enables us to be happy and contented, then that’s all the life experience we need to live “happily ever after”.

  • D9W

    @murphy0071: Murphy the only problem I have with your science is like all good science it has to cover the whole topic of why people are gay. So you just can’t focus on just male homosexuality, your theory has to also include female homosexuality too. I am not a big fan of the DNA excuse for homosexuality. DNA is just a cook book. And like any good cook knows, just because the recipe calls for X, does not mean things turn out right if X is added at the wrong time or the wrong amount. I agree that Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback Science is not going to figure this out. Nor is magical believe system of Scott Peck’s Second stage Christians* going to change who people are attracted to either.

    With that said, I still don’t understand why people can’t Correlate: The fact that Male Fish in the Missouri and Mississippi river are growing ovaries along with their male part due to human female hormones (due to birth control pills- both in pill form and pee form) are being flushed down the toilet and our modern sewer system dumps the hormones untreated in to our water ways. AND maybe how people turn out in their sexuality also might have something to do with hormone exposure in-utro.

    Well if hormones can affect Fish, then why not people? @murphy0071 I do agree that hormones in-utero does affect both mother (morning sickness) and baby (as in development). But you left out an important fact that hormones come into play twice at different times in development In-utero when it comes to making male or female child. First time is when the brain is being developed and Second when the body makes, as Queer as Folk’s Debbie said it: “Genitalia is just God’s way of accessorizing.” WTF am I saying? Well your Theory has to encompass all of that- AKA how do we get Male and Female people. Not one or the other. Otherwise your theory of sexuality is no more relevant then ‘the sun goes around the earth’. And for our Transgender friends, it also has to explain how you wind up with a male mind but female Genitalia, or female brain with male Genitalia. Using DNA as an excuse does not cover any of this. You are also going to have to explain the full extent of the Kinsey scale (, meaning a straight man who are effeminate, a straight woman who very male in their thinking (left brain types). And yes, I have run into a number of women who are very male in their everyday life and are still straight (as in attracted to the opposite sex). So for me at least I don’t blame the environment after birth (that includes all the rubbish about absent father, and overbearing mother.)

    If Alcohol, nicotine, 185 pesticides, and untold medications can cross the placenta, then: Why not mother’s hormones’? If baby can cause a woman in her early 20’s to grow two inches, and/or baby take over the woman’s thyroid function while in-urto (when the woman does not have a thyroid- ever hear of down winders?), then why cant the mother hormones override what the babies DNA cook book intends? And there are plenty of examples of women female hormones being out of normal range. Stress can cause women hormones to lean either way- testosterone or estrogen – along with exercise. If either one of these in the right amount, at the wrong time, could affect brain or genitalia development in-urtro, then why cant we look at this as a possibility? It even can explain all the combination of twins sexuality- just depends on where the tap is hooked up and when it did it’s thing.

    As I was trying to pointing out- any theory has to cover all cases. DNA, if you were spanked or not, if you believe in God or not, if you had one dad or two, if mother was a overbearing B!tch or not OR what type of school you went to- Does not explain all these cases. Whatever Science we are going to use has to explain all cases, not just one side of the sexual fence.

  • Gormenghast

    My word, what a lot of (hopefully) interesting posts that will keep me with plenty of reading this evening while the most important man in my life enjoys a steam train journey to the Norwich (UK), Christmas Fayre. Skimming seems to indicate some members have gone to some effort to share their views on this rather contentious subject.

    I have both feet firmly in the nature camp. At the age of 5 I was ‘drawn’ to a boy in the year above me but had no understanding of sexuality. As we’re talking the early/mid 60’s it was possibly before homosexuality was legalised in the UK so our more obvious TV and film stars were certainly not shouting their sexuality from the roof tops. I had Gaydar,something I now lack!

    During the early days of puberty, I like countless other boys engaged in touching and later mutual masturbation. Many of my activity partners are straight but are open about this ‘rite of passage’, others hide and often vehemently deny that they ever did this type of thing. The object of my desires at the age of 5 became the first to have a (view of nipple) girlfriend due to his stunning good looks. By his early 20’s I was still infatuated by him but he was an extreme Homophobe. He was also the centre of attention for girls but when he relented to a date always ensured he was accompanied by his friends or even work colleagues. I believe his last sexual encounter was with the girlfriend of a work colleague 30+ years ago.

    Some 20 odd years ago something very pertinent was said to me by a Detective with Kent Police. I had been mugged on my drive by two of our local junkies. I live in a very posh village but we do have our share of miscreants. Both these guys were well known to me and I was in the right place but the wrong time. Nothing seemed to be happening and I arranged to see this officer and demand an explanation. He then told me that they had been arrested and ‘processed’ but he didn’t think I would wish to proceed due to the fact that it was gay bashing and I wouldn’t want my sexuality to be in the public domain. I thanked him for his concern and asked why there was no discussion with me on this matter.

    At this point he informed me there were only two types of Homophobic gay basher: –

    1. Group one wore uniforms and their knuckles dragged on the ground and they were called Police officers.

    2. Would be the person who would proposition you at some future date.

    How right he was.

    I have a very large circle of gay friends and none of them decided that they would choose too be gay. They chose Barbour jackets when they were the rage and other fashion trends. They also chose which car they would drive. Choosing gay wasn’t on their radar.

    Surely we now have sufficient evidence from nature that so many animals have a gay side. Do Bonobo monkeys, our closest buddies within the animal kingdom, decide that as one of the top members of their group likes to be wanked off by other male members of the group that this fashion trend would be worth joining? I doubt it. Gayness is prevalent within mammals, something the scientific community is aware of but beyond the few gay Penguins, we choose not to discuss it. Obviously scientists from across the globe are attuned to what has happened to fellow boffins of the past who were put to death as scientific reality and truth flew in the face of the church. We only have to look at the how the man who won WWII, Alan Turing was treated and the horrible end result.

    I’m sure there are people out there who have chosen gay as a life choice as it has possibly proved advantageous for whatever reason. As I believe that gayness is hardwired into us and is either the default programme or can be activated (easily for bi-sexuals) or may require a kick start ($’s) for a small group of people.

    I honestly believe that we should accept the ‘Some People Are Gay, Get Over It’ that emblazons a T shirt of mine. Why the Christian church makes such a song and dance about gay people being almost in league with Satan when for centuries they have abused young boys and teenagers. Perhaps it’s time they embrace their gay side.

    As for Yahoo, I do have a few e-mail accounts under their umbrella but have never dipped into their site and discovered their right wing leanings. What a shame as it’s prettier than Google and MSN.

    That’s enough of the ramblings and I will go out this evening and nurture some gayness into some straight boys. I normally use lager or whatever they drink and then deal with the alleged guilt or air punching joy having been safely and orgasmically delivered to the world of gay.

    Where do people get their ideas from? Church you can see as they used their weird and dangerous powers to control half the world and have brainwashed so many into providing pseudo-science explanations in the hope of retaining their powers as we are their modern day Satan’s.

  • Billysees

    @viveutvivas: 15

    Very good comment.


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