Yanis Marshall Serves British TV Another Campy Megamix In Ten-Inch Heels

tumblr_n3sftu6AqJ1ry6msio1_400Future gay legend and sassy dancing queen Yanis Marshall made passionate love to a live television camera again last night — he and his trusty backup dancers appeared on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent for the first time to serve and werk for the audience in 10-inch heels.

You may recognize Marshall as the fearless Parisian choreographer who stopped traffic in front of the Eiffel Tower to perform a Spice Girls megamix. He also appeared as a grown ass woman on Ukraine’s So You Think You Can Dance in January.

Below, watch Simon Cowell react to Yanis and gang perform a medley of gay faves including “Supermodel (Of The World),” “Let’s Have a Kiki,” “Bad Romance,” “Proud Mary,” and “Bad Girl” on a moving runway/conveyor belt that will put you in a gay coma.