Yankees Will Begin Frowning On ‘YMCA/Why Are You Gay’ Bleacher Songs

Singing the “Why Are You Gay” rendition of “YMCA” during Yankees games — a beloved tradition of the so-called fan group Bleacher Creatures — will no longer be tolerated, the team assures GLAAD. Spokeswoman Alice McGillion says “the Yankees have zero tolerance for this and any kind of abuse,” and that the bleacher sections will now be warned by security that any anti-gay singing during “YMCA” “will not be tolerated.” That’s great to hear. It’s also ridiculous to think the Yankees are in the dark about this chant, which has been going on for much of the past decade. Dads teach their kids the lyrics!

Yankees Bleachers Still Filled With ‘YMCA/Why Are You Gay’ A Capella Singers