Yankees Will Begin Frowning On ‘YMCA/Why Are You Gay’ Bleacher Songs

Singing the “Why Are You Gay” rendition of “YMCA” during Yankees games — a beloved tradition of the so-called fan group Bleacher Creatures — will no longer be tolerated, the team assures GLAAD. Spokeswoman Alice McGillion says “the Yankees have zero tolerance for this and any kind of abuse,” and that the bleacher sections will now be warned by security that any anti-gay singing during “YMCA” “will not be tolerated.” That’s great to hear. It’s also ridiculous to think the Yankees are in the dark about this chant, which has been going on for much of the past decade. Dads teach their kids the lyrics!

Yankees Bleachers Still Filled With ‘YMCA/Why Are You Gay’ A Capella Singers

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  • acem

    Pretty soon we’re gonna be living in a police state.

  • EdWoody

    They knew it was happening all along. But it was only when somebody bothered complaining that they said, “Oh, maybe they shouldn’t do that then.” Until then it was all harmless fun, I’m sure.

  • the crustybastard


    Yeah, pretty soon the management of the Yankees baseball club will have its jackboots firmly planted on our nation’s throat.


  • TommyOC

    I expect the Bleacher Creatures to challenge this at every game they can.

    The question is… does the Yankee management have the guts to kick them out of the park?

  • Zach

    Just one thing, will other stadiums do the same? As a Yankee fan who expressed my displesure about this video (never was near the Bleacher Creatures),I can attest to the fact homophobic taunts are popular at other ballparks as well.
    If you wear an opposing team jersey’s,it sadly viewed as perfectly acceptable to use homophobic taunts and slurs.
    This is the worst example of it, but IMO, this says less about Yankee fans vs. the fact many view gay taunts as the best way to insult someone on the other team.

  • Kieran

    Proof that Yankee fans are assholes.

  • Avenger

    I bet the thinskinned idiots who complained aren’t even sports fans, and couldn’t offhand name five current Yankees team players and five Hall of Famers. They probably just read about the “Why Are You Gay” song on some gay blog like this one, and boohoo’d about it until it got to management. Big boy pants, either pull them up or go prance around to Lady Gaga.

  • Tom Nunnery

    @Avenger: You are so wrong. I have been a Yankees’ fan since the 1950s and this display from these fans is unacceptable and ignorant.

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    @Avenger: Everyone knows that Jesus hates the Yankees. Go drink a six pack and beat your wife you loser.

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