Yay! New York Pride… And Now, Here’s This Weekend’s Bad News

Amid all the Pride celebrations and jubilation over New York’s legalizing marriage equality, you may have missed the horribly awful news about all the ruined Pride events everywhere else. So allow us to piss on your parade for just a bit.

First, the NYPD and New York State Liquor Authority raided The Eagle gay bar moments after Governor Cuomo signed marriage equality into law. According to reports, the police didn’t arrest anybody, but they did shine flashlights in peoples’ faces, asked customers to empty their pockets, and had bar patrons line up outside the bar. The police cited the bar for six violations including one for unnecessary noise.

Second, some hater slashed dozens of tires on floats meant for Chicago’s Pride parade. The Parade organizers replaced some of the tires and started the parade on time by moving some of the damaged floats to the end of the line, but they couldn’t repair all the floats—and we bet the ones they left out were the most awesome. Police may investigate it as a hate crime.

Third, in Alaska a 70-year-old woman driving the grand marshal of Anchorage Pride accidentally ran over and killed a 50-year-old parade marcher before the parade even started—effectively canceling the parade.

Then lastly, Russian police arrested 14 Pride marchers in St. Petersburg after a scuffle with homophobic thugs. City Hall had banned the march and all 14 arrestees have since been released after about 24 hours in jail.

Now you may go back to nursing your Pride-induced hangover.