Yeah, Spray It!

We were just taking down a trip down memory lane and got to thinking about Gay Speak. Remember Gay Speak, our mission to chronicle all the gay-inspired vernacular we love so much? Well, it turns out Gay Speak’s got a more visually-minded cousin: Yeah, Spray It!

Above you see a pretty timid variation of Yeah, Spray It!: those sometimes nice, sometimes – er – not so no nice graffiti aimed at the gays. So, we have a mission for you: we want you guys (and gals, as well) to take as many photos of gay-inspired graffiti and send them our way.

Yeah, it’s a bit of a tough one, but we know a lot of you guys have cameras, stalk the streets and generally loiter in shady places, so we’ve got high hopes. We’ll do the same (that is, next time we’re allowed out of the house).

Oh and if you’re wondering why we posted the picture above, it’s because we have a friend named Justin. He likes boys. Thus, it’s funny ’cause it’s true.

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