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  • Andrew

    Wow… nice Vitamin Water. I’m thirsty…..

  • rigs

    he’s 17 creeps

  • Fitz

    This just in: man has a penis. Stop the presses.

  • naprem

    @rigs: That is a valid point.

    @Fitz: That isn’t.

  • Adam

    i would raise the point that he is 17 and so should not be put on display, but queerty’s editors don’t seem to care about the most basic standards of journalistic integrity anyways.

  • Jesse

    This borders on kiddie porn and is completely inappropriate.
    I really don’t need to see the crotches of teenagers. Please check yourself before you wreck yourself.

  • Louie

    Big deal…my boyfriend has a 4-gallon bottle

  • adamblast

    Sure he’s 17. A 17-year-old *movie star*, hired for his sex appeal and marketed for his sex appeal. The photos & the leering may be tacky, but they’re no more reprehensible than the 50 million Americans who obsessed over Britney Spear’s 16-year-old boobies.

  • AlanInSLC


    Thats a good point too!

  • OH Charlie

    @adamblast: WELL SAID

  • Qjersey

    don’t confuse “kiddie” porn with being a minor.

    Kiddie porn = pedophilia.

    A 17 year old actor walking around with his meat flapping around and getting snapped by the paps isn’t kiddie porn

    and btw he looks a bit plump in the pic, maybe the gym was arousing.

  • schlukitz


    OMG! I can see the floodgates opening on this one already.

    Try to tell that to some of the other posters who regularly toss the word pedophile about on these threads with wild abandon.

  • Andrew

    Who cares if he’s 17? He’s in public, he’s a movie star and celebrity. And yes, 17 year-old men have penises. And no, snapping a photo of a clothed 17 year-old celeb does not amount to kiddie porn. Everybody airing their faux-moral-objections presumably never looks at marketing/advertising either, right? Because many of the models in those ads are 17 and 16 and 15… Oh wait… that’s ok? We are so fucked up by our Puritan roots — objectifying youth and young bodies and then feeling guilty for our “sins.” Get over it. Looking at this kid’s photo, and yes… at the outline of his cock, does not make one morally depraved.

  • stevenelliot

    uh guyz? if you havent checked out a 17 yo dude sportin
    bulge-meat when walking down the street, then youre not a gay man. You dont think straight guyz check out underage girls?

    Wantin doesnt mean gettin and goin to jail…..

  • schlukitz


    Ain’t that the “gawd’s honest truth.”

    If lookin and wantin were a crime, 99 percent of the population, both male and female, would be behind bars! LOL

    Most are are just too hypocritical to admit it.

  • Lee

    Class can you say, “Casting couch”?

  • adamblast

    In fairness I’d point out that we all generally (and many of us specifically) have reasons to be touchy and eager to disassociate ourselves from the pedophilia that’s so often been tied to being gay by our enemies. But that doesn’t mean we should succumb to puritanical hypocrisy. Because if enjoying teenage hotness means pedophilia or kiddie porn, then the owners of MTV and the CW should probably be arrested immediately.

  • OMG

    People people people. Can’t we all just get a grip? Why do we even care this guy has – gasp – a penis? And it’s slightly visible. BIG DEAL! Mother of Christ, news must be slow today…

    Face it my fellow queers: men have penises. And, and and and…no, wait for it….women don’t. They DON’T! Really!

    Madness, I tell you…

  • Jackson

    This is incredibly inappropriate. If the editors at Queerty really wanted to be a positive voice in the fight to get our equal rights, they would avoid nonsense like this. Clearly, however, David Hauslaib is only interested in driving traffic to the site in order to make money on advertising.

    Think I’m over-reacting? Consider this scenario: In the unlikely event that Queerty ever became an original source for an important story, they might find themselves being interviewed by the mainstream media. All our opponents would have to do is to bring up the fact that Queerty is a site where they post suggestive pictures of a 17-year-old’s penis and the argument would be over. I pretty much agree with people above that state that a 17-year-old celebrity isn’t child porn. However, I think “middle America” might disagree. That possibility is reason enough not to post these pictures, especially considering that most of Queerty’s postings are political and/or civil rights in nature.

  • eric

    jackson, who the effing eff gives an eff if “middle america” disagrees? they also disagree with my right to get married, adopt babies, blah blah blah. the “possibility” of them disagreeing with posting this is not only NOT “reason enough”, it is completely irrelevant to me, and hopefully queerty as well.

    to some other posters, why is it creepy and gross to ogle a 17-year old and his covered penis but perfectly acceptable when, in a few months, he turns 18? this guy is super hot and unless you had been told differently, you would not be able to tell if he was 17, 20 or even 23. yes, it’s illegal to touch him and i wouldn’t, but pretending it’s the equivalent of staring down an 11-year-old is just puritanical hysteria.

  • Andrew

    @Jackson: I can honestly say I don’t give a rat’s ass about what middle-America (or ministers, or James Dobson, or Log Cabin Republicans, etc.) think. If you want to be looking over your shoulder at every move to make sure you’re not upsetting someone or offending the sensibilities of the religious right, etc., good luck. In the media EVERY day we see photos and videos of various people in revealing clothing. Should Queerty avoid posting pics of women that show cleavage? He’s a celeb and was photographed in public. Who gives a shit if the outline of his cock makes middle-America uneasy.

  • schlukitz


    And of course, we all know that the straight men of “middle-America” never, ever, look at “inappropriate” pictures of young women. What would “middle-America” gay men think? LOL

  • alex

    Should Queerty avoid posting women’s cleavage? Of course not. However, if they post a picture of a 17-year-old actress with a headline like the one on this post, that’s another story.

    The point made isn’t that we need to bow to the middle American. It’s that when a politically-minded website like this veers into a gray area involving child pornography, they are potentially undermining any legitimate authority that which they claim.

  • Adam

    @alex: Precisely.

  • Rock

    @Louie: LOL!

  • Brandon

    @ Alex

    U obviously have no idea what child pornography actually is. Heres a link:—-000-.html

    Educate yourself.

    Child porn is sexually explicit images involving a minor. This is not a “gray area involving child pornography”. He could be walking down the street naked & it would still not be a “gray area involving child pornography”. Thats like saying Michelangelo’s David is child porn b/c the model used was prob under 18 @ the time.

  • jesse

    I am far from prudish and love a good crotch shot. The problem for me is that I’ve always seen queerty as more of a news site with a mix of skin and gay culture to keep people from falling asleep. I would expect a posting like this from Perez Hilton, but to me it’s beneath queerty..or used to be. There are many people who see gay men as child molesters and pedophiles. When a posting like this focusing on a 17 year old’s crotch is on display, it only fuels that misconception. I’m all for focusing on a crotch. go for it, but can it at least be 18? please?

    also, regarding pornography and the suggestion (one that I made) that this borders on child porn is valid.
    There are many definitions for pornography.
    It can merely be an image meant to create sexual arousal
    or in another time a picture of a woman’s ankle. I love if you go to that site and look at the various definitions and its origin. There is a wide precedent for usage of this word which could be appropriate to this discussion.

  • Tom in COS

    1.)@adamblast EXACTLY!!

    2.)Believe it or not the average age of consent across America is 16, not 18. Making him perfectly legal in 38 of the 50 States.

  • jesse

    Brandon: Your definition is for “sexual exploitation” of children not child pornography

  • jesse

    Tom In Cos- You are right about that. the age of consent is not 18 in all states, however film a 17 year old for your porno movie three days before his 18th birthday and you’ve got yourself a kiddie porn.

  • SoCalTeen


    I went to elementary school with him. All I really remember was him being extremely flamboyantly gay; that was the rumor on the playground in 6th grade — that he liked boys, heehee.

    I can’t believe that the little kid who performed karate moves for the school talent show is now Jacob in New Moon LOL.

    I also remember when he was in some Frosted Flakes commercial and everyone was asking for his autograph. Good times, good times.

  • Brandon


    Wow, I guess Cornell University is wrong u should be teaching there instead. Amazing.

  • James P. P.

    ok, i can’t look at him sexually because he’s freaking Sharkboy. and back then i thought “hey, what a cute kid. he’s gonna grow up to be a really hot guy i bet.”

    next thing you know here he is at 17 with his shirt off and now his dick floppin’ around. well, he’s 17… but he’s freakin’ hot.

    unfortunately for me, i still see Sharkboy… so that’s the end of that….

  • jesse

    Brandon: I am merely stating that the link you referenced in order to tear someone down on their use of the phrase child pornography isn’t a link to a definition of pornography as implied by your posting. The chapter is titled as follows.


    You used this as your basis for telling someone that they don’t know what child pornography is. The definition for child pornography within the context of this page is for a case of sexual exploitation and other abuse of children, and not a general definition of the term.
    There is a difference between child exploitation and it’s legal definition and the general usage of the word pornography which has several meanings. No one is saying that Queerty’s use of this photo falls under the legal jurisdiction regarding child pornography as defined by that link, which has a very specific usage of the phrase.


    Really? A HUGE part of popular culture is devoted to giving straight men hard-ons from looking at pubescent girls. And 17 years old is hardly underage considering that 16 is the age on consent in a majority of states:

    So STFU you faux puritans who want us to believe you’re so above a crouch cruise. I’d sooner spend a weekend with Xtians than your sorry hypocritical asses.

  • Alec

    @CHILD PORN STFU!: Technically, lascivious exhibition of the genitals or pubic area can be pornography, and “child” or “minor,” for the purposes of federal and most state laws, is defined as under 18. The age of consent is irrelevant when it comes to producing child pornography or sexually abusive materials.

  • sparkle obama

    >> The photos & the leering may be tacky, but they’re no more reprehensible than the 50 million Americans who obsessed over Britney Spear’s 16-year-old boobies.<<

    “they are just as rotten as we” is a loser argument, ladies.
    can we retire that sick attitude along with b. spears’ misbegotten career?
    gays can do better!

    young gays (and old gays who should have known better) who embraced the new level of mediocrity and proud ignorance that britney spears represented throughout the bush years are part of the problem, not part of the solution.
    i’m not going to say don’t leer at 17 year olds because i do it too, but most of Us don’t photograph those kids & exploit them on the interwebs in the name of an increasingly creaky & outdated sweeping, self-important “queer”/”gay” agenda
    a post like this is no different/better than the blog
    “drunken stepfather”: allowable in a free society but “politically incorrect” in the extreme
    and perhaps ultimately incompatible with our current “gay people are decent” civil rights “struggle” and family-friendly focus (“gay marriage”, anyone?)
    do what you want, queerty – i’m only saying!

  • Brandon


    U can’t possibly be this dense, can u? Please tell me ur joking.

  • Addyboo

    Didn’t the mayor of Portland get into trouble for perhaps not waiting until his lover’s 18th birthday to get it on?

    And am I the only one who thought Twilight was atrocious? As a fan of vampire shit, I was not impressed.

  • TomTom

    It beats queenie-weenie or whatever his name is.

  • Alec

    @Addyboo: The film or the book? I could at least get through the former; the lack of narration helped a great deal.

  • TANK

    This taylor kid did this on purpose to make you all feel bad about yourselves for perving out on his junk.

  • jesse

    Your ability to type “legal definition of child pornography” into google and click on the first result does not make you more intelligent nor more capable to judge the intelligence of others. If you can make a constructive argument without insulting those you don’t agree with, then I’m open to that discussion. Otherwise, this “debate” is a rather futile matter of semantics.

    The whole child pornography discussion is perhaps a bit off topic anyway. The point is that this is an image of a minor, focusing on his genitals, which comes across as a bit pervy. We have fought as a community to not be viewed as child molesters, pedophiles, etc. When a site like Queerty who tried to come across as a semi respectable news source for our community posts something like this, it takes us down a notch, regardless of whether you want to call it bordering on child porn or just tacky.

  • schlukitz


    “focusing on his genitals, which comes across as a bit pervy.”

    Spoken just like Joe Six-Pack. Morally righteous and uptight. Your fellow parishioners must be very proud of you.

    What would you have gay men looking at, by the way? Tits, ass and snatch?

    I’ll bet dollars to donuts that that you’re probably against queers getting married and making a spectacle of themselves by holding hands or kissing in public.

    What will “normal” people think?

  • jesse

    @schlukitz- Haha. I am in a relationship with and actually engaged to another man. Read my previous posts on this topic and you’ll see that I’m all for a crotch shot, just not of a 17 year old. I even *gasp* own porn.

    I have repeatedly written my representatives, senators and the president asking for the repeal of DOMA and DADT. I have marched in multiple protests for marriage equality including the one from Sheridan to Union Square last week. I do not attend church nor do I believe in organized religion. You might just engage in an interesting conversation if you open your mind to accepting differing opinions without feeling the need to either sum up or attack others who are engaged in the discussion. There are many shades of gay.

  • Alec

    @jesse: I think your posts are too thoughtful for this discussion.

  • Leila

    I just followed a link, this is so immature the poor guy

  • schlukitz


    One could say that of guys who like to look at the boobs of topless waitresses as well.

    “This is so immature. The poor girl.” ;>)

  • doggy

    wow wat small dick i am 14 and have a bigger cock then him

  • dalis

    umm, guys i don’t see his ding dong what are you talking about, he’s just a guy for petes sake. take a break and look at robert he’s been working out as well.

  • Tapper

    Omfg. Taylor, you look hott, and iloveyou <3
    But to all these adults on here, you upset me
    Im fourteen, It’s OKAY for me to say he’s hawt, and that
    this picture is sexy.
    But how old are most of you? Over eighteen right?
    I’m gay, and i know people think we’re pervs, and we KNOW we arent. But saying the things some of you are saying isn’t making any rumors better.
    I actually have a REALLY big crush on him, and to the guy who said he still thinks of tay as sharkboy, SO DO I! I don’t know why everyone else thinks he’s a big sex symbol. But, if you didn’t think he was a hott sharkboy, you shouldn’t think he’s hott now. Because if he was too young then, he’s still too young now…just more grown up. Am i making any sence here? ANYHOW, point is just because someone is legally an adult, doesnt mean they’re old enough for you to date. It’s like some people i know, Straight guys who like younger girls. It’s a little growse, so is this. But pleeeeease listen to what I’m trying to say.
    Thanks Guys (:
    -Tapper ;)

  • Tessie Tura

    When the object of desire is 17, that would not make you a pedophile. It would make you a pederast.

    If these pictures are “pornography”, he would be guilty of indecent exposure.

  • shana

    what a small cock unless that shit is folded or because its to the side

  • wgf

    ok first of all he is 18. secondly he is almost flawlessly beautiful. show as many buldge shots as you want. he is f*cking HOT

  • shana

    listen wgf you little fucker i can say what i want about who i want so go suck a cock and i don’t mean taylor’s

  • Justin Cowan

    Just an FYI to those freaking out about him being 17… that is the legal age of consent in most states, and in some states it’s 16

  • schlukitz

    @ No. 58 – Justin:

    Like the Catholic priests and other members of the clergy who sexually molest little children, the ones doing it are the ones who cry the loudest against pedophilia.

  • Dave

    i cant tell if he is hard or not i think he is

  • Josh

    if he is hard then he has a tiny cock.I am 13 and mine is bigger than his. way bigger…

  • jason

    i am 15 and honestly…its better to be looking at a 17 year old crotch then a 25 year old.
    you guys also have to take your age into consideration. i find this picture more appropriate for my personal taste compared to other pictures because of my age difference

  • Chris

    he gives me a BONER!!!!!!!

  • Lance

    looks like he’s uncut… nice

  • katie

    Ok first of all, if I were Taylor Lautner, and I saw this with all you guys obsessing over whether it’s child porn or not, I would be seriously embarrassed. I mean, come on, it doesn’t even look like it’s his you-know-what! It could just be from the way he walks! You know how when girls sit in jeans, it looks like we have dicks? It could be sort of like that for Taylor! So quit obsessing over a 17 year olds probably not real dick

  • jason


    dont think a crease would look like that

  • monica

    Hey Katie… you are probably looking at pic number 2. LOOK AT NUMBER 2!!!!

  • monica

    I am sorry number 1..
    not number 2

  • Veronica

    to the person who went to school with taylor…

    if you really did go to school with taylor i think he is gay…(THANK GOD IF HE IS) he is on a blog under… Tay Lay. like you said extremely flamboyantly gay…

  • Veronica

    i am sorry but he is NOT hot at all

  • Veronica

    oh and he is 18 now sooooooo this is legal…

  • Sophie Lautner

    Hi guys,
    Personally I love Taylor because he seems like someone who could be a good friend. And that he is totally and utterly devoted to what he does. If he wasn’t that devoted he wouldn’t be going to the gym. It’s not like he’s purposely flashing his crotch. Yes he is hot and fit, buy seriously no need.

    What flavour is his vitamin water? I wan’t to try it. Is it power c or defense?

  • team jacob#1

    oh yeah ppls……your eyes aren’t deceiving you it’s big all right …yeah he has a big dick and he’s only 17!!! am i’m dreaming!!!!

  • joshua

    it is not big… it has to only be 3 or 4 inches maybe less…

  • New Moon F4n

    Heyy :). I just wanted to drop in and say that I think Taylor is is drop-dead gorgeous <3. I am a sixteen year old bisexual, and I hope he is gay!

    For all of you saying that his dick is small, maybe you should take a look at your flaccid dick… His flaccid is bigger than my flaccid… And its probably bigger than yours…

    Btw. I love his foreskin too <3

  • guest

    im really thirsty for vitamin water now!!!…………drule………

  • joshua

    i cant stop drooling

  • porngirl

    heey i got a nude porn foto off taylor on my computer you wanna have him just add me [email protected] i’m not kidding it’s real i got his nude pic

  • john

    i dont think he is flaccid… but still he is hot

  • doood

    my vagina’s starting a rally.

  • schlukitz

    No. 80 · doood

    my vagina’s starting a rally.

    I love it.

    They say it pays to advertise. So, if boys can show their er, ah…schmeckies off in tight pants, what’s wrong with girls wearing pants that are tight enough to er, ah…read their lips? lol

  • Yvonne

    it looks small :(

  • fbhunegijerhgh

    @Adam: that is not his real dick he wouldnt be able to fit behind the weel wit that thing!!!!!!!!!!! LOL jk but i likey alottt!!!

  • fbhunegijerhgh

    @schlukitz: ur an ass!

  • fbhunegijerhgh

    @Jesse: catchy

  • schlukitz

    No. 84 · fbhunegijerhgh

    @schlukitz: ur an ass!

    Um..what’s the old expression again?

    Ah, yes. It takes one to know one

    Oh…and thank you for sharing. ;P

  • Marc

    the sexuality of teenage girls is always being marketed to heterosexual men of all ages. what is wrong is to pursue someone underage when you are an adult. but to notice for a moment the male form beginning the peak of male physical maturation is only a natural reflex.

    keep starring to the point that underage guys are your focus and you cannot form a healthy attraction psychologically and physically with a peer, then you are a pervert.

  • Meowzer

    is it only me, or does that like just a wrinkle in the sweatpants. The first one I could see, possibly, maybe, a bulge. Second pic, now way, just a fold in the sweats.

    Plus, personally, any 17 year old that makes his living showing his abs and appearing shirtless constantly in movies, is fair game. He’s not a child, he’s an adult. The 17 or legal is only a number. A number that would get you jailed it your touched it. But to look, just a number.

  • Taylor Lautner fan

    omg, he is so hot!

  • EWE

    Thats a helluva lot cuter than his face. I do not think this guy is very good looking at all.

  • Devon

    I for one think his weird little pig nose is adorable.

    And he’s legal now, score.

  • Alexa

    who really cares if he is 17 he should be named sexiest man on earth!!!!!!!! he is soooooooo sexy and yummy, the paparazzi did a pretty good job i think!! hahah :D delicious!!!!!!!

  • Josh

    Just an update, Taylor Lautner is an adult, so look as much as you want lol!!! xD
    Oh, and if this pic is genuine (which I personally think it’s been Photoshopped)… then boy or boy does that sexy boy have a nice cut dick…. :D
    Watch out Taylor Swift, you’re bf’s got beef !!

  • J lautner

    I for one am obsessed with him and still think this is immature, both he picture And the heavy debating. Give it a rest, give that sexy guy a break!

  • khris

    wow he’s 17!I might just try to scoop him up now I thought he was25

  • ossurworld

    An actor being an exhibitionist? unheard of….

  • TrickyPuck

    Uhm, to quell the argument as of February 11, 2010, Taylor Lautner officially turned 18. All you people feeling skeevy can stop, and anyone not feeling skeevy, well whatever. Just updating the facts, he’s not 17 any longer.

  • Jazzy

    Taylor you have gay fanboys!

    And your B-Day is one after mine [email protected]#$!

    Also lol at all you nerds talking about this pic.

  • will

    @Jackson: without realising it yourself, you are descriminating against gay people, you are objectifying us over our attraction to a 17 year old (btw at that age he’s completely sexually mature and its only natural for people of all ages and genders to be attracted to him), if “middle america” wish the think that its more wrong for a gay man to be attracted a 17 year old guy it is for a straight man to be attracted to a 17 year old girl (do i need to remind everyone of when Britney first burst onto the scene?) then let them. i’m sick of the taboo around gay men and younger guys and im sick of having to change or pretend different about myself because of the straight/ gay double standard.

    anyone who says that people who are attracted to this, must therefore be saying that its wrong to be attracted to big muscles, big dicks and a gorgeous face. and i’d say that every gay/ bi man and straight women in the world would have to disagree.

  • Amy R.

    I’m a lawyer. To those who say this is pornograpphy, its not. Nudity is not pornography. Nudity is not sexual. Pornography under definitions of law is the depiction of persons in a sexual act. It certain;y does not include simply a picture of a person nude. There are those out there who do not understand the legal definitions and basically dont know what they are talking about, are hysterical, do not understand legal philosophy or the law, and this even includes incompetants in the legal profession. Laws on child pornography prohibit depiction of children in sex, not nudity. This is a well established legal precedent and it something today many lawyers dont even understand. Consider the number of National Geographic magazines which have contained pictures of children without clothin g on. Laws are created to protect people from injury, no one is injured by this. The hysteria about nudity is religiously inspired crap that has nothing to do with individual rights.

  • trawnaPride

    @Adam: Taylor was born on Feb. 11, 1992. Unless he is caught in some strange time warp, that means he is 18.

  • Rob Moore

    @Amy R.: At least someone who read this wasn’t having a religious spasm of the knee. Thanks for a rational comment. As TrawnaPride points out, Taylor Lautner is 18 and will be 19 in February.

    I also believe that even at 17, he is past the age of consent for California. If he is a virgin whether straight or gay, then so am I.

    I just hope he never does a sequel to The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl. My five year-old niece dragged me to that bit of dreck. Even 3-D glasses didn’t make it watchable.

  • QT

    His rod does look kinda small, but that wouldn’t stop me from pouncing on it.

  • Will

    @Amy R.: your actually wrong in your own definition of the law in this case, while you are right that this woukd not be porn, your not correct in your definition of pornography, one does not have to be having sex or even partaking in any form of sexual act for it too be porn, it could simply be a picture of someone naked, therefore a picture of a naked child is legally considered child pornography if the picture is is of a sexual nature and is intended for a sexual purpose. Therefore if Taylor Lautner were 17 and completely naked in a picture that someone took of him and was posted on the internet so that people could peve on his naked body, then it would be considered child pornography, as its intention is that of a sexual nature.

  • Will

    @Amy R.: your actually wrong in your own definition of the law in this case, while you are right that this would not be porn, your not correct in your definition of pornography, one does not have to be having sex or even partaking in any form of sexual act for it too be porn, it could simply be a picture of someone naked, therefore a picture of a naked child is legally considered child pornography if the picture is is of a sexual nature and is intended for a sexual purpose. Therefore if Taylor Lautner were 17 and completely naked in a picture that someone took of him and was posted on the internet so that people could peve on his naked body, then it would be considered child pornography, as its intention is that of a sexual nature.

  • Will

    sorry for double post

    Perve* instead of peve

  • JonathanHasHadIt

    I just saw that movie “Twilight: New Moon.” AWFUL.

  • donald joseph

    who’s the kid in the picture, except what he’s got between his legs. Look at the size of that flaccid thang! work it boy!

  • Give Him A Break!

    I’m Pretty Sure Taylor Did This He Knew It Was Showing How Could He Not..! But He Knew It All Along, Right? I Mean Look At The Naked Pics OF Miley Cyrus Around Here. I Saw One That She Was Like All The Was nude In A HotTub.. SO Whats Sooo WRONG! With This? I Mean Nothens Wrong with this.. But Still Freaks He’s 17.

  • Dusty

    @Tom in COS:
    I’m pretty sure the male/male age of consent is 18 in most parts of the country. It’s male/female that’s around 16 or even 14 in places.

  • Ryan

    I’m sorry but I myself am a 17 year old. Get over it he is sold on his sex appeal, and its not like he has someone bouncing on his penis in a video so its hardly kiddie porn.

  • Modelchick

    He’s actually 18 and will be 19 February 11th. So that makes him a legal man and no longer a 17 year old kid.

  • bob



  • hello

    OMG!! his penis iss sooo tiny

  • wangyfd

    IS he really gay???

    there are tons of rumors that he is

  • Tú Madre

    I want to walk up and snatch his pants down, get on my knees, stand that thing up and suck lick and rub it till its hard, then bend over and plunge it in to my tight little ass hole and ride it till he cums in side of me, and last I would suck AND SWALLOW the leftover cum on his cock.! Js.

  • wow=mom

    he has a big one big deal!!! you people are mad cuz you dont get it at all!! c========3 :-] <3

  • wow=mom

    you hatein

  • drew

    disapointed…thought it wud b bigger :(

  • drew

    lol that makes 2 of us…even though its small

  • LJ

    Ignorant people! I’m Dutch and have 9″+ but you would never know it by looking. It’s “a grower not a shower.”
    Ignorant remarks people make.

  • Chaos

    u guys complain so much….. do you think he cares about that little photo…. look he enjoys it

    check this site and see for urself

    ain’t he hot?

  • Gemukokoro7

    jokes on all of you because hes an adult now ^.^

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