Looking back 2016

The year’s most deplorable and bigoted outbursts caught on camera


It’s been a banner year for bad public behavior. From an angry crafter who threw a racist temper tantrum inside a Michaels store over a $1 bag, to a spoiled frat boy who hurled a string of antigay slurs against an Uber driver, 2016 has offered up no shortage of grown adults (not named Donald Trump) making absolute fools of themselves on camera.

Scroll down for the most deplorable of deplorable public outbursts this year…

Trisha Paytas

The 28-year-old YouTube star posted an insanely dramatic breakup video after someone on Snapchat allegedly caught her boyfriend kissing someone at West Hollywood gay club. In her video, “he cheated. i’m done,” Trisha sobs about how she doesn’t know what to do or say, think or believe. “Either way he’s at a gay club and he’s gay, or he’s out dancing with another girl,” she weeps. “I’ve been working so hard to make videos for every single day, but I am So. Completely. Devastated!

Jake Croman

The douchey Tau Kappa Epsilon brother from the University of Michigan was recorded unleashing a string of vile antigay slurs. “You wanna kick me off?” Croman shouted at 50-year-old Artur Zawada. “Kick me off, you little piece of shit! You’re an Uber driver! Go fucking drive, you little faggot! Minimum wage faggot! Go fuck yourself!” After the tape went viral, Croman refused to apologize and instead claimed he was the real victim.

That racist lady at JC Penney

An irate grandmother managed to get herself banned from the Jefferson Mall in Louisville, KY after she went on a racist tirade against two Latino women at a JC Penney store. “Just go back wherever the fuck you came from,” she snarled before accusing the women of using welfare money to buy their Christmas presents. “You’re probably on welfare! We taxpayers probably paid for all that stuff!”

Crazy dude at Target


Earlier this year, several Christian extremists launched a terror spree at Target stores after the company announced a new trans-friendly bathroom policy. “Target allows men to go into a woman’s bathroom!” one preacher, dressed in a T-shirt that read “Repent or Parish,” was recorded screaming at customers inside a Portland location back in May. “All the sickos! The psychos! The perverts! The lesbians! The homosexuals! That transgender stuff is garbage!

MH Weibe

The soccer mom/”aspiring-rap artist” from Alberta released a music video over the summer attacking trans children using bathrooms. “This is just a fender bender, all over sex and gender,” the notorious M.O.M. rapped. “Can we pick another issue than to change our bathrooms for a few?”

That woman who refused to get off the Delta flight

An unnamed woman shoved her way past the gate agent and onto Delta Flight 2083 from Detroit to San Diego, where she proceeded to throw a fit when she couldn’t find an available overhead bin. When she refused to exit the aircraft, police had to literally drag her down the middle of the aisle while all the other passengers looked on in complete bewilderment. Amazingly, the flight still managed to make an on-time departure.

The Papa John’s pizza guy

A Papa John’s employee in Botwelll Lane, Hayes, Middesex, became so enraged at the sight of two gay men hugging inside the pizza restaurant that he verbally assaulted them, calling one customer a “gay bastard” as they were waiting for their food. And the whole thing was caught on tape. Of course.

Jennifer Boyle

The top prize for most deplorable viral public outburst goes to Jennifer Boyle of Chicago. The former human resources employee/avid crafter/Trump apologist became Public Enemy #1 after video of her launching into a racist tirade against two Black employees at a Michaels store over a $1 bag. She followed up by going on a homophobic rant against a barista at a coffee shop in Boystown over a bottle of water.