He's With Her

Yes, Bernie Sanders Is Voting For Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders stopped by MSNBC this morning and confirmed – he’s with her.

The self-described Democratic socialist, progressive icon and LGBT advocate dropped the bomb on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that he’d be voting for Hillary, and also took the moment to completely slam Donald Trump:

Yes, I think the issue right here is that I’m gonna do everything I can to defeat Donald Trump.

Even though he’s with Hillary, he’s still planning on bringing the revolution to the Democrats – possibly within her administration.

After the MSNBC appearance, he had a very telling exchange with CNN’s Chris Cuomo:

Cuomo: Shouldn’t you be pushing for your position in a Clinton administration, if that happens, than just the party platform?

Sanders: That’s what we’re doing too.

Cuomo: Your poker face is terrible.

Watch the Sanders MSNBC appearance below, and have a toast to Democratic unity this pride weekend.