Yes, But Did Scott Herman Put His Ring On It?

Know what happens when you walk into a gifting suite at a gay event? You get loaded up on sex products, because that is How The Gays Roll. Scott Herman, whose obliques you saw on Real World: Brooklyn, hit up some of these free product meccas at the GLAAD Media Awards in LA, and went home with lube and a cock ring. His mother watches these videos.

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  • Jack

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  • Lamar

    “His mother watches these videos” LOL.

  • Stevo

    Wasn’t Scott Herman on Real World Brooklyn?

  • Seth

    @Stevo: yes

  • ThirdWorldMisery

    Is it sad that I was watching this video and a little bit of drool fell on my shirt?

  • suckyfucky

    Are you sure he’s not gay??!! I mean…it’s just…I don’t know, there’s something about him…

    “uuuu lavender for my pillows!”

    Anyone? Hello?


    Those bags are full of surprises- a bottle of lube broke and burned my hand (how you would j/o with it, who knows?), a cheap porno of limp guys with butt acne, and a CD with soulless “thumpa thumpa” club music I heard pouring out of every gay man’s car the next day.

  • Kieran

    Is this the kind of guy you’d like to invite over to lift weights and do bench presses with alone in the basement or what?

  • Hilarious

    This was an obvious advertisement he got paid to do.

    That aside muscle bound guy with a runt for a dog…I smell a gay.

  • Scott Herman

    This video was not a paid advertisement and I am not in any way associated with the Real World DC. I was on the Brooklyn cast and I am very proud of the message that we sent as a season.

    My “runt of a dog” was a Valentine’s Day gift for an ex-girlfriend. She abandoned him 2 weeks after we got him and I wasn’t about to bring a one month old puppy back to the pet store.. He is now my best friend for life.

    Also.. if you can’t laugh at this video.. where is your sense of humor!! What just because I go to the gym and I can’t have fun with sex toys in a bag? :-P

  • Scott Herman

    Thank you for changing it :)

  • nikko

    Scott, you are one fantastic (and gorgeous) dude with a great positive attitude! All the best to you, and don’t take any shit from anyone, gay or straight. I would love to meet someone like you! Got any Canadian cousins?!

  • Hilarious

    @Scott Herman:

    I was just being a bitch when I posted that, but it’s better than sucking up just because you’re hot. Some of these comments make me gag.

  • Scott Herman


    No worries my friend :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!

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