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Yes Daddy! Celebrate Father’s Day weekend with Queerty’s salute to gay dads


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The Timely: Gay Dad Film Festival

Father's Day has arrived once again, giving members of the queer community (and beyond) a reason to scream "Yes, daddy." Just in case you didn't have one already...

For our Weekend Binge this week, we therefore want to pay tribute to all the LGBTQ dads that have enchanted us on the silver screen. While limited in number for sure, these characters nonetheless point the way toward a future rife with queer dads of all ages, races, nationalities and more. Moreover, said characters also all have one thing in common: they love their children, and above all, want to be good parents to them.

We should all be so lucky. With more and more LGBTQ men marrying and having children, these films speak to an increasing demographic and issue a subtle reminder: the queer experience has many, many more stories to mine.

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Twilight’s Kiss

This most recent release on our list follows the story of two elderly men, Pak & Hoi (Tai Bo & Ben Yuen) who begin a relationship after a chance meeting in a Hong Kong park. Hoi has come out to his family and lives openly, while Pak remains closeted and married to a woman. As love grows between the pair, both men must struggle with the choice of living out their final years together, or keeping up appearances for the sake of their families–in particular, their children and grandchildren. Twilight’s Kiss alludes to another growing subgenre within LGBTQ cinema: that of the elderly queer, and the struggles older members of the community face. It also features two terrific performances by Bo and Yuen, both of whom bring quiet dignity to their characters.

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