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Yes, Gay Men Can Win a Date With New York City’s Hottest Firefighters

Raising cash for New York City’s bravest, the (all-male) 2011 City of the Brave Firefighters of NYC Calendar is more than an opportunity to sell 12 pages of hunks. It’s also a chance to generate more cash by auctioning off dates with each of the real-life firefighters featured in the calendar. But when we received a note about the contest — where tomorrow night at Sidebar in Manhattan, an evening with each man will be sold to the highest bidder — we were told “women across NYC can bid to win a date.” Did that mean dudes were barred from ponying up their cash?


A rep for On Point Publishing, which is producing the calendar, writes us: “Of course, the contest is open to men! As long as he is the highest bidder, the date is all his!”

So, boys, which one is these gents is worth a few C-notes?