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Yes, John Amaechi Went To Big Time Gay Bars Before Coming Out To The World

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It took a drunk driving arrest to catch California Sen. Roy Ashburn at a gay bar, but any on-looker could’ve spotted John Amaechi at Splash Bar in New York back when he was playing for the Utah Jazz (vs. the New York Knicks), he tells Ben & Dave’s Six Pack. “It wasn’t just Splash in New York, it was Roxy while it existed. In LA I’m very good friends with the guys who owned the Abbey.” And yes, he was spotted by fans. “I knew it was a risk being out to the entire universe before I was ready, but at the same time it felt like it was a sanity break to have that … two or three hours on the occasional road trip where I actually went out.”

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  • Kris

    I would, date him in a minute. He’s hot…drool…

  • menlo

    I guess it would be a little hard to be inconspicuous in his case.

  • TommyOC

    Both The Abbey and the old Roxy were straight-friendly establishments, especially as far as celebrities go. Famous folks of all genders and orientations still frequent The Abbey to celebrate good times. No one thinks anything of it.

    Going to these places are relatively low-risk affairs for a closeted man. Now, if he went across the street to Rage or Micky’s…

  • Mike in Asheville

    I once hooked up with a famous Oakland A at the Steamworks (1979); til this day, still the finest man specimen I’ve encountered on a one-on-one. Round 2 with the posse was also really really fun too!


    TommyOC is correct that spotting someone at the Abbey doesn’t mean anything without other info. The Splash, though, that’s a pretty discerning audience and the only straight folks tend to be a few women gladly hanging with a gay friend to check out what is worth checking out.

    If Amaechi is straight, well its cool with me if he wants to hang out in gay-friendly zones. Friends are good to have, so join the crowd. If he is gay, well soon it seems he will be joining in the fun.

    It is completely unfair to even suggest likenings with the Assburns, Mehlmans, et al. Those fucks have WORKED AGAINST the LGBT community for decades. Amaechi is seems, is just a party boy clubbing; not some douche bag moralizing against the gay while blowing guys in the dark.

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