“Yes on 8” Campaign Pulls On God-Fearing Heart Strings

California’s social conservatives are bringing out the big, ungodly guns in their quest to overturn the state’s gay marriage:

Backers of California’s Proposition 8 invoked a higher authority as they ramped up their television advertising by an additional $1 million and asked for more money.

In an e-mail appeal for more cash, campaign strategist Frank Schubert says foes of the initiative on the Nov. 4 ballot to ban same-sex marriage continue to outspend them.

“Through the grace of God, one of our most fervent supporters has agreed to make a sacrificial gift to match, dollar for dollar, whatever you and others can donate, up to a total of $1 million. That means that every dollar you give will buy two dollars in advertising time.

“Please help us buy more advertising time now. And if you can make a sacrificial gift yourself, we ask you to prayerfully consider doing so immediately. The institution of marriage which we so dearly love depends on what we do together over the next few days.”

Well, at least they’re not using children in this one, right? The scariest part about this whole story, however, is that the anti-gay campaign claims to have raised $3.6 million in about 72-hours.

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  • Jaroslaw

    I would like the name of the church and city of that sign above so I can file a complaint with IRS to pull their tax exempt status………

  • Matt

    All this money spent on both sides for something that really isn’t that important. Please someone think of the childern!!! LOL.

  • Sam

    I’m just so amazed by this. If you asked most of these “Christians” to give money to the hungry, they’d give nothing. But for something hateful like this, they give millions. Let’s hear it for Christianity!

  • Chris

    The obvious solution is to either abort the homosexual Democrats of prevent them from breeding. Then they’ll die out and radicals like these can be happy.

  • Gerard Priori

    God isn’t “angry” so much as he/she/it is imaginary.

    God is Santa Claus for adults.

  • mark

    God sees her children’s LEGAL marriages and the UGLY HATEFUL campaign attempting to keep the Right/RITE for only the HATERS.

    SHE is SO P*SSED OFF, she decided the Rapture will be delayed another millenia.

  • psy

    @Jaroslaw. Using Google and the street signs, I was able to find out where that photo was taken:

    It’s in Clintwood, VA. Given the street signs I found the intersection and searched for churches nearby. This one was on the same block. I’d say this one is 99% probably where that billboard is (you can always call and ask):

    Clintwood Baptist Church
    201 Volunteer Ave
    Clintwood, VA 24228, United States
    (276) 926-4844

  • mark

    btw Haters,

    How’s the prosecutions going for the DOUBLE DUMB ASS extortion letters you sent out to No on Prop 8 supporters going?

    A felony with 4 years in prison and THOUSANDS in fines for EACH letter you sent…DAMN that’s a costly political prank, ain’t it cupcake?

    must SUCK to be those guys

  • Woof

    #7 PSY = Nancy Drew

  • Jaroslaw

    I just called – their outgoing mesg doesn’t even say “you have reached Clintwood Church” it is a machine voice like what comes with an answering machine. I did call and leave a msg.

    I doubt if they’ll call back.

    THANKS PSY for the search.


    So much freaking money being spent just to influence people, makes one wonder how the hell they can say they’re for helping the needy when they throw away such obscene amounts of money.

    “sacrificial gift” “prayerfully consider”

    Although I believe this is one lost battle for us, I do think its great that they keep on tying their anti-Gay bigotry with such words in the public eye. I think its good for the younger generation, including those in their own churches to see them for what they truly are and start to drift away from them.

  • tracy johnson

    …and rock in roll music, and ladies working outside the home, and showing their ankles to any Tom,Dick and Harry in the public square. And oh yeah, scratchy toilet paper and fancy store bought preserves!!

    God Angry- God Smash!! Blerg!!!!

  • Timothy

    I have this reminder for those who put up that sign

    “Exodus 20:7 Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.”

    It isn’t God that’s angry, it’s these church folk who are angry and just trying to blame it on God. I don’t think I’d be very happy about all the folks who claim to speak for me if I were God.

  • David

    I don’t believe the sign is on church property, I think it’s a paid billboard in Clintwood, VA (my hometown).

  • Aaron

    The billboard is located in the middle of town, but it was not leased by the Baptist church listed here. Actually, local folks were pretty upset when this was posted, and all of the yellow-and-black signs were taken down by the billboard company within days.

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