Yes On 8 Has Child Singers Do Their Dirty, Anti-Gay Work

Prepare to be horrified…

Now, we know the right loves to exploit children for their anti-gay cause, but this has gone waaay too far! Those bastards have employed little tots to not only spread their message – but sing it!

Belts little, tone deaf Irene, “Oh my gosh, SOS, I’d be lost and darn confused if my dad is a woman or my mom is a man. Yes on Proposition 8!” Cue Irene’s little friend, Calvin, who’s oh-so-confused, which leads Irene to explain: “If not enough people vote “yes,” then a man can marry a man, or a woman can marry a woman, and have kids, so my dad could be a woman and my mom could be a man.”

This is sick, disturbing shit.

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  • Woof

    You have got to be kidding me!

  • emb

    No one should be surprised by the depths of lying vileness that the Yes on 8 people will stoop to: the religious bodies sponsoring this crap (mor(m)ons, roman catholics, evangelical christians) have made big bucks lying to people for centuries–it’s just what they do.

  • Taylor

    That is child abuse, pure and simple.

  • someone

    First of all, crazybill, I wish I knew where you lived because I might personally pay you a visit to beat the living shit out of you for your comment you insane piece of garbage!

    Second of all, “sick, disturbing shit” is what I think of homos.

    Lastly, why do you think that parents teaching their kids their morals and values is exploiting them? It’s not exploitation. . .it’s me raising my kids the way I want them to be raised and, yes, that is teaching them to believe that homosexuality and gay marriage are wrong, period. I will also teach them to be activists and defend their beliefs no matter what.

  • Carsen T.

    This is freaking disturbing. But then again these yes on 8 people have been giving the pre-schoolers and primary school kids in my parish Yes on 8 stickers as treats. Which pisses me off, because I see my little neices and nephews running around with those stickers on their bikes. And I mean you also see kids on school time standing at street corners waving yes on 8 signs. I think they need to look at the damage this is going to inevitibly cause to those kids, because I remember being a kid in those schools and the teachers would make gay jokes and talk about how those who don’t follow God’s will are going to hell. (Thank God, I survived with not much damage except a few failed suicide attempts. ) And now they are using kids to spread this message, they are hurting these kids and they probably don’t even care.

  • someone

    EMB – please tell me where the “lies” are in the video??? There are no lies. They are telling it like it is.

    Taylor – God forbid that you should have kids but, if you do, don’t you teach them your beliefs and values? Should I call you a child abuser for that? Your comment shows what a pinhead you are.

  • JW

    To “Someone”
    Queerty is a GAY BLOG. Why are you reading a GAY BLOG if you think “homos” (nice term, by the way, are you from Indiana? Or Iowa? What fucktard says “homos”???) are sick and disturbing. Probably on here looking at the male models in their underwear. FREAK! Go die please.

  • Tara

    Hey CrazyBill.

    Not even a little funny. That is seriously sick. You do us more harm with statements like that then you could possibly know. I am going to assume you were joking. If you were not then my recommendation would be suicide. Just a thought.

  • someone

    JW – LOL, what idiot says “fucktard”?! Gee, I don’t think I’m the only person in the world who says “homos”. I’m sorry. . .do you prefer faggot? Actually, as a woman, I do find the male models in underwear attractive until I remind myself that they are abominations.

  • someone

    Tara, yep, crazybill definitely causes people like you more harm because he just confirms what people like me think – homos have no morals or values and participate in illegal and perverted sexual acts.

  • Tara

    Hey Someone, You can also fuck right off. Just thought I would throw that out there for good measure I am not like either of you thank you very much.

  • someone

    Hey, JW, you should feel quite stupid right now because I just found the following quotes from this site (yes, queery’s own site). Please notice the use of the term homo or homos you dumbshit:

    “While laymen may assume Focus would want to build the hype, they’re eschewing a big hoopla over the homo-tinged feature.”

    “But my pleasure turned to self-righteous-letter-to-the-editor-writing rage when I realized that USA censors had degayed the sympathetic homo character, Les (Above, left).”

    “Embracing the lavender set gives the right a chance to spread their word, rather than “hoard” it from the homos.”

  • CondeNasty

    The “fundamental” issue, no pun intended, is that the deeply religious community cannot understand or accept that homosexuality is not a choice. It is quite sad for their children who turn out to be gay. You can will/want a child to be smarter, stronger or straighter but it may not pan out. The bottom line is that you have to love your children and just accept them and get over yourself. Using children in ads like this is just plain exploitation. You have every right to teach your children what you want and to mold them in your ideals, but there is no guarantee they will turn out that way. And I am saying all of this having grown up in the bible belt of the south in a religious family.

  • someone

    Tara, you may “fuck right off” as well :-). Your last sentence gives me a headache – it makes no sense.

  • someone

    You know what, condenasty, you and I are obviously on very different sides but I have to say that I respect your post. I like how you stated your opinion. I don’t agree with everything but I admire the way you worded it.

  • Tara

    Someone, I am glad we can agree on that, now would you mind getting your opinion out of my life. It smells bad and takes up too much room.

  • JNunzio

    Worst. Rhyming. Ever.

  • someone

    Sorry, Tara, I know you think you can control everything but you can’t control me or my opinion. Sucks to be you doesn’t it?

  • CondeNasty

    Thanks for that someone. I am speaking from personal experience only. I cannot tell you the number of gay friends I have had from deeply evangelical roots who ultimately are cast out and rejected by their parents. It causes so much pain on all sides and accomplishes nothing. I too tried to “pray the gay away” in my younger years and it doesn’t work. We need to agree to disagree and let church and state be separate entities. Trust me I would never want to get married in a parrish that wouldn’t want me. It wouldn’t be fair to me, or the parrish and plainly wouldn’t make sense.

  • DairyQueen

    This has been out for weeks on Youtube.

  • someone

    Oh, did I mention that I’m a self-loathing dyke? I dream of labia licking all day long!!!!

  • CondeNasty

    Yikes Someone. I call shenanigans on that last comment.

  • JPinWeHo

    I find it slightly unnerving/ironic that the little girl’s shirt says “OBEY”. Highlights the fact that these kids are just following orders of the kooks who raise them.

  • someone (the real one)

    LOL, condenasty. . .you call it right. That wasn’t me :-).

  • CondeNasty

    I didn’t think so…

  • abc

    Queerty moderators

    Please remove the disgusting, criminal comment by crazybill (#2). In fact please report him to the police too. WTF??????????



    It’s the future Wondertwins Zan and Jayna >) from Hell!!!!!

    Where’s Gleek the monkey:O))

    Arise! All who refuse to be slaves!
    Let our flesh and blood become our new Great Wall!
    As the Chinese nation faces its greatest peril,
    All forcefully expend their last cries.
    Arise! Arise! Arise!
    Our million hearts beat as one,
    Brave the enemy’s fire, March on!
    Brave the enemy’s fire, March on!
    March on! March on! On!


    I know! they have a whole army of Gleeks that will join their parents on a Yes vote on November 4th. OMG Zan Jayna CH=hin Wong WANG!

  • Bill S

    I’m going to assume crazybill is just a troll trying to shock people, so I’ll ignore him in the hopes he’ll quit posting.
    As for the video, it DOES lie. Allowing gay couples to marry will not induce spontanious sex-change operations. Yes, I’m being sarcastic but really-it’s bad enough they’re using kids to make they’re point, they’re also making them act like IDIOTS. Unless that’s what they’re actually TELLING kids, which is worse.
    And I have no idea why a homophobe is visiting this site.

  • Lily Daniel

    While I wouldn’t discount the possibility that CrazyBill is, in fact, a child molester, the purpose of his posts are clearly designed to push forward the lie that people in the queer community are more likely to molest children than in the straight community. Grow up, CrazyBill. Only absolute imbeciles would fall for that.

    As for this video: I reject the abuse of children on any level. I took issue with those kids singing the hope song for Obama despite being a staunch liberal because there should be no exceptions. If someone made an ad where kids sang a song about voting No on Prop 8 I would be equally incensed by it.

    The reality is that people may teach their children however they see fit but, in reality, we should not be passing legislation specifically designed to deny a certain group of people a necessary, legal right. Once we start doing so, where does it stop?

  • Daedalus

    Oh lord, I give good odds that within the next 10 years, that girl is going to grow up, have gay friends, and be totally embarrassed by this.

  • Farrah

    who are these freaking morons posting anti-gay shit on Queerty?
    I’m glad you’re exposing your hateful ways.
    Bunch of bigoted, ignorant assholes.

  • marsmannetje

    Obvious trolls are obvious.

  • Sbert

    Poor little Asian kids don’t yet realize that most white Republicans will never consider them as equals and are probably saying “Me So Horny” behind their backs.

  • Phoenix (The Angry Millitant Nelly, not the Pale one)

    Unfortunately this is the marriage between a man and a woman they are talking about.

  • yoyo

    Kind of a catchy tune though…

  • Jman077

    This…. this is the worst.

  • Phil

    I get the feeling that someone and Bill are the same. If they’re not, I’m going to direct this at someone.

    If you’re stupid enough to argue against gay marriage on a blog with a gay-agenda, you’re stupid enough to endorse the political right. Please, go away, because it’s like a gay guy going into a church and arguing his cause. It’s intrusive.

  • Rem

    Scariest. Thing. EVER!!! What is wrong with kids today? Oh, I know, THEIR FUCKING PARENTS!!!

  • fynseattle

    The bottom line here is that un-educated, fear filled, small minded individuals are not the larger part of the community, they are the few and their voice will be overcome by those that open their hearts to the truth that we are all in the same boat and that hate does no one any good. I live my life believing that the good thoughts and deeds that I do will come back to me and the hate that comes out of me will come back to me ten fold. I am a gay man that is proud and thankful to live in a country that allows me to speak my mind. I pray to my god that those of you that are so filled with hate will some day love yourselve enough to let it go and live your life not spreading hate. If in fact you are God fearing it is He that said that you are to love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” – Jesus of Nazareth, as recorded in Matthew 5:44 …..I pray for YOU.

  • Joseph

    For the life of me I cannot figure out why straight, religious based, supposed-to-be-semi-intelligent people would be on a gay news site to begin with. You don’t catch me on a Christian site spouting rhetoric from The Tora or other religious, non-Christian, sources. And it seems to be mostly women? What is that all about?

    My mother is straight and she probably doesn’t even know how to find such sites on the internet. Yet these straight-laced fools seem to be on each and every gay site in the world. If I didn’t like straight people and believed that they were ruining our children (oh, wait a minute, they ARE ruining our children with their adultry and divorce,) I would not go near a straight site with a straight agenda. (What ever an agenda is.)

    Why cannot straight people who hate gays, homos or fags just keep away from what they despise? God will punish those who judge unfairly having warned mankind that we are not to judge our fellow man. That is his job. Seems like many people, men and women think God died and left a vacancy in his absence.

    In the end of our time as human beings on this earth, I think there are going to be many, many people who are in shock and awe about many of their beliefs and what God actually said, wanted and expected of his children — and that includes all of us.

    Using kids to promote the Say Yes to 8 proposition is morally wrong. Period. End of conversation. And it [i]should[/i] be illegal to use children for such purposes until they reach the age of mental maturity where they are able to reason the difference between right and wrong. What ever happened to teaching that all of us are God’s children. These parents are damning their children to living in hate and dystroying those potential gay kids that don’t even know their headed down the road to being hated.

  • TeeJay236

    Thats good teach our children suppression!! I feel bad for these children for having such mentally abusive parents. What out here comes Karma….

  • Antonio MAGALHAES



    Gays + children = perversion

    If we let gays marry, then they’ll want children too. How can we let these innocent kids go into the hands of known sexual predators and perverts? How many children will be molested before the government takes action and takes them away from these people!?



    McCain Palin 08!!!

  • B-rod

    Crazybill is just a supporter of Prop 8 who wants to make the gays out to be pedophiles. Please, that is so transparent.

  • mykaelsmemo

    As read through these comments, I wonder how many people are being sarcastic, why are there so many religious opinionated, anti-gay people writing on this pro-gay website, and why are we letting someone make horrible, criminal comments about children?
    I am 27 years old.
    While growing up I was molested and then-some by my baby-sitters son. This sick-fuck wasn’t gay. He was predator of children.
    When someone abuses someone else, it has nothing, at all, to do w/ their sexual orientation.
    I know that I am not the only, unfortunate, person who has been abused, sexually, but I feel as though people who say horrible things like: ‘the gays are child molesters’ are attacking me personally. It saddens me. My childhood was robbed by a person who is sick.
    It is hard for me not to take offense when a supposedly ‘child of god’ makes such horrible, false statements.
    I am also a lesbian. A happy lesbian. I having a loving, wonderful family. Though we disagree about many issues, I feel as though I was raised w/ wonderful, kind and accepting morals and values. I take offense, big time, when an uneducated, right-winged religious person let’s such ridiculous, hurtful things about children roll off their tongue.
    And not that I think all Methodists are child molesters, but, this young man who molested me was an active member in our church growing up. You don’t see me blogging on christian websites claiming that all Methodists are child molesters? Or that all Priests of the Catholic church are rapists. I guess I don’t even know what to say. I just wish people would stop being so ignorant and hateful.

  • Lula

    CRAZYBILL is obviously an imposter…a hater who wants to paint gay people as sick pedophiles.

    He wants others to believe an actual gay person posted this, in order to perpetuate one of many baseless stereotypes grounded in fear, ignorance, and disinformation.

    The degree to which these “morally superior” people will go to is unbelievable.

  • AquafinaFlavorSplash

    [to crazybill]: you’re an idiot.

  • Carsen T.

    I honestly believe all these people who are saying that LGBT people should be allowed to adopt or have kids, need to spend 2 weeks in the foster system, in particular group homes. Let’s see them say that those kids shouldn’t be adopted by LGBT people, after that experience.

  • quiquincho

    I recently saw an ad from same-sex marriage proponents where pictures of children were used to support their points. Why is it OK for them but not for same-sex marriage opponents to use children in their ads? Tolerance should go both ways, don’t you think?

  • Alexa

    It’s a fact that most pedophiles are men who abuse young girls. Most adult rapes are by men on women. Maybe – using the logic of a couple of people here – we should outlaw straight marriage because of these things.

    ps thanks Queerty for removing some of the worst posts here and in a couple of other threads today.

  • greybat

    No. 35-Phoenix…your link to the “Hello Kitty” wedding dresses made me weep bitter, angry tears!
    I would propose Proposition 8.5….making marriage ILLEGAL based on those horrible gowns!
    (Although I did rather fancy the red one…)

  • Jane

    THIS IS BAD! wow…tasteless…terrible

  • Almost a stat

    Prop 8 supporters,

    God forbid you actually have children who grow up gay. It’s attitudes like this in the household that contribute to very high suicide rates among gay teenagers.

    I know, I was almost one of those statistics.

    But I guess you believe that “Protecting the family” means purging it of the homos, right?

  • greybat

    God doesn’t have to forbid them, their parents already have!
    And heaven knows, we wouldn’t want to run out of teenage runaways. One can never have too many crack whores and drug dealers on the streets!

  • Carsen T.

    Hey 45, spend two weeks in a group home, and you may see that it doesn’t matter who wants to love and provide you with a home, it’s as long as you don’t have to go back to those hell holes.

  • Joseph

    ‘YES ON PROPOSITION 8’ made this comment above:

    “If we let gays marry, then they’ll want children too. How can we let these innocent kids go into the hands of known sexual predators and perverts? How many children will be molested before the government takes action and takes them away from these people!?”

    It disgusts me when fools like this one speak about something they know nothing about. Public record and statistics have shown that 98% of child molesters, i.e., perverts are straight males. And the majority of those are married to females. I guess maybe the other 2% are straight females. I am not sure about that part.

    It is unlikely and very, very rare to hear about a gay male or female molesting a child. I cannot remember one case in my 52 years where a gay male did such a thing. Yet the idiot above spouts these lies just like he were an expert on the subject.

    Other studies have shown that there is basically no difference in the way children turn our or how they adjust to life with two daddies or two mommies. The studies have been done and I would suggest that anyone not familiar with this type of situation look up those studies and find out for themselves.

    One thing is for sure and that is ignorance runs rampant in the country with the best educational opportunities. And the U.S.A. is leading the pact. Sure we have some of the smartest people in the world, but we also have a majority that are just down-right ignorant! And you all know who you are.

    Just because you hear something, does not make it true beyond reproach. People speak lies 100 times a day. So do yourself a favor and do us one too. Save your ignorance for your own news sites and stay away from ours. All you do if fuel anger and contempt and show off just how ignorant you are.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    To quote Patsy Stone from Absolutely Fabulous:

    “Next they’ll be throwing foetus’ up the Catwalk.”

    Report this Child Abuse to the Dept of Labor!

  • frank kameny

    It is either ambivalence, ignorance, or outright intellectual dishonestly for proponents of gay “marriage” to state there will be no impact on education.

    The California Department Of Education’s own website states that 96% of all public schools teach comprehensive sexual health education. Also on the CDE website, they cite the portion of the CEC (CA Education Code) that states schools teaching comprehensive sexual health education WILL provide instruction on “family health and child development, including the legal and
    financial aspects and responsibilities of marriage and parenthood.”

    1st graders going on a field-trip to a lesbian wedding.

    Kindergartners who can barely read and write, if at all, being give pledge cards to sign stating they won’t use “anti-LGBT” language. Like they even know what it is.

    Complete BS to claim this has nothing to do with education.

    Yes On 8.

  • Carsen T.


    Kindergarten boys already know they don’t want to be called a sissy or anything that even suggest they are not manly. That is just steps away from anti-LGBT language. So if they already get the concept why not teach them that it is okay to not be manly and show emotion. Hyper-masculinity is more of a threat to our society then gay marriage will ever be.

    Oh and why are you on a website like this any ways, the Yes on 8 headquarters should be enough of a place for you guys to talk about this with out bothering any one. I should know my parents are freaking chairpeople for Yes on 8 and it sucks.

    NO ON 8!

  • frank kameny


    It takes a truly demented soul and mind to think kids that young should be getting indoctrinated in matters they cannot even comprehend. A five-year-old has not a clue what “transgendered” means, yet you want that child make a pledge in regards to such a “person”?

    And why the consternation that I’m posting here? Are you only “comfortable” with people who agree with you? Gosh, that’s not very “tolerant”.

    Finally, I thinks it’s outstanding your parents are taking such an active role in standing up for their convictions.

  • Forrest

    Lovely how Frank leaves out the fact that the parents of the children gave their permission to go to the wedding. And some parents opted out and did not allow their kids to go.

  • frank kameny


    The fact the parents that gave permission are out of their skulls is completely irrelevant. I mean, it is a “creative arts” school in “Frisco”, so one wouldn’t expect much else. But it’s the fact that anyone in a position of authority at a public school would even consider this, and follow through with it, is borderline criminal. And then to justify it as a “teachable moment” further exemplifies their complete lack of mental capacity.

  • greybat

    No, Frank. It’s different when you actually know people. You’re a stranger to the school and the community, and do not attend their P.T.A. meetings.
    You are a stranger dictating to strangers. And since you evidently don’t approve of Lesbians, art schools or San Francisco, we may judge your observations accordingly, and place them in the appropriate container.

  • Enough Already

    @mykaelsmemo: Ok I read to this point of this blog/site and had to comment. I was watching Brit Has Talent and was looking for great singers. Before you bash me please keep reading. My wife and I were looking at videos with children singers because we were amazed by the ability of these children. I am neither Homophobic or a basher but I am incensed by what I have read by quite a few people. As a educated straight man reading intelligent comments from anyone is interesting. However when small mindedness and closed mindedness pop up from bigots I read for entertainment and a chuckle. So now someone is going to say why is a straight guy posting on a gay site right?

    I do love myself, I have no deep seated homoerotic desires, I have gay friends, I am a christian, married and have children. First one who says that I must be a molester should look in the mirror. Let he who has no sin cast the first stone. Meaning what kind of small minded bigot would accuse someone out of anger of being a child molester because they said something you didn’t like? I by definition am by the way in the normal majority of the so called well adjusted of the so called moral norm. Yes, for your information, by the way, upstanding, law abiding, straight is the modern society norm by mathematical percentage. I will tell you I came across this thread by accident while looking at beauty in the form of song and voice. Amazed by the level that some children have in ability as singers. I would have never found this other than by accident.

    I read a post where someone said something like most people are like us, referring to whom exactly? Lie what exactly. For your information most people are just like you if you are referring to closed minded and bigoted. Most people can not see past their own small field of vision and bias. As homosexuals you’re incensed by some person acting like a red neck from the 1950s? Where is your growth? I find reversed bigotry happening everyday and this has been a growing trend for a long time. Easy to do on the internet as cowards on a gay only site isn’t it? Are we not more grown up than that? More socially adjusted than the people that put out the video in question?

    First question is – why the hell would you post that trash and then remove it? For shock value?

    Second question is – You did know by posting a link that it would be see by the so called other side right?

    Third question is – Why is it so important for you to bash the fringe of the straight community openly?

    Forth question is – Why are you allowing yourselves to act childish and resort to name calling because of an uneducated persons words.

    Possible the person that wrote the words that everyone got mad at might have done it for attention.

    I will finish up by telling you that molesters by the way are violent criminals that are classified by law as no different than someone that commits attempted murder in North America. Molesters are hated in society but only punished by other inmates in prisons if given the chance. Society deems them as sick and not at fault. They are usually slapped on the wrist and it is known that they are the highest likely to re offend. As such sexual crimes against “people” and children are at epidemic levels. 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys (Boys stats possibly much higher because fewer males report sexual crimes than girls) by the time they 16 will be assaulted!

    Most sexual preds are men, and the male ones that target boys think they are straight but in reality are homosexual believing they are straight. I suggest you look this up if in doubt. With that said not all gay men are molesters! Sexual predation is not 100% a gay male thing! Predators are a small portion of the homosexual community and most don’t believe they are homosexual.

    I want you to look at the old testament of the bible those that quote the bible as Christian Homosexuals. There is a part there that say some pretty damming things on Homosexuality. Oh state of grace right? Nope think again because Christ said I have come not to do away with the old laws but to strengthen them. This said 2000 years ago to a people that had lost their way due to Roman occupation and according to Christ not following the spirit of the law. Meaning because you can quote it and read it and spwe it out don’t make you a good person that actually understands what it means. So that dog won’t hunt. Throw your so called beliefs in the trash.

    I also noticed a lot of Parish mentioned in a lot of homosexual supporting posts. Not Catholic? That has to be the most unreal of things I have ever heard in my life. You do realize that the Catholic Church is as far from God as is possible for a so called Jesus following religion right? Remember it was the Catholics that said the rest of the Christianity and still dose say are all going to hell because they are simply not Catholic? You do realize that the percent of Catholic Priests that are molesters is very high right? Please like one informed writer said keep god out of it because that is not only wrong minded but a very misinformed stance to take.

    The children issue about being abused is just the same as the side using children for their goals. Stop! You have to get a grip on reality. This overly Liberal attitude and this whole abuse thing is getting out of hand. You have taken all parental rights from parents and used fear of punishment in the name of protection? Have you ever looked around at the youth of today and wondered just how they got as bad as they are? So keep that it’s abusing kids crap to yourself. You can run up the liberal flag of abuse every time someone uses a kid for political gain.

    To the poor sole that was abused please get a grip. You are gay right? However you blame the person that was gay that molested you and would harm him? He was gay and obviously you were born gay? Don’t pass the buck and say it is his fault you are gay. You’d make me sick because you can’t have it both ways with the advancements in political correctness today. I hate molesters but I was molested and am straight. I have kids and would kill to protect them. Don’t try to illicit sympathy with that because you make me sick knowing you have a Genetic predisposition according to science and society. Born Homosexual or not?

    As for the kids issue what makes anyone think they are going to be or are great parents. As a straight man, I am just a man that is trying my best not to mess up my children so that they don’t end up in trouble and can have the chance to become successful adults. My opinions on things are mine alone. Not yours or societies isn’t that what constitutions and charters of rights are about?

    Homosexuality is still a small percentage of society. Society is not evolved enough yet to embrace it 100% Homosexual activists have to understand that you can not change the world over night and not everyone shares or believes in your belief. Sorry! However the same can be said for the so called straight portion of society. Point is have some dignity and educate yourselves. By the way if everyone was gay then where would children come from? Because we all want society to be like us and reflect who we are does not mean it is like that. GROW UP! How dare anyone be so childish and closed minded. You take your stance and that is that. According to you your Gay and proud right? Gay, Fag and Homo all mean different things don’t they?

    Face it this is an open site, people besides you have the right to read and comment. If you don’t like it leave. Your bigotry from both sides only fuels the fire and nothing changes. Lets face it. Only in numbers does the majority of Homosexuals dare openly profess to be homosexual. Only when safety and security in small groups is offered do you openly profess to be Homosexual. Because it is in the news, on TV or other media you believe there is acceptance by the majority? Most so called accepting so called Liberal straights make those Joke too as soon as your out of ear shot. How many liberal friends do I have that are worse than I am? A LOT!

    I’m conservative and have my line of thinking. If I was to open a all straight men web page, with breeder agendas openly professing my values and beliefs wouldn’t you cry foul and openly bash it? No?

    Wrong that’s what the author of this thread started and openly invited the other side in for more bashing. Why did he remove the video? I never saw it ever. My point is practice what you preach. My best friend is gay and though Homosexuality is not a part of my beliefs it’s his. Same as his way of thinking is I’m a breeder and we have our uses. So please stop hating straights and believing the homosexual way of life is the only way or the right way. Openness is. Hate is hate and it is about time everyone saw it for what it is.

    By the way not all men are evil ladies, not all white men are racist, not all southerners are red necks, (I’m Canadian btw), and it is about time the people that hate white men in general steped back and took a look in the mirror. I’m not the guy that molested you or raped you. I’m not the guy that sold slaves or kept women barefoot and preggers. No I’m a “proud” white straight man without any thing some bigot will call me or say about me.

    Why do you dam well think the world has gotten to the point of social fall that it has gotten? So what you gay and proud, big Fing deal! Yay throw another dam parade and push it in everyone’s face. Homosexual rights and pride was never about support guys, it is about anger over oppression and bigotry. Same as the feminists of the 60’s and same as affirmative action.

    Society works on fairness and laws but when you start becoming what you hate the most don’t you think it’s time to think? Hope I put up a mirror and made some of you think because if you want change it starts with everyone not just the other side. This video sounded pretty lame and funny but you take offense? WOW! UN FUCKING REAL!

  • Enough Already

    @Joseph: Oh Joe wow yo use statistics to push your point but only 1/2 the facts. Again I can not believe it when people do this. So called straight men that are molesters are indeed homosexual. They believe they are straight but have a sexual attraction to the same sex, but in younger boys or girls. Madanna’s ballet teacher for one! The parish priest that molested me for 2. Not 98% of molesters Joseph are straight married men. They don’t all molest girls either. To the woman that I responded to above why did you turn lesbian? You don’t bash the church openly on their sites but you mentioned it openly here. It still does not make it right to say these things because your with openly gay people that you believe think like you do.

    Joseph get your statistic right. You are so very wrong and you have no idea. Most married molesters of boys are gay! Look it up! Those that hurt girls are evil but no lees than those that hide from what they are by pretending or believing they are straight. Most molestation happen from a family member or a friend. The others happen in sports or recreation by a trusted authority figure.

    So we are all clear woman do sexually assault men, and other women. Ever heard of the Catholic Nuns back 20 years ago that were doing it? Less frequent than male offenders yes. However how many so called sexual experiences rather than assaults happened that shame or fear never get reported? What about date rape by women on women? What about women that molest boys? What about woman that molest girls.

    Again as I read I see a lot of BS. If this site censors it’s responses then all is lost. Take what you call the worst off because it conflicts with your message? That’s just what the other side does. My point exactly!

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