Yes On 8 Has Child Singers Do Their Dirty, Anti-Gay Work

Prepare to be horrified…

Now, we know the right loves to exploit children for their anti-gay cause, but this has gone waaay too far! Those bastards have employed little tots to not only spread their message – but sing it!

Belts little, tone deaf Irene, “Oh my gosh, SOS, I’d be lost and darn confused if my dad is a woman or my mom is a man. Yes on Proposition 8!” Cue Irene’s little friend, Calvin, who’s oh-so-confused, which leads Irene to explain: “If not enough people vote “yes,” then a man can marry a man, or a woman can marry a woman, and have kids, so my dad could be a woman and my mom could be a man.”

This is sick, disturbing shit.