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Yes, Ronnie Kroell Will Stand Erect In Playgirl

In January we asked “Is Supermodel’s Ronnie Kroell Going Full-Frontal In Playgirl?” The answer is a definitive Yes. And this won’t be a softy.

The Make Me A Supermodel contestant was photographed by Lope Navo on Wednesday at the Grace Hotel in New York, Playgirl frontman Daniel Nardicio blasts via email. “I have to say, it’s going to be groundbreaking for Playgirl. The shots are amazing, and Ronnie is yes, hard and full frontal. You will GAG!” Well maybe Ben DiChiara will.

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  • Cam

    Isn’t the definition of “Supermodel” getting stretched a bit far?

  • Mark Alexander

    And I should care about this…because?

  • terrwill

    Goes to show how little the guys in modeling make as opposed to the girls. Any girl with Ronnies exposure could have earned a decent living for at least 5 years. Ronnie seems like a good Gay, very supportive of the community and its causes. Guess he decided to grab what ever dollars he could before the clock strikes the 15th minute……..

    And would love to see photo shoot of him changin Ben’s last name to “Dover” : p………

  • scott ny'er

    whoa. Wasn’t expecting that. Can he still have a career in the modeling world after this? Does he even still want a career in the modeling world?

    he does seem like a good gay dude. all the best to him.

  • ktbisl32

    Thank you Mark Alexander. Seriously? A guy being photographed with an erect penis doesn’t constitute a queer news story.

  • james

    We are so excited. Ronnie is a great guy…clean…wholesome..attractive…dedicated to social causes…He deserves to be HUGE…no pun intended…

  • fredo777

    @Mark Alexander: Cared enough to read the post whose title gave you pretty much all the details you needed to pass it over.

  • fredo777

    Again, Kroell starred on the reality show “Make Me A Supermodel”, not being directly referred to as one.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    I remember reading an article in GQ, with some blond model–who GQ dubbed as the first male supermodel–who claimed he had made three million dollars that year…coughbullshitcough.

    He also claimed he knew all the male models in the business, and only two were gay, but they don’t get much work because no one wants to work with gay models. Also, designers might be gay, but the people who bank roll them don’t want gay models wearing the clothes, because straight men will be turned off.

  • AlwaysGay

    Although I am looking forward to the pictures I am concerned about his career. Many famous models have posed nude but as far as I know none have posed while hard.

  • JR

    No comment on this… Ronnie is a local guy & is pretty down to earth. I remember when he used to be in commercials for Ragstock & work at Minibar back in the day :o). Hope he does well with Playgirl.

  • Vicente Fox

    Is that Alien on his neck?

  • Qjersey

    This I will have to see! fuck Levi’s johnson

  • Kel

    he has no career as a model. if he did he wouldn’t have to pose naked. first playgirl and next he will be doing porn. he isn’t making a living as a model (he didn’t even win on the show)so he has to pay bills some way. guess he doesn’t want to wait tables.

  • Gavin

    isn’t he a DJ too?

  • Gavin

    er, not DJ, but singer/dancer?

  • Meowzer

    I can’t wait to see what he comes up… um…. out with.
    BUT, this damn well not be another hype up from Playgirl like Levi Johnston was. If so, Playgirl will lose what very little credibility it has now.
    Wanna see the pics though

  • scott ny'er

    @fredo777: Nice catch.

  • Marcinho

    No need to HATE! He lives the life of fighting for what’s right. Many models/actors/entertainers have posed nude in Playgirl and elsewhere.

    If it IS true, so WHAT. I think he’s pretty much got the Kharma to do pretty much as he pleases. Don’t hate. It doesn’t suit you. If it’s not true… wouldda been nice. :-)

  • terrwill

    I watched the show when he was on it. Whole bromance with Ben was pretty interesting. Ben worked for department of corrections in one of the deep south states and stated he never ever met a “homosexual” until he met Ronnie. They acually became good friends, Ben was whole lot more accepting than he thouht he ever would be and remarked more than once how his relationship with Ronnie would not be accepted back home and he basicaly said they could go fcuk themselves if they couldn’t accept his acceptance of Ronnie……….One of the shoots had the models in tighty whiteys and remember that Ronnie showed a whole lot of junk in ’em………..Maybe he is testing the waters thinkin bout becommin a pornster while he can make some decent bucks……

  • Jeff

    Ronnie seems to be a great guy and hopefully his “Playgirl” payday will be bountiful. Ronnie gained fame as a reality show contestant and most industry experts would probably attest to the fact that a successful career as a “top model” would be spurious at best due to the taint of being a reality show contestant. It is doubtful that Ronnie’s being out would have helped matters. I cannot recall any gay designers such as Marc Jacobs, John Galliano, et al giving an openly gay model a contract, albeit shortlived, as the face of a campaign. Not even a campaign for second or third tier underwear campaigns. There are gay/bi models who have fronted campaigns for the likes of a top designers like Armani, et al., but they are not out with the exception of one former cover boy of a national gay magazine years ago.

    Female top models make much more than their male counterparts. It’s the nature of the business. The alleged “GQ” article’s claims are dubious at best. In the late ’70’s and early ’80’s, at least 50% if not a majority of the top male models were gay and/or bi. A majority of the “top 15 male models” in Albert Watson’s ’81 “GQ” group portrait were gay/bi according to one of the surviving members of the group – one of the original “GQ” cover guys. This was the era of the original wave of female supermodels post Verushka, Jean Shrimpton, Cheryl Tiegs, lauren Hutton et al: Rene Russo, Janice Dickenson, Christy Brinkley, Lisa Taylor, Gia, Tara Shannon,Patti Hansen, Rosie Vela, Jerry Hall,Dayle Haddon, Esme, et al., and some of their male counterparts including the late Joe MacDonald, Fred Souza, Tony Hamilton, et al.

    It is ironic that there has been a 180 degree change in the face of male modeling during the subsequent decades, especially in light of the fact that modeling and fashion are ostensibly gay friendly industries. The decrease in the percentage of gay/bi male models may initially have been ascribed to the advent of AIDS, the paranoia and deaths surrounding the same, the change in ownership of “GQ,” the advent of Bruce Webber and the influence that he had on the male modeling industry, and the possibility that many clients back in the day were afraid to have their products associated with the “gay plague.” That is the consensus that I have heard from many former top models. But it has been decades since the drama that surrounded the deaths of Joe macDonald and Gia. One former top male model, who is out, btw, and still successful after several decades in the industry, remarked that when he was offered a fragrance contract in the early Nineties industry insiders were “shocked” that an out gay man was booked for the same. It is doubtful that more than “5%” – that’s a quote from one of the top fashion international fashion editors/stylist – of the top male models – the moneymakers, the faces of fragrance campaigns and designer campaigns – are gay/bi. Most, if not all, of said gay/bi top male models are not publicly out and are very careful about keeping their private lives private. That is not to say that they are not the faces of major campaigns, just that it is something that is not discussed, not even on the fashion blogs. Many struggling gay/bi male models will tell you that they cannot be open about their sexuality if they hope to make it to the top – something that the odds are against regardless of sexual preference. Could Fashion have its own “DADT” policy? Hmmmm. Talk about Hollywood’s glass closet. It’s doubtful that agents, bookers, clients and photographers, even the retired ones, are willing to address or discuss the same. Did gay/bi men suddenly become ugly? One wonders.

    Jeff R

  • Jeff

    @Jeff: Why would my comment be viewed as spam. Several commentators were discussing the male modeling industry and i was just offering some perspective regarding the same vis a vis Ronnie Kroell’s prospective career and the trials and tribulations of being a gay/bi male model.

  • james p. p.

    So what exactly did we learn from Levi Johnston?

  • Tom

    Don’t usually “do” blondes but there’s something really sexy about Ronnie. Every interview I’ve read shows him to be a pretty “thoughtful” guy, and he does do a lot of charity and LGBT community work. So I will be happy to take a nice long look at his hot boner.

  • afrolito

    Ronnie is soo cute and hot, but in no way is he a “Supermodel”. Not even close.

    His posing nude is only of interest to gays, and the few people who actually watched “Make me a Supermodel”.

  • Tylertime

    Tick, tick, tick. Are his 15 minutes up yet? I find it so sad when these “reality” stars are so starved for attention that they aren’t willing to go back to reality.

  • fredo777

    @Tylertime: That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve read on this site to date. Ronnie didn’t compete on MMASM because he wanted to be on Bravo TV for a few minutes. He wanted to become a model. Which was the whole point of participating in the show. You act as if he had just done “Real World” + wanted to become a megastar as a result.

  • TheAwfulTruth

    @james: Wholesome???? and he´s modeling in a porn mag with an erect penis? Ooooo-kayyyy,

  • TylerTime

    @fredo777: And how would you know what Ronnie wants, humm?

  • fredo777

    @TylerTime: haha I admit, my “dumbest things” reply was a little harsh. But, it kinda goes without saying that if someone competes to the end on a show about being made into a supermodel, their ultimate goal in life probably isn’t to be working in a cubicle.

    Sure, a desk job is fine for some of us, but not everyone wants that. And not everyone should want that. Life would be boring if everyone just went out + got a “real job”, driving a bus or delivering mail or crunching numbers.

  • SteveDenver

    @Mark Alexander: Are you a 12-year-old using a 50-year-old’s photo? If you don’t care, don’t click on the article and don’t comment. There, it’s that easy.

  • brickdr66

    Yeah why all the negativity

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