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Yes That’s Clay Aiken’s Boyfriend Reed Kelly Baring His Ass on Stage

Reed Kelly, the Minnesota native Clay Aiken has been dating since 2008 or so, isn’t just the arm candy to that gay Idol runner-up. He’s eye candy for all the ticket holders to Broadway Bares’ latest strip-a-thon.

Aiken’s boy stripped down and bared (almost) all on Sunday at Splash Bar in NYC with fellow Broadway vet Robb Sherman. Which it’s perfectly acceptable to do in that town, especially when it’s for charity. Of which you’re encouraged to continue participating in: His swimsuit is now taking bids on eBay.

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  • Larkan

    He’s very um, flexible.

  • MickW

    I’m more interested in the other guy….hehe.

  • Kieran

    The poor kid needs to come out of his shell.

  • Missy

    They are such a cute couple and are lucky to have each other.

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    Reed in a cutie and bonus points for being from the midwest.

    Andrew Justice

  • T-in-Cali


    that looked like it was choreographed in a pink suburban bedroom

    good for him though!!!

  • EdWoody

    Clay must have an amazing “personality” to have scored with that.

  • Sammy

    I am sure he’s dating Clay because he really loves him.

  • YouCantHandleTheTruth

    Yeah, he’s just using Clay, so fugly.
    Way to go Broadway dancer!

  • unclemike

    Clay is a very, very lucky young man.

  • alan brickman

    he’s cute…lucky Clay….

  • BradSA

    Clay is cute. Lucky dancer.

  • Anyway

    Who’s the lesbian next to the hottie?

  • whatevah

    Wow, he’s bendy.

  • SuperCat

    Holy crap!

    Clay Aiken is gay?!?!

  • Kevin

    I always liked Clay’s voice. I’ve never heard of the Broadway guy. Cute couple.


    Nice basket………bet Clay is achin’ after that! :-P

  • ossurworld

    He and Clay like to dance and sing a lot.

  • lonjamin

    I’ve never been less turned on.

  • Jayson

    Wow! I’m impressed by the flexiblity, but the peanut brittle booty didn’t do it for me.

  • nikko

    Sorry, I didn’t like the performance…too gay.

  • londonbridge

    CLAY IS SO LUCKY……….to have a nice bank account.

  • zenflo

    My curiosity, even if ill-placed, reaches only to “who or what does a Reed-type visualize while shtupping his far-less-attractive-albeit-more-famous partner?”.

  • Stiller

    I think Clay Aiken is the cuter one.

  • lookyloo

    @BradSA: LOL! Why are people are ‘thumbs down’-ing you? It’s funny.

  • lookyloo

    @BradSA: Oops! My reply was meant for ‘Anyway’.

  • lookyloo

    @Anyway: LOL! Why are people ‘thumbs down’-ing you? It’s funny.
    (Earlier, I accidentally posted this response to Brad’s comment. I apologize for any confusion.. including mine)

  • Kevin

    @Stiller I think Clay Aiken is the cuter one too. The BF has a nice body tho.

  • TheAwfulTruth

    They are using each other. Let them rot in hell.

  • Rob Moore

    @Stiller: Really?

  • Rob Moore

    @Kevin: You must like the really unconventional. I’m no hottie either, but Clay never struck me as cute. It’s not that he is ugly, but he is quite plain looking. His is a face made for radio.

  • Stiller

    Yeah really.


    @Larkan: “He’s very um, flexible.”
    It’s what years of voguing can accomplish LOL!

  • kabukiscarab

    Oh GOd I’m SO sick of hearing about Clay Aiken He sux he’s fugly and the minute others realize this and send him to trolldom the gay world will be better off.

  • Hilarious

    I just wondered who that lesbian was sitting so close to Clay’s boyfriend, then I looked closer. Wasn’t even a jab I seriously didn’t realize that actually was him…

  • Taylor Siluwé

    Not much to say about this dancer, except he’s lucky. I love Clay.

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    At least Clay has a boyfriend. Many on here can’t get a date. LOL LOL

  • Eric

    I have absolutely no interest in either of these people.

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