Yes, There Will Be Something for the Gays In Sex and the City 2

Two years, a Miley Cyrus and Liza Minnelli later, the Sex and the City girls return. The trailer for the sequel arrived on the overnight, and it sort of gives away much of the money. Including the part where the most unlikely of gay romances — Anthony Marentino and Stanford Blatch — results in a wedding to end all weddings. But is the trick in marketing the SATC second-coming actually to overshare, and thus offer some sort of guarantee to straight women, and gay men, that there will be something for everyone?

Oh, and that wonderful Cynthia Nixon is still straight in fake life.

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  • alan brickman

    doesn’t Abu Dubai excute gays?….


    Looks fun and the outfits are over the top just like they should be.


    My issue.

    The two Gays are being married off and there is NO way they would be together based on their characters. One is a wanna be A-list Fag and the other is self conscience and way too sweet and clingy for the other. I resent that they think (like so many straight co-workers) that all Gays are attracted to one another.

    Having said that, I saw the first one FIVE times opening week (cementing my “Wow, you are a total Fag” reputation) and can’t wait for this one.

  • alan brickman

    what happened to the hawt rockette dancer?….

  • chris

    @alan brickman: Yeah I second that question

  • jeffree

    My “gay premium club class card” will now be rejected on *every* airline I fly on from now on until death, but I couldnt ++stand++ the orig. tv show & its focus on whiney people feeling sorry for themself & the portrayal of every nasty stereotype of teh gayz & of str8 women.

    I’m almost sorry but “oh so not completely” to say that I am not the accessory of straight women, and i don’t need a fa_-hag 2 be complete, sane, safe with my being a gay guy.

    if Carrie needs a bracelet, she can buy one. If she writes an unread, unreadable boring column, that’s her fault, not mine! If she & her gal pals need gay man candy 2 be cool, then i won’t play that role.

    Sure it’s funny stuff, cheek around tongue, but please do not reduce gay men & women (hellooo Cynthia Nixon) to
    background noise.

    poor Matthew Broderick, having to be married to that stick figure with cartoonish facial features & no acting range.

  • jeffree

    Can u imagine how TERRIFYING the offspring of Evan Lysacek & SJP would look?? Weird noses and mouths and very fey. (oh Not like Tina Fey, she’s dead on cute!)

    @jeffree: that comment was SO beautiful! Swing by my place around 7 p.m. and we’ll have cosmos, thai food, and watch reruns of GLEE! and sob watching Justin on Uglee Bettee come out.

    p.s. Aiden was alway more hawt than Mistah Big! But I did like the man who Charlotte married. Very doable !!

  • Jimmi

    I adore SATC! J’adore!

    I have always treasured my gal pals who have been with me thick and thin. Some of you young gays may slag off the “Fag Hags”(Ugh-I hate that term) but I can not tell you how many of them pitched in during the first AIDS Crisis, helped raise money, awareness and even helped care for many men as they were dying.

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