Yes, Top Chef’s Ty-lör Boring Will Wear Clothes At His New Restaurant

Top Chef got a little less gay last week, when Brooklyn otter Ty-lör Boring (right) got voted off. You’ll recall Tyler was the out cook who posed naked in Headmaster and Butt magazine before appearing on the Bravo food challenge.

But don’t cry for him: Boring made such a splash on the show that he’s already lined up investors for his new eatery—a pop-up restaurant launching in NYC just in time for Fashion Week. (Because if there’s one thing people in fashion do, it’s eat!)

As he tells The Insider:

[One] reason why I went onto Top Chef is that I wanted to raise money to open my own restaurant in New York and I have found investors to do that. I am going to be opening a place, a pop-up restaurant in New York City and it will be up for Fashion Week. It’s going to be called TBD, To Be Determined. So there is the pop-up and then we’re in the process of opening an actual brick-and-mortar restaurant.

Good to know. We liked what Boring brought to the kitchen on the show, so we’re intrigued to see what he could without Tom Colicchio breathing down his neck. (Actually that could be a plus.)

But we still gotta know: What’s up with the name? Is that some Williamsburg hipster thing—’cause it comes off sorta douchey.

Yes, my [real] name is Tyler (T-y-l-e-r), but about sixteen years ago, one of my chefs changed by name because there were two Tylers in the kitchen. When I lived in Denmark, people would actually pronounce my name the way that it is spelled, and so I’ve kind of gone by that ever since.

Oh, well that’s actually kind of cute. No we feel bad for making fun.

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