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  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Queerty is so Hollywood-ish. It’s not a very lesbian-friendly blog-space. Just boys with their thoughts. Did you officially endorse Barack yet?

  • Anya

    wtf :) I’m a dyke, I love queerty. Some of it is obviously for boys (like the morning pics) but most of it is political and/or universal, and they pay some attention to trans issues too. Was the point of your post that you wish they supported Clinton? Or maybe that you don’t care about “Hollywood-ish” endorsements of politicians? In any case this was a beautiful and touching video which I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

  • jordanboston

    That was an amazing video. I don’t care which party you’re from or who you’re supporting, that’s one of the most inspiring things I’ve seen in a long time. Try setting one of McCain’s speeches to music. Oh wait, he did that himself once and it didn’t go over so well.

  • Casper Odschild


    Yes, We Can

    Amazing, gave me goosebumps

  • mjc

    blah blah blah, a well wrapped package.

    i’m sick of the Obama hope hype.

  • ousslander

    Obama is all hype and no substance.

  • Stephan

    …more substance than any other candidate. the only reason i dislike him is because he’s too centrist, but with everyone dropping out, he just became the best politician running for president.

  • mjc

    i won’t vote for someone who panders to religious homophobes. no matter how many ‘inspiring’ speeches he can spew out!

    …unless he gets the nom. and in that case i will vote for him because we have to stop the republicans!

  • Iceblink

    Count this fag out if Obama wins the nom. I’ll stay home rather than throw my vote away. Rise Hillary rise!

  • John

    The Obama worship is edging dangerously close to “Tom Cruise for Scientology” fervor. Are we electing a President or searching for the reincarnation of Jesus Christ?

    To listen to some of his supporters’ claims, you’d think Obama will redeem the world, ushering in a blissful paradise through “hope” and “unity.” The expectations for this guy are so high that anything short of world peace after the first 100 days might prove dissapointing.

  • Michael Tyas

    This is too emotional. I don’t trust it.

  • mjc

    yeah seriously… a bit too much hero worship for me.

  • KB

    Oh relax, it’s just a music video by his supporters of a speech he made set to music. Obama and Hillary would both be great, but he has the gift to inspire a new generation and prepare them for civic involvement. The turnout in the primaries and caucuses so far, and his challenge to the standard-bearer prove that.

    There’s nothing wrong with a little hero worship when someone is on the right side of the issues. It’s NOTHING compared to the conservative sycophants who want to bring back the “Days of Reagan,” which is ironic because his rise in 1980 was a response to the LACK of unity in the Republican Party. How sad for them that they keep invoking his name!

  • hisurfer

    Yech. Saying (or singing) “I’m for Change” means nothing. It’s up there with Janice Dickinsen saying she “Felt an Emotion.” It’s too general, too vague … and so not inspiring to me at all.

    Obama frustrates me because I want to like him more than I do.

    And the high turnout isn’t indicative of Obama being able to inspire, as technically, Hillary is still getting more votes. Yet no one is arguing how Hillary is inspiring everyone to get out and vote.

    (for me, odds are maybe 60% I’ll vote for Hillary, 40% for Obama … but the man needs to stop trying to inspire me. I hate that.)

  • hells kitchen guy

    Agreed – I’m SICK of all this Obamamania. Hillary is a dirty, street-fighting, underhanded, roughneck, take no prisoners operator – exactly what we need to defeat the GOP in November.

    They’ll walk all over Obama. He’s smart, he got charisma – he just needs a few more years in the public eye before he goes to the White House.

  • Lee

    You know, for a portion of society that would (seemingly) like to see great change in our country, ya’ll sure seem ready for much of the same.

    We need 4 (or 8) more years of the Clintons like I need a bad rash. Let’s work towards something new, different, and generally inspiring; don’t accept anything less.

    In re: to “Hell’s Kitchen” above: that way of thinking will never result in change in our elections. How are we supposed to pull in the independents, apathetics, and young people if we don’t offer something more positive than “dirty” and “underhanded”? I don’t know about you, but I thought the U.S. was–or at least could be–better than that.

  • hisurfer

    A female president would be a change.
    A Mormon president would be a change.
    A moderate Republican would be a change.

    AS for the kind of change I want … I want to see an economic system that values more than greed and individualism. I want to see the military-industrial complex broken. I want to stop using the military as a tool for foreign policy. I want equal rights for all. I want to see land stop being used as a commodity. I want to see international borders erased. I want the War on Drugs ended. I want to see development help build community.

    Not a single candidate is pushing for any of this … so I’m not buying that any of them, in the end, are really going to bring ‘change’. What change we’ll will get, with Hillary or Obama, is a functionally literate president who’s not a slave to right wing ideology. A return to normalcy, maybe. But it’s not change.

  • hells kitchen guy

    Lee: At this point, the main thing is to Get. The. GOP. Out. Of. The. White. House. by any means possible. I honestly believe that either Clinton or Obama would be a very good candidate. I think the Dems have done well this year with their process. But I know some people are more adamant about one or the other.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    It takes a Clinton to Clean Up after a Bush! Anya, read the more latter lesbian-bashing stuff including by the Queerty Editorial of males. This is just a long chorus of Hillary-bashing driven by the right-wing corporate media who see Obama as weaker. To get Nancy (as in Reagan for psychological profile’s sake) Hillary is a Scorpio and there is nothing like a woman scorned. Barack, a Leo who will only lick his wounds when his Ego is pummelled by the Republicans. Hells Kitchen Guy is so right, we need the Full Force of an unrelenting team led by take-no-prisoners Hillary to defeat the Evil GOP. If Hillary and Obama joined together, they sure could annihilate McCain and whoever he picks (Huckabee?) but Barack alone would be vulnerable in the October surprise of a National Security Event where Hillary has walked tough with a New York swagger. All charm becomes lost when we are reduced to fear. I’m voting for Clinton knowing that Barack will be well-groomed by 2016. The World can’t wait.

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