Yet Again, Florida Family Association To Warn Disney World Tourists That The Gays Are Coming

Last year, the Florida Family Association hired one of those banner-wielding airplanes (the type that usually flies by beaches advertising half-off lobster) to tell all of Orlando: “WARNING: GAY DAY AT DISNEY 6/4.”

This year, the FFA has already raised $4,100 to fly the banner for 10 hours, but they want to raise $8,400 so they can get in a solid 20 hours.

The right-wing organization claims that the “airplane banner influenced mainstream family attendance at Disney during Gay Day to DROP between 50% to 60%… [it] SPARED TENS OF THOUSANDS of children from the unexpected exposure to this coming out party.”

Is it time for the Walt Disney Company, who has never officially sanctioned the event and told employees to treat it just like any other day, to get involved?

The unofficial event, which has been going on since 1991, benefits Orlando with a reported influx of 150,000 LGBT tourists.

By neither sanctioning nor banning its existence, Disney allows itself to reap the benefits of the pink dollar once a year without losing their staple of family dollars.

Disney’s definitely in a hard place here—I believe that some families don’t want to see men in thongs making out, and they have the right to fair warning. But Disney’s laissez-faire approach is probably for the best—it’s sort of cool to see a corporation feel no obligation to let families of all stripes know that their fairytale vacation might just include an eye-opening introduction to the gay community.

Check out photos from last year’s harmless celebration here. This year’s festivities go down June 2nd.

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  • Chris

    I suspect that the crowds on Gay Day do as much to discourage people as do the guys kissing. Despite the drop in attendance of “mainstream” families all reports are that Gay Day is still very crowded. It might help if Disney officially acknowledged the existence of the day and gave out figures though.

  • gggggb

    And they have a right to fair warning? I’m embarrassed even to have read that. Why was I reading this?

  • drewa24

    I would go just to watch those MENNONITES and EVANGELICALS shit their pants. Then it truly would be the happiest place on earth.

  • cam

    This isn’t an organization. It’s one guy! Who apparently can’t even raise $8,000.

    Also, what company is flying the banner? IT would be interesting to call them up and ask them if they agree with it’s sentiments.

  • Hyhybt

    @cam: It could be an individual who can’t afford to turn down the business.

    (Yes, I know, at first glance $8000 for 20 hours sounds like you’d be making enough to turn down any business you don’t want. But planes are expensive to maintain and operate, the banner itself costs something, and it looks like the sort of business where you’d have a lot of downtime and a long off season to make up for.)

  • Hal Shipman

    “I suspect that the crowds on Gay Day do as much to discourage people as do the guys kissing. Despite the drop in attendance of “mainstream” families all reports are that Gay Day is still very crowded.”

    I don’t know about that. My brother, in researching Disneyworld for taking his kids, read that Gay Days is apparently great for families. The lines for the rides for kids are apparently shorter and the mornings are virtually empty (presumably because the guys are sleeping it off).

  • JayUVA

    The first couple of times we did go inside Disney World, but since then just the circuit parties.

    Have to wonder how many of the christian/family values husbands head to Orlando to save the other families from the gays – and make some time to slip away for some anonymous M2M mischief.

  • AS

    Dear Florida Family Association, Most of Europe really doesn’t give a shit.

  • JoeyO'H

    The Florida Family Association shuld conentrate their efforts in the large amount of sex offenders in their state, the largest population of any state in the union.

    Most crazy-ass crimes come from Florida, home of the eldery, red necks,weirdos and sex offenders.

    FFA should make a difference elsewhere that will actually MAKE A DIFFERENCE rather than worrying about Gay Days at DIsney World.

    People should really think about which battles to pick and choose. FFA=Losers.

  • Frank

    I applaud Florida Family Association. What kind of answer do you give a 4 year old grandchild when he asks “Grandpa, why are those two men kissing on the lips?”. Although I feel for our gay and lesbian citizens, I don’t think that it should be rammed down our young ones throats. Thank you FFA.

  • Hyhybt

    @Frank: The exact same answer you would give if they asked about a man and woman kissing will suffice nicely: “because they love each other, like your mommy and daddy do.” Chances are, that’s as far as a 4 year old will need. KIDS GET IT. Unless they’ve specifically been taught not to… in which case, you created the problem, you clean it up.

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