Yet Another Brutal Anti-LGBT Murder In South Africa

A young gay South African was murdered last week in the Northern Cape after getting into an argument with two men about his sexuality and gender.

Thapelo Makutle (right), a drag performer who may have identified as trans, was found in his apartment with his throat slashed. A volunteer with LGBT rights group Legbo Northern Capetown, he was seen being harassed earlier that night by two men at a nightclub. Witnesses say they saw the duo follow the victim home when he left at 1am.

Friend Moisama Boyang called Makutle “fun-loving and outgoing.”

A disturbing number of violent attacks on gay people has plagued South Africa, including a lesbian who was stabbed in the North Province and a string of gruesome homocides of gay men in Johannesburg.

Meanwhile the Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africaand other right-wing groups are pushing to get LGBT protections removed from the country’s constitution.


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  • Joe Clark

    Where precisely were the lesbos, bis, and trannies in this “anti-LGBT murder”?

  • 1equalityUSA

    It’s difficult to fathom the amount of fear and suffering this person went through. It’s so brutal. Life is so cheap these days, yet, if we discovered a mosquito on Mars, it would make the headlines.

  • Belize

    JAYKAY: “He shouldn’t have gotten into an argument to begin with. We conservative gay folk have survived this long because we stay in the closet and don’t argue with straight folk. That’s why we have such white skin. And even though I wasn’t there, I’m pretty sure he’s at fault here.”

    JASON: “This is probably just a ploy. Since he is a transgender, he must’ve tried to steal money from those who killed him. How could he be a victim. He’s transgender. Transgender people are never victims. They are always wrong. Even though I wasn’t there, I’m pretty sure that he was at fault here.”

    There you go, boys. I’ve already preempted your comments. No need to pretend that you’re gay and comment on Queerty with such simple logic just because NOM is paying you to “de-stabilize” the gay movement via the modern technology called the Internet. Time to go back to your cows.

    I would put a smiley… but this news devastates me. I’m sure you know how that feels like. It’s the same feeling you get whenever you see a transgender being happy living her life and going against your provincial views of the world.

  • Steve-O

    This is very sad,

    But so is how you just bastardised the South African geography…

    The province is Northern Cape not Capetown….Capetown is in the Western Cape some 1000km away from Kimberly where the terrible event took place.

    And Johannesburg is in Gauteng a northern province not the ‘North Province’

  • Geno

    Please refer to South African LGBTI website with all the correct information rather than the poorly researched and written article above: http://www.mambaonline.com/

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