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Yet More Hunky Jesus Fallout: Clandestine Right-Wing Camera Turns the Tables on Gay/Christian Mockery

Who’s done more to document gay sexytime parties than any other LGBT documentarian of our time? Well, the answer, awkwardly, might be an anonymous right-wing blogger.

Despite his (or her) identity being a mystery, we can’t help but love Zombie. A Republicanish conservativeish straightish blogger, she (or he) has been chronicling the best and worst of San Francisco and the gays for several years.

His (or her) latest work: a delightful video of the Hunky Jesus contest, along with a photo essay and travelogue on Pajamas Media. You remember Pajamas Media, don’t you? Home of Joe the Plumber? So, yeah, it’s that kind of people.

And like a good pararazzi photographer who hides in the bushes to catch Renee Zellweger eating an entire roast ham, Zombie’s awfully good at capturing the gay community at its least appealing. And it’s easy to do so: she (or he) simply wanders into gay or left-wing events, camera in hand, and starts snapping away. Case in point: the recent Hunky Jesus fest, of which we have an extensive photogallery and an assurance from a Catholic priest that it is sacreligious but at least not as bad as war.

And Zombie makes a compelling point in his (or her) article:

In San Francisco (and places like San Francisco, including most newsrooms and TV studios), it’s perfectly acceptable to mock Christians. But to turn the tables and mock gays in a similar way is considered totally beyond the pale; a hate crime; bullying; bigotry and oppression of the worst kind. … the gay community is very, very good at dishing it out. But can they take it? The moment anyone attempts the slightest mockery or put-down of stereotypical “gayness,” an entire class of professional victimologists and whiners and lawyers go apoplectic; no criticism or mockery is allowed!

Welllllll that may actually be kind of true. Can you imagine what would happen if a Christian church staged a scatological satire of, say, the life of Ryan White?

Until a few minutes ago, we had a rebuttal all ready to go for that argument: “no no, wait, it’s different,” we were going to say. “Hunky Jesus is all in good fun, and it’s affectionate and irreverent, and it actually celebrates Easter while adding a new cultural spin. It’s not about pissing off Christians at all.”

And then we watched the video.

“Are you ready to piss of some Christians?” Sister Roma asks the crowd in the first ten seconds, to gleeful cheers.


So what is the difference between gays mocking Christians and Christians mocking gays?