Yoko, Paul Pissed At Lennon Gay Claims

Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono have had their squabbles in the past, but the musical legends are in agreement about one thing: author Philip Norman’s gone too far.

Norman’s new book, John Lennon: The Life, claims Lennon wanted to have sex with both his own mother and McCartney. And Ono and McCartney are pissed:

McCartney and Yoko Ono are furious after a new book they helped with accuses John Lennon of wanting a gay relationship with Macca.

Yoko, 75, agreed to be interviewed for John Lennon: The Life, written by respected Beatles author Philip Norman. Paul McCartney also co-operated.

But she and Macca are now distancing themselves from it and Yoko has withdrawn her endorsement.

A friend said: “Both Sir Paul and Yoko are extremely angry and upset.”

And we’re upset the rumors aren’t true! Well, the McCartney ones, at least.