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“You are being quite effective in turning people against support of the Democrats. That, by definition, helps the Republicans”

SOUNDBITES — “As these comments show, you are being quite effective in turning people against support of the Democrats. That, by definition, helps the Republicans.” —DNC treasurer Andy Tobias complaining about criticism over the DNC’s complete inaction in (and lying about) Maine, in a statement that, uh, does not excuse the DNC’s actions. As we’ve long said on this website: If we can’t criticize our own, who will? (via AB)

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  • Keith Kimmel

    Bullshit. Could it be that perhaps we are tired of the shit of BOTH parties and we are finally (at long last) going to stand up and say “Fuck you, we’re not gonna tolerate this anymore!” No, it couldn’t be that. The DNC doesn’t need to blame a blog, or a news site or anyone else for the backlash to them. They need look no further than their spineless leadership.

  • Jigae

    The Democrat party disgusts me. They think their base will stick with them regardless of what they do. Obviously the Republican party disgusts me more, but even if the Dems keep my vote, they lose my money, my faith, and my support.

  • tinkerbell

    My last vote in this oppressive country was in 2006, when my state passed a ballot initiative enshrining me as a second class citizen into its BILL OF F&@($#& RIGHTS!!! I refuse to play the political game in this country. It does no good. The Republicans hate us to our faces, the Democrats to our backs. Pick your potion. I long to give Canada a try.

  • Cindy

    >”As these comments show, you are being quite effective in turning people against support of the Democrats. That, by definition, helps the Republicans.

    That’s hilarious.

    Hey dumbass, it’s real simple, the DNC and Obama’s actions, or lack thereof, is what is turning people against support of Democrats. You don’t keep promises, we actually notice. You want our support, earn it.

  • Kellian

    I emailed the DNC expressing my disgust about this on this past Friday claiming I wouldn’t support them financially or through volunteering my time. What did the DNC do over the weekend? Clearly it wasn’t to read my initial complaint and send me a thoughtful reply, oh no. Instead, the DNC (on behalf of OFA of all places..)sent me an email talking up Health Care and asking for money. I am now going over to City Hall today to change my political affiliation to Independent.

    Tobias has no one to blame but himself and the DNC – stop trying to pin it on Bloggers, start taking responsibility for your own inactions and also… STFU while you’re at it. Sometimes silence is the right answer.

  • TimNCGuy


    It’s more fun to keep your registration, or at least stay on the mailing lists. That way you can continue to respond to every mailer with a big bold note that says

    the gAyTM is CLOSED

    I just mailed another one back to the DCCC last week. Didn’t even cost me a stamp because they use those free return mail envelopes. It costs them money to send me the mailer and costs them money for me to return it to them with no money but including my message.

  • FakeName

    Well Tim, if that makes you feel better, keep on writing that message, but you do understand that no one is actually going to see it or respond to it, right? It’s not like the people who open the mail for the DNC or pretty much any other national political group are even directly employed by that group. They’re temp workers whose job is to open the mail and look for a check. No check? Throw it out.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Rachel Maddow, Liberal Justice John Paul Stevens retiring?

  • Attmay

    The Democrats have a unique ability to make everyone whose support they claim to want, such as gays and the working class, hate their guts.

    If you still have a pathological need to belong to this party, you can support them in the following ways:

    1. A signed check for one bazillion dollars.

    2. Monopoly money.

  • Tommy Marx

    Let me get this straight. If we contribute money to the Republicans, they won’t do anything whatsoever to help us. But if we contribute money to the Democrats, they won’t do anything whatsoever to help us.

    I think I’ll keep my money, thanks.

  • Attmay

    @10 Tommy Marx:

    “I think I’ll keep my money, thanks.”

    But the Democrats also want to find other ways to get your money. Involuntarily.

  • Steve

    Mr. Tobias should realize, that you get a first round of money for a promise. But, to get more, you must keep the promise. The Democrats have been taking our money for 40+ years. They have yet to keep any promises. It is in their power now to keep some promises.

    The couple of “bones” that they have thrown to gay people, recently, are more than canceled out by the hard work to preserve DADT and DOMA in court. The Mathew Shepard act will very likely not be applied more than once or twice in the next century.

    Pass ENDA, and get serious about trying to repeal DADT, and stop defending DOMA in court. Then, AFTER THOSE THINGS HAPPEN, we can talk about money again.

    If the Democrats refuse to do those things, then the Republicans are no worse.

  • jason

    To the Democrats, we gays are the politically useful pity class. Because we’re a collective, we’re easily manipulated and tricked into voting for those who make promises to us. My solution is this: let’s stop being a collective.

    Yes, that’s right, let’s stop being a collective. This means we must ditch the notion of “gay community”. By ditching the notion of gay community, we become independent. We can still fight for gay rights but we can do it on an issues basis, and not an easily manipulated collective class basis.

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