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You Bought The Leffews Too Many Gifts This Christmas

If I knew that all it took to get overwhelmed with Christmas presents was to upload my family videos to YouTube, I would’ve hijacked the Leffew Family’s strategy a long time ago! I mean, I totally deserve that giant red stocking! But not more than their adorable son Daniel, who could probably fit in it. But the real Christmas gift you could give the Leffews is to get them on Good Morning America, which is searching for “real modern families.” So is it Jay or Brian who would play Cam?

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  • Bobert

    Nice family :)

  • Skyler

    They are so cute!

  • jacknasty

    Um they seem nice and all, but is there more to this story I’m not getting? They just make youtube videos and their followers just sent them gifts? Or was there some prior news story or something I’m not aware of?

  • gayfamilyvalues

    Hi JackNasty my family has been using YouTube as a way to help change hearts and minds about Marriage Equality and gay rights in America. No big news story just trying to share our lifes with the country and help them understand that our families are no better and no worse then any other family in America.

  • gollygeegaygoy

    Fabulous family. They deserve every gift they get. Their generosity is sharing their lives with us. And I for one am grateful. They dispel myths about gay people by showing how human, loving and hard working they are. Keep on keeping on, Leffews.

  • Fitz

    I want to like them. They seem nice enough. But they admit, publicly, to being christian. I will never feel safe near a christian after these last 10 or 15 years.

  • orangegoblin

    @Fitz: When I stayed at their house for two weeks they woke me up with an exorcism every morning, then we had five hours of prayer before they self flagellated because they hate themselves.

    At least thats how it must have happened right? Because people who spend all their spare time pushing for full gay rights including marriage must obviously hate gays if they are also Christian? Yeah… makes sense….

  • Fitz

    @orangegoblin: Snarkiness noted. I’m allowing myself to not feel all warm and accepting around christians after their war on us.

  • John

    @gayfamilyvalues: I for one have enjoyed your vides. Thanks for sharing them with us. :)

  • Mark

    Although I think this looks like a fine family, I too question what this is all about. Showing people that all families are the same is one thing, but it seems like these two guys are out to get their own reality show or something. A bit of pandering. If they’re overwhelmed with the “huge outpouring” of gifts and cards, and if Brian feels he needs to give back, why not donate the surplus gifts to needy children? Something about these two doesn’t sit well with me.

  • saltydog

    I guess this is better than being a “stage mom” but I don’t really like the idea of people putting videos of their kids online, however well intentioned. The kids aren’t old enough to actually make an informed decision about it, it doesn’t really seem safe or fair to them.

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