You Can Call Us Any Time

Soccer players

You can always count on celebrities to never learn from other famous people’s mistakes. You’d think that they’d be careful not to put their sex acts on tape for fear of it ending up in inboxes all over the world (Colin Farrell, anyone?).

Well, history might be repeating itself once again. But this time the participants are two well-known bi soccer players (identities are being kept under wraps – at least for now) and, if true, these guys will get a very public outing.

The visual evidence sounds pretty kinky:

He performs a sex act with it which is too obscene to be described here. Then Player B calls his number to make the phone vibrate. Player A is also pictured on the bed while Player B–a multi-million pound goal-scoring mid-fielder–kneels to perform oral sex on him.

Meanwhile the music man can also be seen leaning over the pair, kissing and caressing the footballers, who play for different sides.

The source who handed us the graphic images said: “Fans would be stunned if they knew who the players were.

If anything of this is true (News of the World isn’t necessarily the most reputable source, you know), then it’s only a matter of time before these images end up splattered all over the Internet. And when they do, a certain cell phone manufacturer will definitely get some unexpected publicity.

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