Not If You're Gay!

You Can Get Paid For That?

Admit it, you hate your job. It’s eating away at you, crushing your heart, soul and reason to live. Rather than toiling day-in and day-out, why don’t you toil for, oh, about ten minutes and make a hundred bucks? Sounds great, right? According to sperm bank, Cyros International, yes! Note their sign’s message:

Money! Sex! Karma!
Could sperm donor be
America’s finest
part time job?

Of course the answer’s yes…unless you’re gay, of course. Unfortunately for us, the Food and Drug Administration, which, for some reason, dictates sperm donorships, won’t let sexually active gay men donate their lil’ swimmers. Apparently they think we’re still more HIV-ridden than the rest of the nation.

(Thanks for the ad, copyranter, you wanker!)