You Cannot Handle The Heat Of Azis’ Bulgarian Bathouse Gypsy Pop

You are not ready to handle the eastern European spice of Bulgaria’s bearded pop gypsy Azis. He’s sweating with his comrades in a hot vodka sauna and wants to feed you some high-heeled raspberry realness. Are you bold enough to savor the flavor?

Azis is no fly by night. In fact, his own home country elected the 33-year-old as the 21st greatest Bulgarian of all time. In 2005 Azis ran as an openly gay candidate for Bulgarian parliament, in 2006 he performed in the Eurovision song contest, in 2007 he caused an uproar when the mayor of Sofia pledged to take down billboards of Azis and his husband kissing shirtless even though the city tolerated much more tawdry heterosexual ads in the past.

In short, Azis is our new superhero, lemon high-heeled pumps and all.

Via Joe.My.God.