You Go Psychic Girl

psychic girl

We are definitely the skeptical types around here. Especially when it comes to psychics. So when we agreed to let the Psychic Girl do our reading we were expecting to not be impressed. We’re bitchy queens, you know.

Rather than give a generic reading, Psychic Girl makes you ask her specific questions. Of course we came prepared: Will be ever become Madonna’s best friend? Will we get to have sex with Jesse Metcalf? Will Queerty be bought by NBC for millions? Sadly, she could not answer these.

Seriously though we asked her questions about work, finances, our family, and our futures. We were surprised by Justine’s answers and suggestions and were moved by what she told us. All queers should have a good fag-hag psychic. Justine is your girl.

She is like Dionne Warwick without the hit songs and the cracked-out niece.

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