You Guys Are Totally Trying To Scare Supporters of Ex-Gay Therapist Lesley Pilkington

Well so much for trying to force British ex-gay psychotherapist Lesley Pilkington to give up her professional credentials: the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy trial has been suspended after expert witnesses testifying on Pilkington’s behalf claim they were subjected to “menacing” phone calls and intimidation.

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  • Fitz

    I firmly believe that we will never get our rights
    until we stop asking for them and start taking them.
    So I applaud those who let her defenders know how they

  • Jeffree

    Once the police investigate the “threats” then the hearing can recommence. My hope is that the persons who expressed their disagreement with her —(& with her so-called “therapy”) didn’t make any threats, because that just would just delayif not derail the proceedings.

    @Fritz: I wonder if the “expert witnesses” will drop out due to lack iof expertise like what happened to the pro-Prop 8 witnesses. Claiming they were threatened is the easyest way to avoid being found out as “oh, yeah, I’m not really an expert.” And if they were threatened, then they need proof….

  • McMike

    Why are these so-called threats a one way street? Homosexuals are threatened, and worse, every day.

  • just sayin

    she ducks like a quack

  • Andy

    @Fitz: Exactly!

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