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You Know It’s Bad For Carl Paladino When Other Extreme Right-Wingers Are Ditching Him

Christine O’Donnell. Carl Paladino. Is there anything extremist Republican political candidates can’t do to offend our senses? Even Paladino’s consultant Roger Stone is disgusted, as is staunch GOP defender Karol Markowicz, who says she “wanted to like Carl Paladino,” and even though she was “disgusted by his life choices” still stood by him. Then came the (latest round of) comments about gays. “To be clear, my issue is not the statement he denies making, the one about gay people being dysfunctional. My problem is everything else he admits to saying.” And then Mark McKinnon, former George W. Bush and John McCain adviser, tells Rachel Maddow that Paladino “is such a throwback [to the days of Jesse Helms] he makes Archie Bunker look like Howard Dean.”

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