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You Made Pastor Jeff Owens Apologize for Suggesting Hunt-A-Homo Week

Does anyone else sort of love when fire and brimstone anti-gay sermons from preachers get recorded and make the web rounds? I do! Yes, I completely understand that guys like Pastor Jeff Owens, of Texas’ Shenandoah Baptist Church (“One of America’s Most Exciting Churches”), are spreading terrible hatred, but c’mon, this stuff is rich!

Owens says “we need Hunt-A-Homo Week” where we can “take ’em [the gays] all out and shoot ’em with a scatter shot gun.” And it really makes me think: Really? A scatter shot gun? That’s not a good idea! You have to be pretty close to your target to have an effective kill shot with one of those. And it could be hard to do, because now the gays know about Hunt-A-Homo Week, and you just know they’re going to be running away from our gun barrels. I really think something like this would be more apropos.

Maybe if we get enough people involved we could get a sniper gun group discount through Groupon!

In the meantime, Owens has apologized for his 15-year-old comments made when he was “stupid and very immature,” which is too bad, because you know what does not qualify as protected speech under the First Amendment? Incitements to violence.