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You Might Not Have Noticed, But 2009 Was a Banner Year For LGBT Rights in America

So you didn’t get ENDA. Or a repeal of DOMA or DADT. But did 2009 was actually a banner year for gay rights legislation?

In a state-by-state analysis of LGBT equality legislation, the Human Rights Campaign finds more bills passed in 2009 than any year since 2006. Moreover, more bills — dealing with everything from adoption to domestic partnerships and marriage to anti-discrimination protections — were introduced. That’s actually pretty great news, and these “report card” things are one of the reasons HRC is not entirely a useless organization.

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  • Tina

    Thank you for putting ENDA first in this marriage-obsessed world. Jobs and safe homes are more important.

  • Prof. Donald Gaudard

    So, Joe Solmonese is paid $350,000 a year to produce a chart which any $10 an hour clerk could compile with minimal supervision. And that makes HRC a useful organization?? I don’t think so. For an organization that has their budget, they should be able to produce more than a color chart.

  • zack

    I’m confused. Why is this a bad thing? Just because HRC organized the research doesn’t instantly make it bad or wrong.

    Time for some reading comprehension classes for Queerty writers. This chart lists LGBT-related legislation at the state level. ENDA, DOMA, and DADT are all Federal laws. Apples and oranges.

  • LoveMoby

    As usual not a word about the UAFA bill. Binationals are beyond ignored. Sad, sad sad.

  • Brian NYC

    But, HRC didn’t accomplish those things – they made the Chart. That’s a very big difference.

  • San Francisco Treat

    Do you know what HRC’s involvement in any of those bills was? And yes, UAFA should be on these mental lists we are all walking around with.

  • Josh_Texas

    @San Francisco Treat: Yes, HRC wasn’t involved. They have made small financial contributions, but they didn’t create any strategies.

    HRC has no purpose. Stop giving.

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