And Then Use It To Fight Homophobia

You Need To Find Religion

Julie Nemecek may have been barred from teaching at the Christian leaning Spring Arbor University, but the cross-dressing Bible thumper hasn’t stopped spreading the good, gay friendly word.

Ms. Nemecek – who continues to live in bliss with her wife – has been touring the nation fighting for equal rights, including non-discrimination legislation. As her tour winds down, Nemecek takes to the blogosphere to urge readers to help combat homophobia.

While Nemecek highlights the importance of talking to lawmakers, teachers and other civil leaders, she wants you (yes, you) to remember the importance of faith-based institutions.

One last place to push for support is one that we sometimes feel we are better off ignoring: churches and other religious communities. Yes there are some bigots that cross-dress in the robes of Christianity, but there are also many people of faith who take seriously their efforts to live out their faith by demonstrating genuine, unconditional love. These people, churches, and even some denominations are helping people realize that the calls for hate and discrimination are not the voice of real people of faith. Politicians are beginning to realize that the well-oiled anti-LGBT lobby does not represent most Americans or even most people of faith.

Amen. Far too many ‘mos refuse to get involved in church, mosque or synagogue matters.

Yes, hateful religious voices are often the loudest in these culture wars, but one must remember that there are loads of queer friendly religionists. You don’t necessarily need to practice the religion, but God knows we need faithful followers to win this shit.