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You Were Never Supposed To See Those ‘Your Son Is Too Much of a Pansy’ Karate Ads

Those ads showing a boy putting on lipstick (and mommy’s pumps) with an invitation to enroll him in karate lessons to butch him up? The ones that have the entire Internet upset? It’s not like the karate school had anything to do with their creation.

Created by Zubi Ad Agency, the ads were never intended for circulation, the company says, and were never approved by their client, the Academy Of Martial Arts RDCA in Key Biscayne, Florida. “The ads in question were posted by an individual that works at our agency on a site that creatives use to share ideas and get comments from others in their line of work,” says COO Joe Zubizarreta, who’s likely referring to sites like Ads Of The World, to BP. “The art director who developed them told me that he had posted this campaign as well as three others to get feedback from other creatives as to their opinions of the work.”

But creativity aside, the company isn’t standing by them: “We want you to know that we don’t condone this action and we are taking steps to make sure something like this never happens again. I apologize to you and anyone else that may have thought we knowingly allowed these ads to leave the agency. These ads were never produced nor would they have seen the light of day had they come across my desk. The creator of these ads is very apologetic and never intended to offend anyone however, we as the owners, understand that they can be considered offensive and would not under any circumstances have ever let them ever be produced.”

(For the record, the creator and the others credited with the spots are: VP Creative Director: Andres Ordoñez; Creative Director: Ivan Calle; Associate Creative Director: Mauricio Candela; Art Director: Francisco Losada; Copywriter: Vicent Llopis; Photographer: The Blur Office; Retoucher: Iancarlo Reyes.)

It’s as if Mad Men hasn’t taught anyone that copywriters are senseless jerks, while the executives at ad agencies are heartwarming people persons.

How stupid of any agency, however, to think works their staffers submit to a website that is open to the public will somehow remain private. And for an agency that’s committed to “Erasing Stereotypes” (their words), here’s another spot submitted for review.

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