You Won’t Believe The Homophobic Things This Fox News Reporter Said While “Investigating” A Gay Pride Parade

070714_pride_937Smug Fox News correspondent Jesse Watters fancies himself quite the comedian. Too bad he isn’t funny.

Last night on The Bill O’Reilly Show, Watters took his “comedy” routine to the streets of San Francisco, where he harassed Gay Pride parade goers by asking them ignorant and insulting questions, and all while dressed as a douchey frat boy in a polo shirt with a popped collar and jeans.

At one point in the video, 35-year-old Watters mocks openly gay State Senator Mark Leno by saying: “I have to be honest with you, the pants look a little tight.”

At another point, he asks Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, “Does it make you a bigot if you believe in traditional marriage?”

And another point he asks an African American man if he’s going to “behave himself tonight.” When the man says yes, Watters replies, “I don’t believe that for a minute.”

Other highlights from the video include:

  • “Are you guys sure you don’t like girls? Are you sure?”
  • “I’m going to go out on a limb — you look a little promiscuous.”
  • “Can I have a straight pride parade if I wanted to?”
  • “Is the gay pride parade shoving something down other people’s throats?”

Perhaps the one and only amusing part of the video comes towards the end, when Watters approaches House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

“Bill O’Reilly says ‘hello,'” Watters says.

Without missing a beat, Pelosi replies, “Give him my best. Tell him to love his neighbor.”

See the disgustingly unfunny video below.