You Won’t Believe What This Cop Did In Public Restrooms To Get Himself Arrested

qiivkfsuasrrlxh9qf24A warning to our readers: this is gross.

Like, really gross.

As in, “I totally keep an open mind, but this shatters my sense of what is right in the world” kind of gross.

That being said, a police officer (now former police officer) has been busted for setting up cameras around his hometown of Chesterfield, Mo for the purpose of filming local guys dropping off their kids at the proverbial pool.

It was all broadcast on a website devoted to voyeuristic crapping, and the story all began to crumble when the man’s address was linked to the site.

Said victim Rob Cheney (who had just moved to town three weeks prior), “When I saw myself pooping, I was just like you’ve gotta be kidding me. Three weeks and I’m already on a poop cam pretty much. So three weeks and everybody’s seen me poop? That’s terrible. Hahaha.”

Well it’s nice to know Rob can laugh the whole thing off.

In addition to poopgate, it was also discovered that the suspect had also been posing as women on craigslist to lure “straight” men to his house and engage in various sexual acts through a homemade glory hole.

Which begs the question that if you’re one of the guys, do you really think that’s a woman on the other side of the wall?

Protect and service.

h/t: Gawker

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  • hyhybt

    Subscribing without comment, for now.

  • SpunkyBunks

    I think this weirdo is going to like being in jail. Lots of hot man action waiting for him in there!

  • Mezaien

    We in Arizona, need the Indian`s laws! if a PIG, (police officer) threat you!? you can shoot to kill!(I just love it).

  • masc4masc

    @SpunkyBunks: and he can watch his cellmate shit every day.

    i never get why people enjoy watching people defecate/piss or scat and w/s. must be some type of childhood abuse/trauma.

  • Raphael

    Well, I’m assuming that “dropping off their kids at the proverbial pool” means pooping, is that right? Never heard that one before, you guys should go straight to the point.

  • PornForPatric

    The majority of the videos on his website, 0ffthegrid, were actually dedicated to hidden camera shots of guys getting blowjobs through a gloryhole.

    The videos of guys peeing were a small percentage of the videos. The videos of guys sitting on a toilet were a still smaller percentage of the total videos.

    It was not a “website devoted to voyeuristic crapping” as you put it.

  • stager

    Just so I’m clear, because the majority of vids were of duped guys and pissers, and dookie was…minor…that’s somehow better?
    Granted, though, it wasn’t a scat site.
    Also, the guy lured alleged straight guys to his home…HOME…for blowees. He was a cop? The man’s arrogance boggles my mind.
    There’s a moral here about not sh!tt!ng where you eat, but I think that’s about been covered

  • Dxley

    Maybe I’m just slow, but HUH?

  • Bobby Christina Crawford

    They are required by law to put a disclaimer at the end of the video..

    All Turds used in this film are at least 18 years or older. No Turds were harmed during the making of this film.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  • i43neile

    Must have been him in some of those Xtube vids.

  • musctop

    Hey, whatever floats your…..never mind.

  • RevJames

    This gets you immediately fired and Darren Wilson walks free. Michael Brown is spinning in his early grave.

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