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You’ll Almost Definitely Want To Hear About The Time Robbie Williams Got A Handie In A Castle


Things get off to a rollicking start when Graham Norton asks UK pop star Robbie Williams, “What’s the maddest thing a fan has given you?”

“Herpes,” he deadpans.

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And the next thing you know, against his better judgement, Williams begins telling a brilliantly sordid tale that involves waking up in the castle to find a deeply strange woman at the foot of the bed that “could have been anywhere from 29 to 59.”

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To hear Williams tell it, she looked on the floor where his underwear was crumpled and asked, “Calvin Kleins?”

“Yeah,” he said.

Her response? “Pussy.”

Of course, that’s when she offers to take care of his morning wood —  he says “Yes.”

We wouldn’t dream of giving away the twist at the end.




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