You’ll Have A Frightfully Long Wait For Season Two Of Downton Abbey

Pity you, the poor tea-drinking fancypants Downton Abbey addict. Okay, actually, just pity you if you’re not currently stationed near a television set in the U.K., where the second season of the addictive World War I-era rich-people-and-their-servants drama premieres next week.

American Anglophiles will have to settle for watching the outcome of the Emmy Awards (it’s nominated for 11 of them) on Sunday and waiting until January, when Season 2 finally airs on PBS.

By that time the season will have already ended its British run and the Christmas special will have aired and Life. Isn’t. Fair.

Until then, check out this trailer, feel good about your taste level now that the scorekeepers at Guinness World Records have awarded DA the record of “highest critical review ratings for a TV show”, get excited about Maggie Smith’s big hats and one-liners, and wonder what will become of that treacherous gay servant (Rob James-Collier, who should, frankly, become even more evil).

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  • Lefty

    Maggie Smith is the greatest actor/actress/thespian in the world bar none. :D

  • joshua whelpley

    fetch! they can get doctor who to air at the same time why not downtown?

  • ML

    Maggie Smith is absolutely hilarious in DA. Can’t wait to see season 2.

  • Lefty

    On the other hand, I’m in the UK atm and I can’t watch the trailer posted because of copyright restrictions. :(

  • akn


  • Robert in NYC

    Maggie Smith, arguably one of the world’s greatest acting treasures. I only have to look at her and I being laughing. This woman can act without doing anything, not even open her mouth.

  • Sass-zilla

    Ugh! I can’t I wait 4 months for my new crack shipment to come in!!! and @joshua whelpley – Stop trying to make ‘Fetch’ happen.

  • Erik Walton

    PBS needs a serious overhaul. Their Beg-a-Thon’s are every other month now, featuring obnoxious hacks, snake oil salesmen and infomercials. I plan on subscribing to a proxy server so I can download Downton Abbey right after it broadcasts in the UK. That way I’ll be able to see it without PBS editing it for time constraints.

  • Interesting

    @Erik Walton: Spoken like the typical American who wants something for nothing. PBS has to beg for money because it is public television, which means that it does not have commercial although they do have the sponsored by segments. Government funding is continually under assault by the right. So you do the math.

  • jojoko

    you’ll find it on the pirate bay on sunday afternoon.

  • VictorG

    Seriously? After 8 years of Bush, endless years of DADT, and still waiting for gay marriage in the USA, 4 months until Downton Abbey returns is nothing! Thank you, PBS. Screw you, NBC and Up All Night, not the show about viagra.

  • Jeff R

    @jojoko: What is the pirate bay? Thanks and have a great weekend! JeffR

  • HadrianAelius

    Absolutely adore those grand estates of the English. And oh…Maggie Smith and Julian Fellowes.

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