You’ll Have A Frightfully Long Wait For Season Two Of Downton Abbey

Pity you, the poor tea-drinking fancypants Downton Abbey addict. Okay, actually, just pity you if you’re not currently stationed near a television set in the U.K., where the second season of the addictive World War I-era rich-people-and-their-servants drama premieres next week.

American Anglophiles will have to settle for watching the outcome of the Emmy Awards (it’s nominated for 11 of them) on Sunday and waiting until January, when Season 2 finally airs on PBS.

By that time the season will have already ended its British run and the Christmas special will have aired and Life. Isn’t. Fair.

Until then, check out this trailer, feel good about your taste level now that the scorekeepers at Guinness World Records have awarded DA the record of “highest critical review ratings for a TV show”, get excited about Maggie Smith’s big hats and one-liners, and wonder what will become of that treacherous gay servant (Rob James-Collier, who should, frankly, become even more evil).