You’ll Never Guess What (Or Who) Michael Douglass’ Son Cameron Has Tattooed On His Abs


Having a famous parent can’t always be easy. Their success can be a lot to live up to, not to mention a lifetime of family moments suddenly interrupted by questions that start with “Hey, aren’t you–?”

For Cameron Douglass, that goes double.

His dad is, of course, Michael Douglass, whose own dad is film legend Kirk Douglass.

Cameron has spent the last seven years or so in prison on drug charges (waste of resources if you ask us, but that’s for another post), and he’s spending his newfound freedom as anyone would — Instagramming!

The 37-year-old shared this photo of his post-prison physique, including — yes, really — his abdomen tattoos of Michael and Kirk.

Way to make the fam proud!

Not going to quit until I get there. #tattoo #bodyink #camerondouglas

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