Young actor found dead of GHB overdose


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Eiichi Nakajima, an aspiring actor studying at Reading University in the UK, has been found dead in his dorm room.

Metro UK reports that he’d just turned 22 four days prior.

The son of Japanese parents, Nakajima grew up in Bolivia before moving to the UK to study. He appeared to have a bright future ahead, having just won praise for his work in a student film that won best comedy and entertainment film at the Royal Television Society West of England Student Awards.

According to his LinkedIn page, Nakajima was also interested in becoming a film director.

Nakajima came out in 2013. He wrote of the experience growing up in homophobic Bolivia, and of the wisdom he gained by confronting his own sexuality:

Living a gay life is not easy. Sometimes, you face both problems you already had when you were in the closet, plus other problems you are not familiarized with yet. And this is where pride, the good kind, comes in… Each and every one of us, whether gay, lesbian, straight, transgendered, or questioning youths, have a marvelous future ahead of us. Do not, do not, do not, do not, do not give up on life, because even if the door to resolution seems impenetrable, every problem in life has a solution. And remember that nothing good in life comes easy. I may not know your name, where you live, your appearance, or who you are, just remember that I truly love you and that I wish you the best in your life. Have faith that tomorrow will be better.

Nakajima’s body was found June 5. Earlier this week, investigators opened an inquest into his death following a pathologist report that determined Nakajima had overdosed on GHB, a popular party, and sex drug. At this time, police have not announced if there is any evidence Nakajima was alone at the time of his death, or whether he may have unwittingly taken the drug, clear liquid that sometimes can be confused with water. The full inquest is scheduled to be completed January 11.

The death of Eiichi Nakajima is just the latest in a wave of overdoses and deaths involving GHB in the United Kingdom. Earlier this year, the nation announced a major crackdown on the drug following a staggering 60 deaths from GHB overdose.

In addition, the arrest of serial rapist Reynhard Sinaga who used GHB to drug and assault 48 men further hastened the public call to reduce trafficking of the drug.