Young Boy Shuts Down Antigay Street Preacher By Playing The Bagpipes

When it comes to silencing antigay street preachers, many strategies have been employed. But a new video depicting a Scottish teen using a set of bagpipes to drown out the cries of a belligerent bigot may be the best one yet.

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The video, appropriately titled Boy takes down hate preacher in the most Scottish way possible, was uploaded to the Internet earlier this month. It depicts an enraged homophobe shouting into a megaphone outside a restaurant.

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Moments later, the sound of bagpipes can be heard in the distance. Soon, the teen playing the instrument begins circling the preacher, who does not appear to be pleased about being upstaged. Shortly after that, a police van pulls up — “right on cue,” as one spectator observes — to tell the hate monger to get lost.

Check out the amazing video below.