Young, HIV-Positive Gay Man Mulls Run For Congress

“Young people have very, very powerful voices,” Aaron Darr says. “We just need to speak up.”

The 23-year-old Democrat has worked on campaigns for Hillary Clinton and Anthony Wiener. He’s currently living in Largo, Florida, where he’s weighing a 2016 run for the Florida House of Representatives in District 66.

If elected, he will be the youngest person, the third openly gay person and the first openly HIV-positive person ever elected to a district office in the state of Florida.

Queerty chatted with Darr over Skype about his political ambitions, his chances of winning in a Republican dominated state and district, and how his HIV-status actually enhances his candidacy.

You’re considering a run for the Florida House of Reps.

I’ve been in the process of laying some groundwork for myself and to help other Democrats to win some local and state races down here. I’m a campaign coordinator for Shawna Bercher, which is right under campaign manager. [Laughs] Which is funny, at 23, that that’s what I’m doing.

How did you get involved in politics?

But I’ve doing things in politics since I was 16 years old. My first experience ever working on a political campaign was when this very, very remarkable, extraordinary human being named Hillary Clinton ran for president. I worked on her campaign and did a lot of stuff for her in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana throughout the whole Democratic primary process. It changed my life.

So many young people seem to be about “me, me, me, me, me.” My generation, at least. You know, that’s not always a bad thing. But with everything that’s going on in the world, younger people, in general, need to step up and makes some kind of contribution.

Do you think you have a shot?

You have to play a little more moderate down here. I was born and raised Baptist for 19 years of my life, so I understand the views and opinions of those with whom I disagree. I understand them and I respect them. But I find that the more you educate people on these things called math, science, and facts, I think you can persuade them to come around and swing to your view.

If I do run, I’m going to win. I really do think it’s possible. And I’m going to try my darnedest. I think that it’s very important that LGBT people run for office. My idol is Harvey Milk. Right now we do not have a Harvey Milk, and we need a Harvey Milk. Someone in the gay community needs to step up and step forward and speak on all of our behalves.

If I’m elected, I will be the third LGBT person elected to a statewide office in the state of Florida, I will be the first openly HIV-positive person, and I would be the youngest person elected.

You’ve mentioned before that you are HIV-positive.

I like to look at myself as a people’s candidate. I understand these things. I’m not ashamed of this at all. I was diagnosed HIV-positive three days before Christmas in 2008, my sophomore year in high school. I had only ever had sex with three people and its forever changed my life.

I remember thinking of Samantha Jones when she had been tested for HIV on an episode of Sex and the City and I thought “Well, I’ve only been with two people. This isn’t going to happen to me.” And, sure enough, it had.

HIV/AIDS is very real to a lot of people. HIV/AIDS is not a gay disease. The highest infection rate of people living with HIV are heterosexual African American women. The two states that are having the highest infection rates are Mississippi and Louisiana, right here in the South.

I don’t know if this is necessarily going to help me. It’s a part of me. It’s not who I am. I hope, if anything, it encourage others to know their status. You have to know your status and you have to protect yourself.

Do you feel as though you lacked enough information to protect yourself as a young person?

I do feel I had lacked the information necessary to protect myself as a teenager. The reason I got tested in the first place was because of the information I learned about unprotected sex in a health class I had taken the semester before during my junior year.

In Ohio, there are those who believe that keeping men, women, and children in ignorance of reproductive healthcare, contraceptives, and information that children would and should learn at a young age about the ways in which they can protect themselves, isn’t something that should be included in education in public schools.

In reality, the infection rate of HIV/AIDS and the rate of teenage pregnancy actually increase dramatically, according to the work that The Campaign Against Teenage Pregnancy has conducted, when you deny others access to reproductive healthcare, contraceptives, sex education in schools, and proper family planning.

What was it like learning you had HIV at such a young age?

If anything, it forced me to grow up. I remember driving home and looking at the tree branches with snow on them. I had always noticed them before, but not how beautiful they really were. I learned to appreciate life, my surroundings and my family. I learned not to take for granted a single moment the struggles and hardships that I had faced in life. Yes, what happened to me was very unfortunate, but it is nothing in comparison to what is going on in the lives of others around the world and that this was a blessing from God for me to help others not have to learn some of life’s hardest lessons the way I had to.

And what about your family? How did they respond?

My mother could tell I visibly upset when I had got home. She asked me what was wrong and I wouldn’t answer. She then yelled at me to tell her what was wrong, so I told her. This for me became a defining moment in my life. I learned what it was like to break someone’s heart. In that moment that I had told my Baptist mother I was HIV-positive, at 17 years old, I broke her heart. I will never forget the complete and utter shock on her face and the hurt in her eyes. My stepfather then looked at me and said, “How could you do this to your mother?”

imageHow did you deal with that?

I threw myself into theater and school to keep my mind off of my new diagnosis and try to adjust to it the best way that I could. I then had finished the rest of my junior year of high school and had the summer off to really learn about myself. I had become very sad, depressed and had so much resentment towards myself. I turned 18 and had gone out all summer, became friends with the wrong people and gotten into alcohol and became quite promiscuous. I was very sad, so sad that I actually moved in with my father whom I hadn’t had a relationship with due to the fact that he was an alcoholic and had beaten my mother, brothers and myself for the first eight years of my life. It was the worst decision I could have possibly made, but I learned from these mistakes.

What should the state and federal government be doing about the rising infection rates among young gay men?

I believe that both state and federal governments and elected officials must start a dialogue. Start a conversation, about the importance of reproductive healthcare, teenage pregnancy and sex education in public and private institutions of education. HIV/AIDS is still very taboo in America and around the world, which is truly a shame. We need to be investing money into programs like Planned Parenthood, local Health Departments, HRSA HIV/AIDS Programs like The Ryan White Program and ADAP. As a voter, we also must ask these questions of our elected officials, both Democrats and Republicans. We have a moral obligation to take care of one another and we need to elect public officials who understand the importance of investing in healthcare, because Democrat or Republican, we all get sick.

If you could give one piece of advice to sexually active gay teenagers today, what would it be?

I would tell young gay men that just because you are young that you are not invincible. Gay or straight, this can happen to you. I had only slept with three people before I had learned I was HIV-positive and to just remember that it only takes one time.

80f3d4_c01f9e29269941bc949cfb6fbb1d9851.jpg_srz_510_340_85_22_0.50_1.20_0[HIV] isn’t as simple as just taking a pill every day, which sounds easy. You have to worry about what you eat, your personal and social habits, the protection of yourself and your sexual partners, and making healthier choices in life to ensure that your CD4 count is high and your viral load is always low. I think if anything, this is the hardest part about becoming HIV-positive, adapting to the diagnosis.

I know there is a lot said about the rate of teenage suicide among LGBT children and what they feel of their own self-worth. Younger LGBT people, in particular younger gay men, need to know they can grow up to be whatever they want to be and that they are valued members of society, and that they do have a voice, and that they need to stand up and use it, while being smart about the choices that they make in the process, which includes practicing safe sex, always.

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  • BJ McFrisky

    With his resume of campaigning for the wildly inappropriate Wiener and the hopelessly effusive Clinton, I’m kind of doubting that Florida will take a chance on someone so young and inexperienced (although, hey, the whole country did the same with Obama, so I suppose that pigs do indeed fly on occasion).

  • Tackle

    I just have to point out one glaring mistake he makes. And that is that “the higest infection rate of people living with HIV (US) are African American women.” The CDC does not say this. They clearly state that
    “MSM remain the population most profoundly affected by HIV.” “MSM accounted for 78% of new HIV infections”. He needs to get the facts right. This info is out there, and easy to find. But seems like a nice level headed young man.

  • Billy Budd

    I would vote for the kid if I knew that he would not be a puppet in the hand of more powerful, older democrats. Would he have autonomy and independence, in case they let him run for the HoR?

  • Mezaien

    Hello Mr. Aaron Darr, tell all the Mother F..U..C..K..E..R Tackle, BJ McFrisky, kylede, who speaks American, (English is something else)to suck eggs. Adam D`eHOMO.

  • Large Marge

    He’s a cutie-pie! I wanna have his baybee!

  • Ben Dover

    @kylede: The author of this piece is named Graham, which indicates that he’s a native Brit or Aussie or something. (No U.S. native is named Graham, unless his middle name is Cracker.) But yes, we must wonder about Queerty’s grasp of basic American politics. Either they’re all foreigners living in San Francisco, or they were all stoned and half-asleep during high school.

    @BJ McFrisky: “someone so young and inexperienced (although, hey, the whole country did the same with Obama,”

    Yes – some of us voted for Obama because we were afraid of McCain having a stroke and we’d end up in a few months with President Sarah Palin!

  • CleJoke

    Ambition + No Experience = Landslide Loss

    Kid should start local… go for a city counsel seat and then move from there.

  • Vince Smetana

    Half this interview was about his HIV-status. The other half had nothing to do with his economic, development, and management plan for the district he’s running for. Does he even have one? Oh, this was a “getting to know” you interview. Silly me. It’s so much more important to know about the candidate, rather than how the candidate will actually serve. Sounds like a puppet to me. He’ll make a great politician.

  • Bromancer7

    @Tackle: Yet the CDC also says this:

    “Blacks/African Americans continue to experience the most severe burden of HIV, compared with other races and ethnicities.

    Blacks represent approximately 12% of the U.S. population, but accounted for an estimated 44% of new HIV infections in 2010. They also accounted for 44% of people living with HIV infection in 2009.
    Since the epidemic began, more than 260,800 blacks with an AIDS diagnosis have died, including an estimated 7,678 in 2010.

    Unless the course of the epidemic changes, at some point in their lifetime, an estimated 1 in 16 black men and 1 in 32 black women will be diagnosed with HIV infection.”

    Statistics are funny that way. They can be made to say pretty much anything you want them to say.

  • Kieran

    The headline says he’s mulling a run for Congress, but the article says he’s weighing a run for the Florida House of Representatives.

    Which is it? There is a difference.

  • BJ McFrisky

    @Ben Dover: Hmmm, interesting logic there, Ben. Since you’d rather put a sickly person in office than an elderly person, I guess you’ll be rooting for Chris Christie in 2016, since his unhealthy obesity is better than Hillary’s impending dementia.

    ps- Six years later, and McCain is going strong as ever. Looks like your fears were as unfounded as those who believe the oceans are going to rise next year due to our “carbon footprint.”

  • Chris-MI

    @Tackle: Both could be true.

    Imagine world in which there are ten MSM and one African-American woman. Two MSM and the one woman seroconvert. Therefore MSM account for 67% of new HIV infections yet their infection rate is only 20%, well short of the 100% of women.

    CDC stats are not that easy to dig up but I suspect he is citing something along these lines.

  • Ben Dover

    @BJ McFrisky: I don’t live in Florida – never even been there – so I don’t need to decide whether to vote for this “sickly” dude.

    (I agree that he looks sort of sickly. Why is he so ghostly pale? Especially considering he lives in FL. Did he get HIV from being a vampire?)

    But why do you think Hillary has “impending dementia”? She’s still quite a bit younger than several presidents & nominees of the past. OK, McCain is unfortunately still going strong, but HE seems demented.

    And the oceans ARE rising. It’s funny that Republicans don’t even believe in science, but they’re so sure every college kid should get a science degree. Go figure.

    Ah, BJ – you are the Carmela Soprano of Queerty, endlessly declaring “There is no Mafia! The Mafia doesn’t exist! My husband works in waste management!!!”

  • crowebobby

    I doubt that many intelligent, experienced and sexually-informed people would insist upon using a condom with someone who looks like Aaron must have looked at 17 or 18. Your gut will almost always overrule your head and you just wouldn’t be able to associate that face with sickness and possible death. Now imagine how much less likely that insistence is going to be with an inexperienced teenager or young adult who has only heard of HIV in the abstract setting of a classroom or a magazine. And I imagine Aaron’s sex partners looked just as healthy and innocent as he did. Serious thought needs to go into how the risks of HIV can be made real and immediate to young people of all persuasions.

  • jkb

    Considering his background, alcoholic father, etc., I am very, very impressed with him and wish him the best.

  • Merv

    Are there really high school sophomores who don’t know that unprotected sex can transmit HIV? I suppose there are a few, but he seems far too intelligent to have been one of them. I suspect he knowingly took the risk, and got very unlucky.

  • jazz4108

    Wow, very inspiring. I hope you are able to fulfill all your dreams and change this country for the better. Best of luck and I will be watching your situation and pray for you.

  • money718

    “I turned 18 and had gone out all summer, became friends with the wrong people and gotten into alcohol and became quite promiscuous.”

    Pretty sure he was very attractive at 18 and getting pounded on a regular basis. I wonder if his opponent will ask if he disclosed his status to his partners, since he found out at 17 he was poz. He is in Florida, after all.

  • sportsguy1983

    three separate sex partners by the age of 15? sounds kind of whorey to me. i am guessing he had unprotected sex most of the time. oh well.

  • Verlaine

    He is very cute. Reminds me the twinks that always turned me away with a look of disgust in the ’80’s. He considers himself a victim. In addition to that mentality, he’s a very confused impractical “progressive” and will continue to promote government control instead of individual freedom. Sorry, We don’t need pretty communists in office anywhere…

  • Pablo Moulden

    Well I for one was very touched by this article but also felt hopeful for our future leadership. Yes, he is very young to be in a state congress. He may not even win this election but something tells me he isn’t going to give up and he has a long career ahead of him.

    I think we need someone who is in slightly similar shoes (in terms of his diagnosis) to perhaps weigh in on this conversation.

    I am 22 years old and at the age of 17 on February 17th 2009 (senior in high school) I was diagnosed as HIV positive. I have been *publicly* out about my HIV diagnosis for 2 1/2 years now. I have spoken with an HIV prevention non-profit at several high schools, middle schools, a rehabilitation center, a panel on youth sexual health at George Washington University, two events for awareness at James Madison University and other occasions.

    When I read this, I thought “yes, yes this is what I have been saying we need. We need HIV positive youth to speak up. We need to make people understand how real this issue is to every sexually active human being in this nation” (and of course, world wide). This article was SUPPOSED to be about HIV, that is *one* of his motives for him to run! To educate others and ALSO to give a voice to those who have none (including HIV positive individuals). There are approximately one million people infected with HIV in the United States. The demographic in which the rate of infection is increasing annually the quickest (NOT the highest, the most rapidly increasing) is those between he ages of 13-24.

    I am sure that there are individuals (as proof from some of these comments) reading this article who don’t completely grasp how difficult it must have been for Mr. Aarron Darr to have reached this far. I certainly have a very good idea (yes our backgrounds are different but I understand the struggle when it comes to living with this diagnosis at a very young age). The fact that he made it this far career-wise and chose to come out about his status the way he has is a testament to his intelligence, determination, compassion and courage.

    Its like we had the same thoughts on everything and he put them so eloquently. This inspired hope within me that we truly are taking more and more steps to an HIV-free generation. I for one feel even more determined to be ever more active in this fight against HIV/AIDS on EVERY front, including politics.

  • Tackle

    @Bromancer7: You are absolutely correct in that stats can be made to say anything you want them to say. I always say, who’s ever in power can MAKE stays say anything they want them to say. Here’s an example: In 2020, the CDC released a ststatement, claiming that 48% of Black women in the US had Herpes type 2. This is what the CDC did not say. Total participants: 4128. But 2506 were Black. Only 850 were White. So the actual breakdown: 60.7% Black. 20.6% White. 11.3% Hispanic. 7.4% other. If Blacks comprise 12.9% of the US population, then why make them 60.7% of a study, and only make Whites 20.6% of study, when they comprise over 73% of the US population? This is the same method that is used, the.

    (oversample) of Blacks, to get a high HIV/AIDS nunumber. It’s not that I believe the CDC ,when citing the numbers for Aaron Darr. I don’t know where he got his numbers/ stats from, but I’m sure that unlike me, it’s an organization that he believes in.

  • Ben Dover

    Thanks Queerty for correcting the headline.

  • Tackle

    @Chris-MI: No both cannot be true. Read my above post. But I get what you are saying. Another example, though false, but can scare the sh!t out of people. Say there is a tiny country, with a population of 500 people. And last year, 10 people became HIV positive. And this year,10 more became positive. That’s a. 100% increase, but only comes to 20 people out of 500. Games like this are played all the time on us.We don’t bother to do any critical thinking or ask questions. We just accept.

  • Pablo Moulden

    You know, anyway you place the statistics, its not going to change how many Americans are infected with this disease. How many people could get infected. Its really not a big deal, the solution is simple. When it comes to sex only leave two options for youth:

    1)Sex with condoms or 2) abstinence.

    The prevention of this virus is so simple but we fail to prevent due to lack of the most simple information.

    Lets focus on stopping this virus and not the interpretation of a government department’s numbers.

    Here are some other reliable resources for a variety of information on HIV:



  • Ben Dover

    Hey – why did you correct the headline and then change it BACK the wrong way? That’s just weird.

  • jonjct

    another democrat who has so totally messed up his own life through bad choices and now wants everyone else to share in his poor decision making as an elected official so he can go ahead and mess up everybody else’s lives too. no thanks to this loser. stay in retail brother, that’s better for all of us.

  • Maozedong

    he is so cute and beautiful

  • AaronDarr

    If you would like to learn more about my experience, my record, my ideas, and the views that I believe in, please visit my website at

    I believe my website can and will answer many of your questions.

    Your Friend,

    Aaron Darr

  • Tackle

    @Pablo Moulden: I agree with what you are saying. And you should tell that to the CDC
    a government agency that has been obsessed with desimnating negative and false information about the health of Blacks for the past 30 yrs. To STOP focusing on race based stats, and focus on fighting this disease. Like other countries do. And it might be simple for you to say this, since maybe your group is not being targeted. But what you may not understand, is that lies should not be jusy brushed aside like it does not matter. Through the internet, we live in a global world. People will judge, treat and accept you by what they believe about you. And constant negative information about a group can cause alot of self hate among many, and cause some to direct that hate towards others within their group.

  • Verlaine

    @AaronDarr: Aaron, I don’t care about your sexual orientation and I’m sorry to hear about your unfortunate and careless health situation. I just don’t like your politics. We don’t need politicians who think government can fix everything. Good luck to you personally, but I hope you don’t get elected.

  • money718

    @Pablo Moulden: “I am sure that there are individuals (as proof from some of these comments) reading this article who don’t completely grasp how difficult it must have been for Mr. Aarron Darr to have reached this far.”

    Wrong. Always be aware of your audience. Some of us have been in this HIV/AIDS fight for over 15(me) to 20 and even 30 years. We were around when people like Aaron and yourself were basically the walking dead. We have lost tons of friends over the years, and yes, it does shock us that so many people in your age group still get infected. With that being said, I am proud that Aaron and yourself are not letting the disease define you and what you want to accomplish in life. Good luck.

  • TerrenM

    I find it hilarious how once this very articulate, brave guy logged on and posted on this thread… everyone suddenly shut the hell up. All the horrible, distasteful comments about his sexual past and his status suddenly stopped. Amazing how the bitter queens are so tough when they are hiding behind a keyboard. It’s like when you’re doing naughty things as a teenager and you suddenly see your parent’s headlights pulling in the driveway. Better analogy: ya turn on the kitchen lights and all the roaches scamper about. Best wishes Aaron…in al your endeavors.

  • Merv

    Good luck to you, Aaron Darr. I admire your courage.

  • Pablo Moulden

    @Tackle: “And it might be simple for you to say this, since maybe your group is not being targeted.”

    I am homosexual and my community (homosexuals and Men who have Sex with Men [MSM]) have certainly been “targeted” in infection statistics for HIV. The CDC and many non-profits are simply reporting facts (reputable organizations/sources). Nowadays they report with integrity and they make sure to point out that this isn’t a disease that targets race, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, nationality, socioeconomic status, etc. However it DOES target risky behavior (more specifically, I am speaking of sex without condoms). And for various reasons (some reasons we cannot explain, some we can), some demographics have shown higher numbers of infection, ergo for some reason there has been more risky behavior. However in other groups, such as MSM, the risky behavior is actually more prone to spread infection (depending on the manner of sexual intercourse). They are only trying to inform and educate others to arm them with the tools to *protect themselves* NOT to *persecute others*. Slowly, since the 80s, this country has changed its perception on HIV and those who are infected. It will continue to do so if we all do our part.

    @money718: “Wrong. Always be aware of your audience. Some of us have been in this HIV/AIDS fight for over 15(me) to 20 and even 30 years.”

    Thank you so much for all of your dedication and passion to fight for those who have passed away and those who currently live with HIV! Without support, the movement would not exist.
    However please do not accuse me of not being aware of this. Please take note that I said that “there are *individuals*” who do not comprehend the hardship. I never said that everyone does not comprehend. Did you not notice how you were one of few who explicitly spoke up for the HIV/AIDS fight? Clearly I was not speaking of you or anyone else who is on that level of understanding and/or support. I hope you take this into perspective and that you respect my experience in not only living with this disease but also my knowing a great many people who are HIV positive. I am well aware that had I been living during the 80s or even the 90s that I would: either be in great pain or dead by now. I would also be putting my family through even greater pain than I already have. And trust me, I have put them through much despair and pain. I am fortunate to have been born today and in an area where I have access to treatment. In fact, it is paramount that HIV positive individuals my age understand this in order to appreciate those who fought before us.

    I was only speaking of those who were passing on judgement in these comments. Not people such as yourself.

    Thank you all for reading my comments. It means a great deal (especially since im so long winded).

  • Pablo Moulden

    @AaronDarr: Cordial and brief PR. Nice job my friend!
    Keep it up and I sincerely hope you succeed whether it is now, in a few months, next year, 5 years or more. It would truly make me happy seeing you on a seat at the political forefront!

    May your endeavors in the fight against HIV/AIDS AND the stigma surrounding it prove prosperous for us, our children and our children’s children. May we all journey together on the path to an HIV/AIDS free generation*

    *whether it be decades or generations to come.

  • jonjct

    @AaronDarr: Aaron, there is NOTHING about your views, your record, your ideas on that website. so, what are you promoting, your cute little face? i see a young guy who is all about posing, hoping that will be enough to get some votes. you are right, it probably will be enough, perhaps enough to win, but not because ppl voted for your politics, but because they voted image, just like they voted for the black guy and will vote for the woman. where’s your substance man? i see you as a faker, a poser, pretty boy who knows that image is more than substance in american politics these days. i hope you lose. i hope you get out of politics, OR, at least stop keeping your political views a secret. sorry man, nothing personal, but your candidacy is a sad joke. you’re no politician.

  • Tackle

    @Pablo Moulden: When I speak of community, I’m talking about race/ethnicity. And the CDC does not report facts or report with integrity. You obviously are one of those who just accepts everything they say like it’s coming from the mouth of God. Why don’t you Google lies of the CDC, and then take your choice. You obviously do not understand about polls/ stats/ surveys, how they are done, conducted and how information is gathered and how numbers are crunched and manipulated to make things look a certain way.Many times when certain demographics
    race/ ethnicity: show high numbers for infection, there is a hidden hand/external factors involved. Psychologically thinking, it’s very easy for people to believe the negative about certain groups: race/ ethnicity when they have been conditioned otherwise. And people cannot and will not accept that a Government run agency can be anything but benevolent. Looking out for the health and well being of all of citizens. That being said, @Pablo Moulden: I do like your passion for the fight against HIV/ AIDS. And on that, I say keep up the good work.

  • money718

    @AaronDarr: Aaron, I see nothing about your political views on your website. I see pictures with “celebrity” politicians which mean nothing. I see you stressed that you are gay, but a man of faith….which means?

    I definitely would give you some “loving” lol, but not a vote at this point. But hey, you are still very young.

  • Bromancer7

    It just warms my heart to see all the catty bitches with their claws out. Only reinforces that we are our own worst enemies.

    Keep at it girls. Let those true colors show.

  • Liberalcrusader

    I would hardly call Hillary Clinton effusive! Perhaps that term can be applied to Reagan, but not Clinton!

  • Pablo Moulden

    @Tackle: I understand you were specifically addressing race/ethnicity. I hope, however, that you understand that the not-heterosexual community is also very much focused on in the stats. I dont think it would be appropriate to exclude them in this discussion especially considering all of the publicity and hate campaigns stemming from the onset of HIV/AIDS in the 80s. However, I understand your argument.

    I would also like to say I have more than just passion for this movement. I have knowledge and experience.
    **Clearly I am not having a cock fight and im not try to compete so if someone in here (most likely yes) has more experience than me, this isnt a competition. No need to put me down cause you (proverbial) have more.**
    I have had the privilege to work with and be mentored by some wonderful, intelligent, talented and immensely skilled people within the HIV/AIDS social work sector here in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area. No, they are not politicians. They work for non-profits and many are HIV positive. Others have either family or friends who are positive or have lost loved ones to the virus.
    I promise you sir my belief in those statistics (only the most current ones) are supported (NO, NOT always 100%. YES they disagree on more than a few occasions with the CDC. trust me) are backed by objective non-profit workers who dont get paid more to believe them, dont have a political agenda nor apart of some conspiracy theory.
    This comment section is not fitting for my long comments and I simply dont have the space to defend my friends or explain my extent of knowledge. Feel free to contact me, there are social media links on my profile.

    I would like to say @Tackle: that I do respect your efforts to show respect. I am sure any disrespect was unintended. I will try to make this my last comment. Anyone may contact me for questions or for friendly discord. Again thank you for your time in reading this absurdly long response (another one).

  • sarah

    As someone who went to high school with Aaron, I can definitively say I would NOT vote for him. He’s pleasant enough, but has always thrived on drama and conflict. I’m looking for a NORMAL candidate. Had he simply been an HIV-positive gay man with a moderate agenda (though it sounds like he’s looking to play the moderate card simply to garner support in FL), I would whole-heartedly support him. Knowing him as a person, he will only serve to create scandal and media attention. I attend a fairly liberal university and my peers and I want someone who will speak for us and be taken seriously in order to effect change, not someone who will become a media sensation and act like a reality TV star. The fact that this article was mostly about HIV and not about his political views is a perfect example of his misguided intentions.

    In addition, I can promise you that our high school wasn’t shielding us from information about safe sex. I took health my first semester of my freshman year and had even been taught to use a condom in my 7th and 8th grade MANDATORY health classes. We had very few teenage pregnancies, and no one I knew was clueless about anything. I peronally knew a few of his sexual partners who certainly knew how to have safe sex. He blames his poor decisions on the system, but I can promise you that Ohio was not to blame for his mistakes. Have as much sex as you want with as many people as you want in as many ways as you want, but don’t blame anyone else when you get HIV.

  • lisa_jackson

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