Uses Gay Voice To Protest Gays

Young Republican Campaigner’s A Queer!

An eighteen year old coming out of the closet isn’t necessarily newsworthy, but it certainly grabs headlines when it’s Tyler Whitney, a campaigner for anti-gay presidential candidate Tom Tancredo.

Whitney, a Michigan native whose father wrote speeches for the virulently anti-gay former Gov. John Engler, has built his nascent political career on anti-gay policy. As head of Michigan’s Young Republicans and a leader in the Young Americans for Freedom, Whitney leant his voice to many a gay cause. He even protested gays with a sign reading, “Go Back in The Closet”. Too bad the kid can’t take it all back, especially now that he’s been outed by Behind the Lines.

While Whitney had no comment, Tancredo spokesperson Senior Advisor Bay Buchanan insisted, “A person’s sexual preference is a personal matter and has nothing to do with the campaign.” It certainly is when said campaign’s built on discriminatory policies. But what do we know?

Speaking of knowing, Whitney’s MySpace page says he’d like to meet the following: “Any conservative college student in the DC area that is interested in fighting the left.”

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