Young Republicans Now Favor Same-Sex Marriage By 61 Percent, New Survey Shows

FT_14.03.10_GayMarriageRepublican1With the majority of registered American voters now in favor of same-sex marriage, it only seems logical that the new generation of registered Republicans are changing their tone on the issue.

According to a new survey published by Pew Research this week, 61 percent of Republicans under age 30 “favor same-sex marriage,” while just 27 percent of Republicans over age 50 do not support it. Only 35 percent of those under 30 surveyed blatantly oppose same-sex marriage.

Pew credits the “rapidly changing public opinion overall” for the uptick in Republican support, and provide further stats that prove the GOP is headed in a new direction:

Just 18% of Republicans under 30 say “more gay and lesbian couples raising children” is a bad thing for American society, while 26% say it is a good thing (56% either say it doesn’t make a difference or they don’t know). By comparison, majorities or pluralities of older Republicans say this trend is a bad thing for society.

Times are changing!