Young Shatner Sees No “Gay”

Oh, to be young in post-war New York! William Shatner certainly got that experience – and ended up nearly having a close encounter of the queer kind after moving here to become an actor:

I was wandering around Times Square and this guy says, ‘I’m going to Radio City Music Hall, would you like to come?’ And I said, ‘Oh, yes’ – [I thought] wow, New York is everything I heard it was going to be! We’re in the audience, I’m a young hot-blooded Canadian and out come the dancing girls, a plethora of women – and I feel his hand brush my knee. I thought, well, it’s an accident, then I felt it again. What the [bleep]? I got up and ran out.

We knew the punchline as soon as we saw “Times Square” and “this guy.” Killer combination…

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  • Charley

    Beam this liar up. Running out during a line kick at Radio Center Music Hall with gay panic ? Science fiction.

  • Bama Craig

    This is so idiotic of Bill Shatner. It absolutely strains credulity to imagine that he never got it on with a guy… most adolescent boys fool around with a member of their own sex. Shatner was a very handsome young man so of course gay guys would come onto him. Why this homophobic bullshit Bill? Maybe he is looking in the mirror and remembering when he was really attractive and everybody, men and women wanted to roll around with him – nevermore!

  • Paul Raposo

    “I’m a young hot-blooded Canadian…”

    Right there he’s lying. No such animal exists.

  • hells kitchen guy

    Shatner was always doughy. As in doughnuts. Maybe the guy was a chubby chaser.

  • I'm So Sure, Helen

    Yeah, only he left out the part where he gave the guy a blowjob, got caught by the usher, and then he ran out . . .

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