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Your 2010 Oscars Open Thread: It’s All About Neil Patrick Harris, Of Course

Cablevision subscribers in New York looking to watch tonight’s Academy Awards better find themselves a friend with Time Warner, or a UStream.TV pirated feed, since there’s no ABC for you. (UPDATE: And it’s back!) Or, you know, you could just follow along this open thread, dedicated to all things Oscar.

While we’ve mapped out how tonight could be a big win for The Gays if Precious and director Lee Daniels sweep, the real attention will be on Avatar v. The Hurt Locker. And whether Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin can carry this beast of a show.

Which, frankly, is a judgment of how well supermegaproducing gay Adam Shankman did his job. And we’ve got high hopes. (Read all about how Shankman grew into his big gayness here.)

So in between Ryan Seacrest‘s red carpet banter for E! and just staring in awe at how Meryl Streep is the most excellent actress alive today, you should continue popping in here to share your Oscar thoughts. We won’t be live-tweeting the event, because we convinced our boss to let us drink our way through the evening instead of logging on. And besides, that’s what this link is for, and websites like these.

But we want your reports on just how gay an evening of stylists; hair; make-up; tears, Tom Ford, Zac Efron, Taylor Launter, Barbra Streisand, and Channing Tatum presenting awards; and — just maybe — a win for Lee Daniels goes. Or Mr. Ford.

In the meantime, here’s Adam Shankman wearing matching purple.

UPDATE: We didn’t expect to see Neil Patrick Harris tonight, given he wasn’t asked to continue The Greatest American Awards Show Hosting Gig Era. But then there he was, opening (and stealing) the show in a very meta song-and-dance number. So technically he didn’t lie on Tuesday when he tweeted, “I will not be performing a duet with Martin Short to open the Oscars. Misinformation, I’m afraid. Should I maybe pull a Kanye, mid-show?.”

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  • Dame Helga von ornstein

    Though I protested at first I relented and got a tv card for my laptop in the event my cable went out (or I could no longer afford the borderline extortion rates they ALL demand)and never looked back.

    You can get a lot of stuff free tv series over the internet via Hula and youtube. Screw Cablevision.

    I also loved that song Neil sang in the opening of tonights Oscars. You do Neil.

  • Kyle24

    NPH has now become a joke. Overexposed!

  • tiier

    That opening was cheese tack.

  • rudy

    NPH can be a fine performer, but what an awful opening compared to Hugh Jackman’s terrific medley last year.

    As for humor, Baldwin has been better on Saturday Night Live by himself than he was co-hosting with Martin. Most of the jokes tonight were lame and vulgar.

    How strange to hire Jackman to class-up the proceedings one year and then go completely tasteless the next.

  • dk

    Tough room… NPH did ok, but allow me to draw attention to the pink elephant in the room. NPH is a decent enough actor, but he’s a mediocre singer at best. There’s no shame in that, but if you don’t have the voice to really sell a song, you’ll always get the sort of comedic songs with lots of “funny” lyrics in double time. It was funny and original at first, but now has become tedious and overdone.

    I thought Baldwin/Martin were very funny. Even if Martin recycled many of his old bits. I missed the nominated songs being performed, and couldn’t figure out how after even more awards were given out before the telecast, the thing went 3.5 hours long. Next year I’ll just watch the first hour and the last half hour.

  • Cam

    I was just commenting to somebody that I was so glad they weren’t wasting time with huge Debbie Allen style interpretive dance numbers to highlight the nominated songs…..and then….the dance numbers started.

  • AxelDC

    I thought Neil Patrick Harris was the highlight of another dull, dreary and uninteresting show. Balwin-Martin are well past their comedic prime. Their “snuggies” bit was the funniest thing they did all night. Ellen would have been a much better pick.

    The ridiculous dance numbers in the middle added nothing to the show except for 30 minutes of filler. The self-congratulatory introduction to the best actor/actress nominees shows that no one knows how to break their arm patting themselves on the back better than Hollywood, and was another 30+ minutes of unwatchable television.

    I lost all respect for the Oscars over the Brokeback snub. If I hadn’t been invited to a party, I wouldn’t watch at all.

  • sal(the original)

    sandra was the best,channing was there?

  • romeo

    It sucked and looked cheap and underbudgeted. What’s was up with that?

  • Jeremy

    NPH is so so overrated. Thanks a lot Perez, you fucking douchebag!

  • DavidGrey

    Sick of NPH and he can’t sing.

  • alan brickman

    Neil is definately overexposed…and not in the right way…..

  • David Ehrenstein

    @alan brickman: What’s “the right way”? A televised three-way with him, his boyfriemnd David and Hugh Jackman?

  • The Milkman

    @David Ehrenstein: Yes, actually… that would be EXACTLY the “right way”… LOL…

  • modesi

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