Your 2014 Mr. Gay World Is A Super Hot Dance Teacher From The UK

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 4.47.33 PMStuart Hatton, a 28-year-old model and dance teacher from South Shields, England has been named Mr. Gay World after competing in the exclusively gay pageant that culminated in Rome Sunday night.

Once again, Europe wins. Step up your game, America!

For the next calendar year, Mr. Hatton has the pleasure of maintaining an image as a positive LGBT role model with a global stage to provide the official collective popular opinion of beautiful gay men everywhere. We’re told rounds at the competition varied from “swimsuit modeling” to “LGBT knowledge,” so we assume he’ll provide equal parts of these things as well.

As the UK’s first winner since the pageant’s inception in 2009, Hatton beat out Cyprus’ Kiriakos Spanos in second place, and Ireland’s Robert Lowlor in third.

As expected, Hatton added that he’s excited to be working for #worldpeace:

“I am now able to use my voice to help those in countries around the world who have no voice or equality rights such as people in Malaysia and Iran. We are all human and all gay people around the world deserve the same human rights as each other. This is just the beginning.”

Check out some of his best modeling work below:







h/t Attitude

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  • Cam

    Nice looking guy, but a quick question. Do star tattoos have any significance? I’ve seen them around for years now and a straight friend said that they thought mostly gay guys got them. No idea if that is right.

    So whats the deal, do that many people like them or is there some other supposed meaning?

    And congratulations to Mr. Hatton.

  • Merv

    Sorry, but I can’t get past the tats. I really wish there were a tat-free source of eye candy.

  • NoCagada

    @Cam: I see them on straight guys here on the beach…I think they are just copies of prison tattoos …like spiderwebs on elbows…

    Not my thing.

  • OzJosh

    Congrats and all, but I have a question: can anyone anywhere name just ONE previous Mr Gay World? Or, for that matter, a Mr Gay Anything? Hmmm, thought not. So, Mr I’ve-Forgotten-Your-Name-Already, I’m not really sure about your “This is just the beginning” proclamation. Beginning of what?

  • Merv

    @OzJosh: It’s just the beginning of disfiguring his body with tattoos.

  • Billy Budd

    He is nice. He should not shave his chest and should not get tattooed.

  • mz.sam

    Major disconnect! What’s with these hot guys and their indigo-colored bird droppings?

  • NG22

    In the lead picture, I only thought he was alright. But when I saw the pics of him in bed and holding a drink, I was stunned. He’s the prettiest person I’ve seen all day. If changing the world doesn’t happen, I do hope he stops at a British porn studio while he’s still relevant.

  • jcharlez89

    Very Sexy! However, whoever botched the Photoshop in the first photo and reversed the photos so that his tats appear on his right arm when they are actually on his left arm…should be fired.

  • Whipper

    I can’t work out if he will be outed as an escort or has worked in porn like other previous winners. This guy has done nothing to celebrate except sport a couple of tatts and look good in some undies. There are so many amazing people in the gay community to celebrate that we don’t need to read about this self-indulged throwback.

  • Saint Law

    @Merv: “Sorry but I can’t get past the tats.”

    I’m sure he’s heartbroken.

  • Horse Lips

    Don’t shave your dadgum chest hair!!!


    I know of at least a dozen guys who are far better looking than this guy…..absolutley nothing extra special about him………..

  • I'm Black, and HIV-Positive.

    You seriously forgot to mention: And a smoking hot redhead! Love the picture of him standing up against the pole. Can’t wait to see the pubes. I love me some red pubes.

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: He must have aced the talent portion of the competition with his dance skills.

    @Whipper: “There are so many amazing people in the gay community to celebrate that we don’t need to read about this self-indulged throwback.”

    Really are there “so many”? Nice try Whipper while you almost broke you neck trying to click on that goddamned thumbnail photo so fast. And he’s a throwback then let the Renaissance begin!

    @Cam: Funny question. I went to prison, and met a really hot, young white boy with those same exact tattoos, and thought they meant the same exact thing, and so I approached him on it. Why not? I was new there, and he was young, and hot, and in the weight pit. Long story short. We became enemies, and he never gave any insight into what the tattoos meant. But I am a resident of the Washington Metropolitan Area (as we call it) which means we champion the Redskins. Maybe it’s Dallas Cowboy signature.

    Side Note: We champion the Redskins as do many Native Americans. Only you wouldn’t know that, because you never spoke to them. You have only listened to the White Supremacists who deemed themselves somehow worthy enough to speak for them, but who actually have never speak to them themselves either. The term Redskins speak of the Native Americans’ noble warrior spirit. It is their heritage, and they’re proud of it.

  • Stevenw

    Hot guy – now, lets see him smile?

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