Your Bad Dates Are Everybody’s News

Online dating not scary enough for you already? Try dating in the hetero world, where your online profile (and real life details) might end up on — a website where women sound off on the losers they dated.

While Kevin Federline’s name has yet to pop up (we’re guessing), men whose names do appear on the site are, predictably, quite upset about it. One of them is Todd Hollis, a private attorney whose listing on the site is accompanied by plenty of negative reviews, where women “accused him of giving them a disease, dating two people at a time and being bisexual or gay.”

Now Hollis is taking to court on charges of defamation, though the website’s operator, Tasha Joseph, is taking a hands off approach: as a web service provider, she claims, she isn’t responsible for the content on her site. And if the courts rule in her favor, we just might have a business proposal for Tasha:

Man Fights Back After Bad Dating Reviews Online [ABC 7 Denver]